How to attach a link to an Instagram Story and insert a swipe into a Story

Stories is rightfully considered one of the most successful Instagram innovations. According to the social network itself, more than 500 million users use Stories every day.

A link in Instagram Stories allows you to direct the user to a website or another page. To follow the link in the story, the user must swipe up from the bottom of the screen – make a swipe!

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We’ve compiled a list of all the ways to link on Instagram Stories and share them with you. As a bonus, we will tell you how to make a swipe in a story so that people click on the attached link more often.

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How to link on Instagram Stories: all the ways

For clarity, let’s introduce some definitions. All links in a story can be roughly divided into two types: external and internal

  • External links lead outside the social network – to a website, YouTube channel or blog. Accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers can add external links to stories. Also, they can be added when launching ads. External links are shown as swipe and inscriptions “Yet”.
  • Internal lead to objects inside Instagram: account, post or other story. They can be added either as an external link or as mentions and reposts.

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Now let’s talk about adding each type of links in more detail.

External links in stories to a website, YouTube or blog

Let’s talk about external links… The function of adding an external link to Stories is available for business accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers. And also for those who run ads on Instagram.

Method number 1: if you have more than 10k subscribers

We described how to add a link to a story in our video and further in the text.

To attach a link to a Story, follow a simple algorithm:

  1. Click on the add new story icon – it is located at the top, on the left side of the screen, next to the published user stories.
  2. Add a photo or video from the gallery, or take a photo or a short video using the camera.
  3. Click on the link icon in the top menu.How to add a link to a story
  4. In the window that opens, select “Link to site”.Link to the site, YouTube
  5. A field for adding a link will open in front of you. Copy the link you want to share and paste it here. This can be a link to a website, landing page, a separate article or product in an online store, a link to a YouTube channel or video, and even to a telegram channel.
    Attach a link to the site

6. Add additional elements and labels. MMany users do not know how to follow a link in Stories. Encourage them to take targeted action – add a call to follow the link to the photo or video to find out something interesting. Write “Swipe up to learn more” or “Click More to go to the store website“.

After the link is published, in the Stories statistics, you will see how many clicks the link was. To analyze transitions in web analytics systems, use UTM tags or other markup.

Method number 2: advertising in Stories

Adding a link when setting up an ad is more time consuming, but also more efficient. To set up ads, you must first go to the Facebook profile associated with your Instagram business account and click on “Create ad”. Or go directly to the Facebook ad manager.

In your personal account, click “Create ad” and follow the simple algorithm of actions.

Choose your ad target. There are 6 goals available for links in stories, including “Traffic”, “Application installation”, “Conversions”. Choose an appropriate goal depending on the format of your business account and the link you are promoting.

Choose a campaign goal. Here you can select clicks or views. That is, you will pay either for a click on the link, or for visiting the page when the user waits for it to load.

Set up your account. If you have not created an ad on Facebook before, you will be prompted to specify the time zone, country, and currency of your ad cabinet.

Customize your audience… Choose the place where the link leads – to a website, application or messenger. Then specify the desired parameters of the target audience: gender, age, interests, and others.

Select ad place. By default, your ad will be shown on three sites. If you only want Instagram Stories, click on “Edit Placements” and leave a checkmark only on “Instagram”, “Stories”.

how to link to Instagram Stories

Set a budget and choose a bidding strategy… You can set a daily budget limit or an amount for the entire campaign, and the system will distribute it evenly. Then choose a bidding strategy – by default, the system selects the lowest price. If you want, you can adjust it manually, for this click on “Set the limit rate”. The lower it is, the less chances that the ad will be shown.

Choose an ad format. You can select one image or one video. From a marketing perspective, it’s better to use video – even though ads have a 15 second time limit, they allow you to better communicate your message to users and add a more visible call to action.

After filling in the required fields, a preview will open in front of you. From this page, you can upload images or videos for your ad, add a call to action, add and change the URL. After saving, your ad will start showing target audience according to the selected parameters and the established budget.

Instagram Stories ads are pretty short. In addition, after viewing, they are closed automatically, and the user cannot view them again. Therefore, add a flashy call to action, limited in time – this will increase conversions.

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More on the topic: How to set up a target on Instagram correctly

Internal link in story to post, account or IGTV

Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that such a link will not be framed in the form of a swipe in a story, it will be just a mention.

Method number 3: link in the story to the post

  1. Open the post you want to link to.
  2. Repost the publication in the story: click the airplane icon below it and select “Add a post to your Story”
  3. Add stickers and art as you like.

How to add a link to a post in your Story

Method number 4: link to another story

Here the algorithm of actions is the same as in the case of the post.

  1. Open the story you want to link to.
  2. Find the airplane icon at the bottom and click on it.
  3. Select share to story.
  4. Add stickers and art as you like.

Method number 5: link to account

  1. Start making History.
  2. Open the stickers panel and select a sticker Mention… Enter the name of the account you will link to.
  3. Design your story and add other elements as you see fit.

How to add a link to an account in a story

Method number 6: link to IGTV

  1. Open your own or any other channel on IGTV.
  2. Select the video you want to link to.
  3. Click the airplane under the roller and select “Add video to your Story”
  4. Design your story and add other elements as you see fit.

How to attach a link to igtv

How to add swipe to Instagram Stories

As you already understood, the swipe in the story will be displayed only when you add an external link. It is available to those who have more than 10 thousand subscribers or if you are running an official ad.

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To make a swipe look in Stories, create a Story layout. On the layout, highlight or highlight the place where the link and swipe are located. You can do this for free on Canva.

  1. Register on the site.
  2. Choose the Instagram Story template and style your story in the editor.
    Swipe Design in History
  3. Go to the elements section and enter in the search [swipe], and add the element you like to the layout, in the place where the link will be located.How to add swipe to Instagram Stories

If you are publishing a live video, then just show what needs to be done to your subscribers and point to the link with a gesture.

For internal links, use the Story Editor. Add text, arrows, and gifs to your story so that users can see where to click to go.


Link in Instagram Stories is another way to work with your audience. For bloggers, this is an additional way to monetize your account.

In the Story, you can post a link for an external transition or to any media within the social network.

  • Anyone with over 10,000 subscribers can make a link in Stories.
  • Anyone can add a link to an advertising Stories, but it costs money.
  • If you still have few subscribers and you do not plan to launch ads, you can share links to posts and videos from Insta. And to design, use the capabilities of the internal editor.

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