How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 2020: Step by Step Guide

This article will show you how to create and set up a Facebook business page in 2020. Friends, now it’s time to talk about a social network like Facebook and promotion on Facebook

How to make a Facebook business page step by step

Step 1:

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Business page creation

In order to create a business page, you need a personal account. If you are already registered with a social network, go in, on the top panel, click “Create” and select “Page”.

Step 2:

Page category

Next, we determine the category in which the company page will be opened. To do this, first select for what purpose the page is being created. For a company, choose “Company or brand”.

Page category

Step 3:

Page title and contact details

In the window that opens, enter the page name and category. We indicate contact information: city, address, postal code and phone number.

Page title and contact details

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How to set up a Facebook business page

When you first create a page, you will be helped by the Helper’s tips.

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Initially, it opens empty. For further work, it is necessary to fill it with information.

How to get a business page on Facebook?

You have created the page. Facebook automatically posted it.

Step 4:

Page cover

In order to start designing the page, upload the cover. This image is 851×315. Click “Add Cover”, select a picture. We correct it as you like – save it.

Facebook page design

If you want to be creative, but nothing works – you can spy on other communities or take in Pagemodo services, Canva templates or contact the designers.

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Step 5:

Profile photo

A profile photo accompanies all your comments and posts. You need to think it over well in order to interest new ones and be recognized by the users of the group.

Add profile photo to facebook

Step 6:

Description and website

Mandatory filling includes the web address and a short description. The description will help the visitor understand what your page is.

Step 7:

Action button

Facebook has an interesting Add Button feature.

Its settings depend on what you want the visitor to do when clicked: contacted you, played, bought, downloaded the application etc.

So, click “Add button”, a window appears.

Add a button

Choosing an action.

Choosing the target action

We indicate the corresponding link on which the target action is performed and save.

Page statistics

To view what is happening in the group there is a button “Statistics”. All actions taken by you or your visitors are found here.

Business profile statistics on facebook

Before inviting participants, add a little different entertainment material. These are photos, videos and much more that will interest visitors.

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How to invite friends to Like

The friends that are on your page are highlighted in the group and you just have to click “To invite”

There is a button “More” through it, it is also fashionable to invite friends.

Sending invitations to facebook

It only shows the friends that you have on the page. You can invite by email or set up targeted ads.

After creating the page, don’t forget publish a couple of posts on your Facebook page

In addition to promoting your products / services on Facebook, this page will help you to make business account on Instagram

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