How to create a channel in Yandex.Ether: step by step instructions

Not so long ago, the “Bloggers” tab appeared on the Yandex.Ether platform, and the service began to actively attract new authors. Accordingly, now and here you can start your own video blog.

In this article we will tell you how to create and configure your channel in Yandex.Ether, and also talk about why it is worth doing.

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Why create an on-air channel?

Yandex.Ether is an entertainment service for watching videos for free. The content consists of exclusive shows, live broadcasts of sports and cultural events, films, cartoons, TV series, channel broadcasts, video blogs, music videos, e-sports broadcasts, and more.

Now it is a young service with a huge audience that can switch its attention from regular programs and shows in TV format to a more lively presentation from bloggers. And you can take advantage of this if you create and develop your own channel within the framework of the new platform.

How to create a channel in Yandex.Ether: step by step instructions

Follow our instructions to create your channel.

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Step 1… Log into your Yandex account and follow the link

Step 2… After that, we will find ourselves on the “Video Hub” page, where you need to click “Login”.

Step 3… We are taken to the video download page. In fact, the channel has been created. But you need to make the design – click the “Settings” item in the menu on the right.

How to make a channel in Yandex Ether

Channel customization and design

Step 4… On the Channel Settings page, fill in the following items:

  1. Name – by default, this is your account name. For the name, use your name, company name or follow the advice on choosing a name;
  2. Description – describe what the videos will be about on the channel. If you have any difficulties, see how to write a description for a YouTube channel;
  3. Avatar – upload your company logo, your photo or picture.
  4. Cover – set a picture that will be displayed in the channel header. Recommended cover size 1380 × 240. Pictures with this resolution can be created in any online editor.

Setting up and decorating a channel in Yandex Ether

Step 5… Finally, click “Save”. The channel is ready! Now you can upload video to Yandex.Ether

Also, you can watch this instruction in video format:


Use the channel in Yandex.Ether to get additional coverage. For example, if you have a video blog on YouTube, try uploading your video to Ether. In the description under the video, include a link to your main channel – this way you will attract an additional audience.

Also, if you have long wanted to create your own video blog, but were afraid of competition, then perhaps Yandex.Ether is your chance. There is no serious competition among bloggers here yet and you can quickly gain subscribers.

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