How to buy a VKontakte group with subscribers and guarantees

To date promote the group in VK much more difficult than it used to be. Therefore, many have an idea: buy a VKontakte group with subscribers, that is, with a ready audience and continue promoting. But how to do that?

You need to understand that buying a group in VK is easier and more profitable in material terms than at first To create a group, and then unwind it yourself. It also saves you time. But there are many scammers who make money selling groups, granting rights to communities temporarily, and then assigning the group to themselves again. In this article, we’ll show you how to safely buy a group while avoiding cheaters.

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How to buy a group in VK with a guarantee

There are three ways to buy a group.

1. Remotely.

The first way unsafe… This is the purchase of a group at a distance, where the seller guarantees to give access only after payment, or after making an advance payment. This option of buying immediately disappears, since in this case the seller will not be prevented from deceiving you. Never trust strangers, especially on the internet.

2. Guarantor or stock exchange.

The second option for buying a group at a distance is safer. It provides for the implementation of the transaction through a guarantor (most often an exchange). In this case, you make a transaction with the assistance of an uninterested person – a guarantor who will guarantee both parties the safety of buying and selling. This process is as follows: the seller sends the guarantor the passwords and phone number of the account of the group creator, and the buyer sends money to the guarantor. After the buyer verifies the data and changes it to his own data, the guarantor sends the funds to the seller. For this service, the intermediary takes a percentage of the transaction.

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You should still be careful even when making a transaction through an exchange or a guarantor. If the seller of the group insists on only one guarantor, then this may be a front man with whom he is cooperating. Choose a trusted guarantor, on sites that have been working for a long time and have been able to acquire a good reputation. If the seller of the group is really not a fraud, he will also be interested in the transaction through a verified person.

3. Personal meeting.

And the safest method of selling a group is a personal meeting between the seller and the buyer. In this case, you can easily and conveniently check all the data. Therefore, if you decide to buy a group, then it is better to look for a seller from your city, or neighboring cities.

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Group selection criteria for purchase

If you are going to buy a VKontakte group with subscribers, then before giving money to the seller, you need to closely examine the subject of the purchase and find out whether it is worth the requested money.

Let’s look at the main criteria that affect the cost:

  • Number of subscribers (participants) – the more subscribers, the higher the cost. It is reasonable.
  • Income. Most large communities have the monetization option enabled and are already generating a steady income. Buying such a group is a great way to invest your free finances.
  • Fakes, bots, dogs – if the group has a lot of “dogs” (blocked or deleted user accounts), this immediately reduces the value of the group.
  • Reach and Engagement. With the advent of the smart VK feed, likes, reposts and comments are now more important, affecting reach. If a group has 100,000 subscribers and 20-30 likes each, then this is a negative signal. Either there are a lot of fakes in the community, or it slipped down due to uninteresting content. To check this data, ask the seller for guest access to statistics.
    Buy a group in VK
  • Subject. If you are selecting a group for the business community, then it is better to choose from the relevant topic, so as not to lose subscribers and not receive sanctions from the social network.
  • Community type. Most often, publics and groups are sold, but sometimes meetings are sold.
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These are the main criteria that you need to take into account before buying a public or group.

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Safe purchase of the VKontakte group

Let’s consider a few more important points that will help protect you when making a deal to buy a group.

Safe purchase of the VKontakte group

What determines whether you own a group or not? Whoever has access to the group creator’s account owns the group. A group owner is an administrator who has absolute rights to access and control the community, even if they have signed out. At any time, he can subscribe to the community and again have full rights. Other administrators do not have these functions. Therefore, in the case of buying a group, together with it, you must sell the account of the community owner.

Also, to feel safe and completely confident in your purchase, follow the recommendations:

  • after the purchase, change your username and password immediately the creator’s account. Change the name and surname of this page, as well as its address;
  • when buying a group, make sure you own creator account… To do this, leave the group. If after logging out of the community you still have access to the statistics and settings of the community, then this is indeed a genuine page;
  • be careful when buying a group from a distance. It is especially necessary to be vigilant when the seller is constantly in a hurry, and also urges you on, or even gives you time limits to check the data on the creator’s page;
  • if the seller communicates with you through fake pagethen be careful. It is better not to conclude deals with such people, since in the event of a critical situation, you will not be able to turn to anyone with claims;
  • never do not see too attractive offers… An active Vkontakte group with a large number of subscribers cannot have a low cost. If the cost does not correspond to the real value of the group, then this is most likely cheating;
  • when buying a group in a personal meeting with the seller, take a receipt from him that you bought the community from him. This will allow you to have proof that you completed the transaction.
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So, these tips will help you avoid fraud when buying the Vkontakte community. The same tips will be valid for those who want to sell the group.

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