How to become popular on TikTok from scratch and without any payoffs


If you are a novice blogger and dream of becoming popular on TikTok from scratch – this article is for you. We tell you what you need to do to get your first subscribers and promote yourself on this social network.


How to become popular on Tiktok: 10 tips and recommendations

Decide on your goal.

The first thing you need to answer yourself the question – why do you need a Tik Tok profile, and are you going to make money in it?

What may be your goals:

  • You have your own business, and you want to attract customers from Tik-Tok.
  • You want to become famous + make money from popularity.
  • You create a profile solely for the purpose of making money from advertising.
  • You need traffic for other social networks where it’s harder to get promoted, like a YouTube channel or Instagram page.

2. Choose a niche.

Some of the niches currently being shot at Tic Toks are:

  • humorous videos;
  • dance;
  • music – vocals, covers;
  • tips, tutorials;
  • specialist profiles – doctors, lawyers, fitness trainers, psychologists, teachers, photographers;
  • everything to do with visualization – drawing, animation, sticky videos of experiments;
  • social theme;
  • sports;
  • trash videos – unusual looks, freaks;
  • videos with animals;

By the way, there is often advice on the web to make several accounts in Tic-Toc for different niches, and then develop the one that gets the most views.

3. Stop with the click-fraud

Scamming, as well as other violations of the rules of the social network leads to the ban of videos or the account as a whole. Now there are the following types of bans in TT:

  • shadow ban – the videos stop getting into the recommended;
  • ban of a particular clip;
  • ban of the whole account;
  • Ban for violating the rules during live broadcasting (e.g. alcohol or cigarettes in the frame).

4. See what’s trending right now and shoot on those topics

You can do this by watching the recommended videos section and monitoring popular Challenges. This especially helps in the beginning stages when you don’t have a clear plan and no idea what to shoot.

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How users create content for Tik Tok:

  • They come up with an original story and post it on social media.
  • Watching what others are doing, copying completely or trying to do better.

In the first case, you need to spend time looking for ideas – some will “fit” the audience, some will not. In the second case, you don’t waste your time on experiments, you just have to copy similar videos that are already popular. But don’t copy the content of your video one-to-one – add at least something of your own.

Of course it’s always better to create something new, but it all depends on what your goals are. If your aim is just to get subscribers and post as many videos as possible – you can take someone else’s ideas as a base and make your own interpretation.

Follow the recommended videos and challenges to shoot what’s in the top, rather than posting a video on a topic that’s long out of date. For example, if you go into the Tik Tok now with lip-synch (when you open your mouth to music, imitating singing), then no one will pay attention to you, because this was in trend when Tik Tok first appeared.

5. Find your thing

It should be something that is associated with you and your content. For example, the way you speak, the way you look, the colors in your video. Despite the fact that 90% of the content in Tik-Tok – is the copying of other people’s ideas, there is still value individuality. The one whose commercials are copied is always more successful. But some manage to surpass the original.

6. Follow the new features of Tik-Tok

That is, make the most of social networking features. Tik Tok is now one of the fastest-growing social networks – new masks and filters appear almost every week. When you enter Tic Toc, check to see if something new has appeared; if you use it as one of the first, attention is guaranteed.

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Как статья популярным в Тик-Ток

7. Make videos with intrigue

Videos you want to see through to the end, videos with intriguing descriptions, as well as interrupted videos. The point of the latter is that they end at the most interesting place, and you can watch the continuation in another video. This still works, but you need to understand the difference between maintaining intrigue and deceiving subscribers.

You can add phrases like this (or similar) in the description of the video for intrigue:

  • Part 2 is coming out soon!
  • Continued in the next video.
  • Don’t you believe? Watch the video to the end!
  • See her reaction in the next video!
  • It really works.
  • Watch it carefully!
  • I’ve watched it 10 times.
  • It’s funny to the point of tears.
  • It’s cute at the end.
  • Watching it, I can’t stop.
  • This video has been watched by 20 million people.

There’s also some good clickbait work in Tik Toks:


  • Someone is in love with these zodiac signs right now.
  • If you were born in September, then.


It encourages you to watch the video all the way to the end and subscribe to the profile to keep an eye out for more. But the intrigue has to be real, meaning if you write “We’ll see her reaction in the next video!” it really has to be in the next video.

8. Do collaborations with other Tiktokers

This is a method that stars have been using for a long time – making collaborative videos. It’s how they share their audience with each other. If you get caught in the same video with a popular blogger – his followers will know about you. To get in touch with other tiktokers – write to them, get acquainted, visit blogger gatherings and events like VK Fest or YouTube forum.

If you can’t meet them yet and arrange to shoot together, you can shoot a reaction video of a popular ticktocker or a duet with him. Also just order paid advertising from bloggers.

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коллаборации с другими тиктокерами

9. Work on yourself

Charismatic and liberated bloggers always have a better chance of becoming popular. Some aspiring tic-tac-toe bloggers say that thanks to social networks they became more sociable and confident, understood how to behave in front of the camera to please the audience, learned how to shoot really cool videos, found new friends. If you have big plans for Tik Toks, you can take acting lessons.

Работайте над собой, чтобы статья популярным

10. Optimize your videos

This includes the standard set of items, and it’s not much different from other social media:

  • a clear description of the video;
  • Relevant hashtags (better take trending ones);
  • An attractive cover so that you want to open the video;
  • A short video in essence – remove all the garbage from the video;

Do not forget about the optimization of the account – the nickname, description, avatar, too.

A few more general recommendations:

  • Try to involve the viewer from the first seconds – if they close your video almost immediately, it stops getting into recommendations;
  • make appeals in your videos or descriptions – “subscribe, reply in comments, share your experience” – this draws viewers into the content and converts them into subscribers;
  • promote your TT account everywhere you can – in other social networks, on your site, in forums;
  • choose the length of your video in accordance with the content – short videos (up to 15 seconds) are watched more often, but if the video drags on, they will watch it even for a minute;
  • If your video is a monologue, add captions;
  • If the video gets a lot of views – shoot more on this topic.


As cliché as it may sound, but in Tik Tok, as in any social network, to become popular, you need to plow, study your audience and constantly improve the quality of the content. In TT, the competition is very high, and it makes no sense to make bad videos “just to be”. Many pages with monotonous or frankly low-quality content remain dead weight, with no chance of popularity.

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