How to become popular on Instagram from scratch and without cheats: 10 tips and tricks

If you are a beginner blogger and dream of becoming popular on Instagram, but do not know how – read this article. We will tell you what will help you promote your account, and what you absolutely cannot do.

How to make your Instagram account popular: 10 tips and tricks

1. Decide on a goal

Answer yourself, why do you need popularity on Instagram at all, and what criteria of fame suit you personally? How many followers do you need to be happy? Are you going to make money on your account? Why do people become Instagram bloggers:

Auto promotion on Instagram without blocks

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  • Promote yourself as a person and then monetize your talent… Some bloggers become popular solely due to their charisma. The brightest are noticed, invited to shoot in various shows, conclude contracts for advertising with them. For example, Nastya Ivleeva first became famous for her vines. Later she was invited to become the host of the “Heads and Tails” program, and now she can often be seen in advertisements and various programs + she is constantly interviewed.
  • To make money on a blog… Someone starts an account solely for the purpose of selling ads in the profile.
    How to make money on popularity on Instagram
  • To promote yourself as an expert… You can be an expert in a particular field, for example, a psychologist, stylist, medic, construction worker. Popularity on Instagram will increase your value as an expert – as a result, you can attract more customers, raise the cost of services, conduct online training, sell books.
    Personal brand promotion
  • As a hobby… Some bloggers just do what they like and want to share it with others. That is, initially they do not set themselves the goal of making money on Instagram. Of course, as their popularity grows, they also begin to switch to monetization.
    Instagram as a hobby
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2. Refuse cheating

Do not use Instagram promotions. Any. At all. Just forget about them. The same applies to mass following, masslooking and other mass activities. And do not be fooled by the temptations and enchanting results that the cheating services promise – the algorithms of social networks have long stepped forward and instantly calculate black promotion methods, blocking dishonest bloggers.

So you have to do everything on your own. But there will be more motivation to focus on the quality of the content.

3. Make a story

Nowadays, Instagram Stories are the main type of content with their own atmosphere. Unlike the tape, where everyone is trying to make the photo prettier, you don’t have to bother with stories and just be yourself – anyway, they disappear after 24 hours. Stories make it easier to interact with the audience – to find out their opinion, ask for advice, just communicate on any topic. And new stickers regularly appear for them. You can not only record short videos, but also broadcast live.

Instagram Stories

High engagement in stories has a positive effect on the promotion of your account in general, so if you want to become popular, be sure to make stories and analyze statistics on them in order to understand in which direction to move.

You can also make money on advertising in stories, but in order for advertisers to pay attention to you, you need to make high-quality videos and have a paying audience in subscribers.

4. Use graphic editors, templates, video designers

This will help improve your content and realize your ideas. We recommend Snapseed, Facetune, VSCO Cam, Noir Photo, Afterlight, ColorSplash as editors. Photoshop templates and masks are sold on marketplaces like Graphicriver. Find video builders in our 10 Best Video Builders article.

Photo processed in the editor:

How to make your Instagram account popular

5. Engage actively with your audience

For Instagram, the movement on the profile page is important – comments, likes, messages in Direct. Their presence, number and speed of appearance show how much subscribers are involved in the content. If the algorithms of the social network understand that the page is interesting, then they begin to promote it.

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Several ways to motivate subscribers to interact:

How to become a popular blogger on Instagram

Yes, there are, of course, popular profiles with private comments and even without captions to photos, but, as a rule, their subscribers come from other sources, for example, from YouTube. It also happens with the profiles of famous people – they don’t need to bother with the audience, the whole world already knows them. For example, Jennifer Aniston has only 28 posts with a minimum amount of text and more than 30 million Instagram followers.

6. Follow the trends

Trends in the world and social networks are constantly changing, but you should always be “in the know”. Follow the current events, read those who predict trends, see what competitors are doing.

In 2020 on Instagram are relevant:

  • virtual masks, like in Snapchat;
  • useful concise texts;
  • IGTV and vertical videos;
  • value-focused content;
  • naturalness;
  • video subtitles.

Here’s an example of a post that emphasizes value:

Be in trend

7. Use all the features of Instagram

The social network is constantly evolving and coming up with new features. Follow them and be sure to use them – subscribers are very active in responding to any new product.

Each new feature of the social network pleasantly increases the reach and increases the engagement in the content. There is a new sticker for Stories – make a video with it one of the first before it becomes mainstream.

Use new stickers

For example, Instagram launched a new sticker challenge, and so far few people know about it, but we have already written step-by-step instructions and ideas for challenges on Instagram.

8. Promote your profile wherever you can

In other social networks, in a personal blog (if any), in other people’s communities. Now you can get a lot of free traffic from TikTok – attach a link to your Instagram account to your profile.

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Promote your Instagram through TikTok

If you do not yet have an account on TikTok and do not know at all what kind of social network it is, go read our publications on this topic: everything and even more about TikTok.

9. Make a branded ribbon

This means the corporate design of the profile, reduced to a single style – certain colors, fonts, filters, creative graphic elements. The branded design draws attention more than just beautiful photos. You have your own unique style.

This should definitely be done by bloggers promoting themselves as a specialist.

You can spy on examples of branded design from commercial accounts, for example, @

Create your own unique style

10. Pay attention to the quality of the photo

Yes, at first glance, the advice may seem banal, but whatever one may say, on Instagram everything is decided by the visual. And if you are unknown outside of social networks, then with bad photos you can not count on popularity.

  • buy a good camera or phone that can take high-quality pictures;
  • take several similar photos to choose the best one;
  • for indoor shooting, buy studio lighting – inexpensive selfie rings with LED lighting are in fashion now;
  • try to take natural pictures – constant posing gives off a fake;
  • process photos – we already wrote about the editors above;
  • buy a Bluetooth remote control – it allows you to take a photo at a distance, helps out if there is no person nearby who can take a photo of you. The camera must support Bluetooth function for the remote to work;
  • when uploading photos, think in advance how they will be combined in the profile gallery;
  • do not copy other people’s pictures, show individuality.

Work on content quality

By the way, for Stories you don’t have to bother like that – they still disappear after 24 hours, unless you save them in Highlights.

The most important advice: remember that really cool Instagram accounts stand out with a single theme and a unique recognizable style. And yet, that everything takes time – it will definitely not work to become popular in a week.

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