How to copy text to Instagram: all the ways

On Instagram, from time to time, you come across interesting posts that you want to share – for example, throw a message in messengers or social networks, place it on the site. But copying the text of a message or comment on this social network is not so easy. Instagram does its best to prevent copying content, so in the application you can only copy a link to a post, and comments have to be saved using screenshots.

Even if you share content with friends on Messenger or WhatsApp, the person will see the link to the post, not its text.

But copying text from Instagram is still possible. In this material, you will learn how to “pull” the texts of interesting posts and comments from this social network.

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All ways how to copy text to Instagram

There are several ways to copy text from Instagram. Take on arms the most convenient for you.

Through the desktop version

The easiest way to copy text from a post or comment on Instagram, log in to the social network from a PC, select a piece of text with the left mouse button and copy it to the clipboard.

All ways how to copy text to Instagram

The copied text can be pasted into a message or text documents by clicking Paste in the pop-up menu.

Through the browser on the phone

Another way to copy text from Instagram is by clicking on the post link in the browser on your smartphone. To do this, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post. Click on “Copy Link” in the pop-up menu.

How to copy text to Instagram on your phone

Paste the link into your browser’s search bar and open the post.

While holding your finger on the screen, select the desired piece of text and click on “Copy” in the pop-up menu.

Forward the copied text in a message or save it to a text file by pasting.

In the same way, you can copy interesting comments to the post you like. Open the post itself in a browser, go to the comments, select the text and copy it. It’s simple.

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Through the Universal Copy app

Universal Copy application is designed to copy texts from any application – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Find it on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Through the Universal Copy app

Install it on your smartphone by clicking on the “Install” button. After downloading, launch the application.

The Universal Copy menu with settings will open. At the top of the interface, find the item of the same name and tap on it. A window will open. Click on “Open Settings”.

In the list of applications, click on Universal Copy. Click on it to enable it.

In the window that opens, move the slider to the “Enabled” position and click “OK” so that the application can track your actions and copy texts from social networks and instant messengers.

Go to Instagram and click on the post, the text of which you want to copy. Pull down the taskbar on your phone and enable Universal Copy mode.

Click on the required comment and the application will select its text for copying.

Click on the right pink button to share the text in social networks, instant messengers or SMS. Click on the left button to copy the text to the clipboard.

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Via Webstagram

You can copy text from Instagram using the site Webstagram… Go to the site and find a post by the author’s username or tag. Enter this information in the form field.

Via Webstagram

It’s easier to search by username, since it takes a very long time to find posts by hashtags. Especially if they are high frequency. Check out the search results – see the user’s page with account statistics, posted posts. In the list of posts, select the one from which you want to copy the text. Just click on it.

Hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds and then select the text to copy.

Click on “Copy” and paste the text from the clipboard into a text file or message.

Through the text recognition service by picture

The hardest way. An option for those who did not like the previous methods of copying text from Instagram.

Take a screenshot of the post, the text of which you need to copy, and go to the website of the OCR service. Can choose imgonline… Scroll down a bit and find the button to download the file.

text recognition service by picture

Attach the file, set the text language in the settings and click on the “OK” button. It will take the service about a minute to recognize a picture, depending on the amount of text in the screenshot.

When the service recognizes the text, a new window will open with the results. Click on “Open Text File” to read the text and copy it.

We’ll have to check the result, as there may be inaccuracies.

Sharing posts and comments from Instagram is easy. Choose the easiest and most convenient copying method for you to throw off an interesting thought, quote, recipe and life hack at any time. No links and unnecessary problems.

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