How to check Instagram for cheating bots, likes and subscribers

Check your Instagram account for bots and cheat if you want to order ads from bloggers. Influencers are listened to, trusted more than noname companies that offer to buy something. From one post, you can get dozens of subscriptions and orders. But the effectiveness of such advertising depends on what audience the blogger has developed.

In order not to waste your money, to get the most of likes, comments and subscriptions, choose the right advertising platforms and be able to analyze the audience of bloggers.

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How to identify Instagram cheats: common symptoms and signs

It is quite simple to identify the cheating of followers of an Instagram account. The easiest method is to correlate the number of likes and comments to posts and the total number of subscribers (calculate ER). Agree, if the posts of a blogger with a million audience gain 20-30 likes, it looks strange. Either the user generates uninteresting content, or most of the followers are bots.

The blogger’s audience is 266,000 followers. On average, posts gain about 6,000-8,000 likes and up to 100 comments per day. You can negotiate posting with such an Instagram user.

To conduct an in-depth check of an Instagram account for bots and cheating, use the comparison method. Find two accounts of interest to you and evaluate the quality of the audience, engagement, dynamics of comments and likes. Add the number of likes and comments, for example, in the last 10 posts and divide the resulting value by the number of posts. In this way, you will find out the average number of reactions per post. Make another calculation – determine what percentage of the resulting number is from the total number of blogger subscribers.

Another way to determine the markup is to look at the number of likes for a post. If a blogger got 40–80 likes for each post, and then their number increased by 1,000 or a multiple of 1,000, then, most likely, the account owner bought likes. The organic spread of likes is approximately ± 10%.

It is difficult and dreary to do such calculations manually. It is much easier to use special services for assessing profiles on Instagram. They will quickly determine the number of real subscribers, the engagement rate, the ratio of real users to bots.

Services for checking an Instagram account for bots and cheating subscribers

With these services for checking Instagram bloggers for cheating, you can easily identify high-quality and low-quality platforms for advertising.


trendHERO helps to find and check bloggers for cheats, but not only.

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On the one hand, you can collect a detailed (more than 90 indicators) report: promotion, high-quality audience and its interests, demography (country, city and gender). On the other hand, find bloggers in the largest database (40 million accounts).


How to check an account for cheating on InstagramChecking a blogger for cheating

Of the chips – search for 500 similar bloggers and a built-in database of advertising posts.

The first trick helps you quickly find bloggers for advertising, because you don’t need to come up with criteria or search methods – just type in an account and get a list. The second feature – advertising posts – will show who, from whom and how they advertised.

Price: from $ 9.99 for a monthly subscription. The service has three types of subscriptions (depending on the number of functions you need). Upon registration, you receive 3 checks for free.


LiveDune Is a service for detailed analysis of accounts in social networks, including Instagram. It will determine the number of markups and real users, followers and unfollowers, analyze hashtags, content and much more. With it, you can find suitable bloggers on Instagram, upload comments and analysis data in CSV, XLS and PDF files.

LiveDune - bot checking service

Price: There are three tariffs – “Blogger”, “Business” and “Agency”. The subscription price is from 300 to 9,500 rubles, respectively. There is a free demo version with a trial period of three days. Try Livedune >>


Picalytics Is one of the most popular services for deep analytics of Instagram accounts. Tracks more than 30 indicators – the number of followers and unfollowers, the ratio of bots to real subscribers, their reach and interests, geography, gender, language, and much more. Assesses engagement – likes, comments, – determines the peak time of subscribers’ activity.

Picalytics - a service for checking Instagram for cheat

Price: Picalytics is a paid service. The cost of a monthly plan depends on the number of profile subscribers – from $ 5 to $ 50. It is more profitable to buy an annual subscription, since discounts apply to them.


Fakelikeinfo Is an online service for quickly checking an Instagram account to cheat subscribers and bots. Calculates ER (Engagement Rate), reveals the number of bots and real users, the average number of likes and comments for each post. To check your account, you will have to log in to the service by email or by using your Instagram login.

Fakelikeinfo - cheat detection program

Price: An account with an audience of up to 5,000 followers can be analyzed once for free. This tariff is called Free. There are two more tariffs – Lite and Standard for one check of 20,000 and 50,000 subscribers, respectively. The cost of tariffs is 199 and 299 rubles.


InBlogs Is an online service for analyzing Instagram profiles. Determines the engagement rate, the number of followers, the ratio of bots to fakes, the average number of likes and comments, shows examples of published advertising posts. There is a database of bloggers who can advertise, and their approximate prices.

InBlogs - bot checking program

Price: The service is free.


Epicdetec Is an online service for a detailed analysis of the audience of Instagram accounts and checks for cheating. It determines demographic and geographic data of subscribers, engagement rate, audience interests. Doesn’t show the number of cheats. To check the profile, it is enough to drive in the username of the Instagram user and start the analysis.

Checking the audience of bloggers on Instagram

Price: The cost of one check is 70 rubles.


Instagram has become a social network with millions of fake accounts. The fashion for quantity rather than quality of the audience has not yet passed. The creators of the social network periodically announce improvements, thanks to which there are fewer bots.

To protect yourself from pointless spending, before placing ads with a blogger, be sure to check his Instagram account for bots and cheat subscribers.

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