How to attach a link to VK Story and make a swipe


VKontakte allows you to share internal materials in your Stories. You can attach a link to the entry to any VK History. Anyone can add links, as well as communities that are allowed to use the Stories format.

We will tell you how to add a link to a post to VK History and how to make a swipe. We also give recommendations on the use of links.

How to attach a link to a post to VK History

You cannot share links to third-party resources, but you can share your posts, playlists, as well as articles created in the VK editor.

  • To share content, click the Share button and select Add to Story.
  • Add a background for the story and other additional elements such as text and a call to action.
  • Publish the story in VK, subscribers will see a link with the added content in it. The link will be displayed as a button labeled “Open Record”. If you want to post a link to the community, use the “Mention” sticker.

How to make a swipe in VK Stories

Let’s immediately determine that a swipe is a movement on the screen that needs to be done to follow a link. In stories where the link to the post is attached, the swipe does not work.

Swipe in VK Stories, available only when you launch targeted advertising in Stories.

To make a swipe in a story, use any graphic editor. Draw appropriate pointers next to where the button will be or add a swipe animation.


Use Stories to draw attention to your posts. To do this, after publishing, post the History with a link to the post attached to it. You can also attach a product to VK History

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