How to create a Facebook event

Today Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, including among the Russian audience – its coverage is estimated at billions of users. One of the possibilities of social networks in general, and Facebook in particular, is to create meetings. This is the reason why it is worth considering how to create a Facebook event and then design and promote it beautifully.

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How to create an event in Facebook

In other words, you can organize a Facebook meeting by creating an event. The event differs from the usual group format or business pages… It is created for a certain period and is reduced to a specific date and place where the meeting will be held, after which it loses its relevance. While groups and sales pages are created on a long-term basis. It is to the meeting that all the activity in the event is reduced, the discussion of the moments and nuances of its holding – the activity of the group can be more versatile.


You can create an event on Facebook by selecting the appropriate item in the menu to the left of the main part of the page.

When you create an event, you will be presented with a choice, as with creating groups on Facebook or other social networks – to make the meeting open or closed.

Choosing a closed or open meeting

In a closed format, you can become a participant in an event only at the invitation of its organizer (but it is also possible to be invited by one of its participants, if the meeting administrator has allowed its participants to invite their friends). When you create an open event, anyone can become its participants, regardless of whether your friends are among those and whether you received an invitation. Let’s consider creating an event using an example of an open format.

After selecting the appropriate column, a pop-up window will appear in front of you, where you will be asked to fill in the basic information, which will become visible to all participants and other users in the news feed, advertising entries, posts and other notifications about the created event. Here you can upload a photo (or image) or a video to create event covers… Photos and videos also have their own recommendations and restrictions on them. For the former, this is a wish for expansion: the best option would be an image of 1200×628 pixels, which will optimize its display. In the second case, it is recommended to upload videos up to half a minute, the maximum limit is five minutes.

Additionally: All kinds of Facebook covers

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Below you will see lines in which you are asked to fill in the name of the event, its geographical location (where the meeting will be held), as well as its start and end times.

We set the time

How to register an event in FB

Next, you should fill out a description so that the participants of the meeting understand what to expect from it, in what format it will be held, what wishes of its organizers, etc. – everything that you yourself wish to state in this column. Also, do not forget to fill in the field with keywords (“hashtags” in common people) so that the event will be displayed among the search results for these queries, moreover, this moment can slightly facilitate the distribution of advertising. Below are the parameters for posting publications – publications can be created by any participant immediately or with the approval of the event organizer.

FB event registration

After creating a meeting, we get an almost blank page of the event, which must be filled in so that it is interesting to the participants and broadcasts important information about the meeting itself.

As you might have guessed, a boring page cannot attract a large number of viewers. The same is the case with the event – it is not enough to create an interesting event, it must also be presented in an interesting way. The design of an event created on Facebook can partially cope with this task. A little below the header (image) of the event and information about it, you will have a kind of small toolbar, which will contain buttons for creating publications, adding photos and videos, and creating polls.

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So, as we have already made a reservation, the following steps will be required to further promote the created event.

Sending meeting invitations

Inviting. Is your goal to recruit the maximum number of Facebook participants and live attendees at the meeting? Then it’s time to start inviting people to the event. The maximum number of people should learn about it. To the right of the main event feed is a button that allows you to tell other users of the Internet community about it.

How to invite to an event on Facebook

By clicking on it, you will receive a pop-up window where you are offered several options with which you can tell users about this event (but in reality, the greatest coverage of this option involves notifying friends).

In the event that your Facebook friends list is really impressive and has thousands of social network users, then your actions will be even more or less successful. But here it is also worth considering how interesting your event is for them, because it depends on the personal interests of each of the participants in the friends list.

Advertising launch

Advertising. The ideal way to promote an event on Facebook is to advertise it. There are many options for customizing it. For example, you can order targeted ads that will be shown only to a certain circle of users (suitable for certain parameters: gender, age, interests, etc.). Or it can be general audience reach, creation and Facebook posting promotion, ordering advertising posts in various groups or on commercial pages. In addition, it is worth noting that even simple posts that you have shared can be seen by ordinary users on the Internet, not to mention the fact that you can also order advertising on various sites on the Internet.

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