How to create a group in VK in 2020: step by step instructions

From this article you will learn how to create a group in VK in 2020 and set it up correctly. In particular, choose the type of community, the name of the group, customize the main sections, fill out a description, put a memorable community avatar, upload a beautiful cover, and so on. If you are a beginner and are just starting to figure out how to work on VKontakte, this step-by-step manual will be especially useful for you.

Advantages and capabilities of the VKontakte group:

  1. Fast creature. After reading the article to the end, you will understand that creating a group takes 10-15 minutes.
  2. Is free. You can create a VKonakte group absolutely free of charge, and with proper promotion, it can be compared in efficiency to a landing page or website.
  3. Easy use. Most of the actions associated with promoting a business on VK are intuitive and simple.
  4. A lot of information. There are many articles and videos on the Internet about the work of VKontakte: promotion, monetization, and more.
  5. The biggest the audience of the Russian-speaking audience of all ages – among them, for sure, there are your clients.

How to create a group in VK: step by step

Step 1:

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Community building

So, we already have a personal page and we need to create a group in VK so that all advertising materials are placed there and not spam our account. On the left in the menu, click on the “Groups” tab. A page will open to us, which shows which groups we are in. At the top, click “Create community”.

Step 2:

Choosing a community type

A pop-up window will appear in which the social network prompts you to select the type of community. Which one to choose?

What type of VK community to choose

As you can see, VKontakte itself explains for what purposes this or that type of group is suitable. Choose what is right for you. And don’t be afraid, if necessary, the community type can be changed at any time in the settings.

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Step 3:

Name and theme of the group

Further, another pop-up window appears, where, depending on the selected type of community, we will need to write a name, indicate a category or topic, whether it will be open or closed, add a link to the site and a physical address (if any).

Name and theme of the group

In field band name enter the name of the group. How to name a VKontakte group?

  • Use the name of the company or brand.
  • First or last name for personal blog.
  • Keyword by which potential customers can search for you.

for instance, if you are doing repairs in Moscow, it is better to name the group [Ремонт в Москве] and through a dash or vertical slash write the name of the company or brand. Finally, click on the “Create community” button and go to the new group page.

Newly created group

This is what the newly created group looks like. It remains to customize it and fill it.

How to set up a group in VK

Step 4:


The avatar of the VKontakte group is an icon that is shown next to the group’s posts in the news feed. To install it, in the upper right corner, click “Upload photo”.

How to put an avatar on a VK group

Recommended avatar size 200×200 pixels… Try to make the picture chosen as an avatar bright, concise and memorable. This will help your followers distinguish your group’s posts from others. After downloading, VKontakte will first offer to crop the main picture, and then adjust the thumbnail.

Setting up the ava thumbnail

Click “Save Changes” and move on.

Step 5:

Group information

To continue setting up the group, click on “Control” right below the newly installed avatar.

Go to the group settingsNext, we fill in the basic information about the group, this is what users will see when they land on your page. In the description of the community, we write what this group is about, for companies we list a list of services or goods, write unique selling proposition (your benefits).

Group information

Here we can make the group closed or open (better open), put a nice page url and upload a community cover.

Step 6:

Group cover in VK

Recently, you can add beautiful covers to VKontakte groups, with basic information about the group and additional pointers. For example, like our group:

Group cover in VK

To add such a cover, you need to go to the community settings, click “Download”, select a pre-prepared picture on your PC (1590 x 400 pixels in JPG, GIF or PNG format) and click “Save”.

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QIP Shot - Screen 266

In order for the cover to display correctly on tablets and mobile devices, it is better to place text and other important elements in the center.

Group cover on mobile

Step 7:

Sections of the VKontakte group

At this point in the settings of your new VKontakte group, you must enable or disable certain sections. We recommend that you disable the partitions that you are not going to use.

Sections of the VKontakte group

Also, for all sections, you can configure the access level: open or limited. This affects who can add content to these sections. Open – everyone can add, limited – Community admins and editors only.

Here you can also enable products, set the main and secondary blocks. This is what will be shown first when visiting the group, by default the description of the group is shown at the top or pinned post

These are the basic settings you need to make after creating a group. At your discretion, you can set up a comment filter, add links, enable messages, connect additional applications, and more.

How to fill the newly created group

Add the first entry

To add the first record on behalf of the group, click in the empty field, where the inscription “Add record” appears temptingly. If next to the record field, the avatar of your personal page is lit, then at the bottom right, click on the arrow and select “On behalf of the community” so that the record can be seen by those who are subscribed to the group.

Add the first entry

How to create a group discussion

Create discussions where users can leave feedback, discuss topics around them, share their vision, opinions, and more.

How to create a discussion in a group in VK

In order to create a new discussion, you must first enable them. Go to the group settings and go to the “Sections” tab. We choose one of the options:

  • open – everyone can create and delete discussions;
  • limited – Only community administrators can create new discussions.

After that, go back to your group’s main page and under the main photos click “Add discussion”.

QIP Shot - Screen 269

Group album and photos

Turn on the “Photos” section in the settings and create a group album. Post only real photos! This will help build trust. Click “Add photos” in the lower right menu of the group and load them from your device.

The photos that you add will be uploaded to the group’s main album.

Add photos to a group in contact

Also on the right you can find the “Photo Albums” tab and add a new photo album by naming it, for example, “Repair of one-room apartments”. This way you will split all photos into separate categories for the convenience of users.

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Create a photo album

How to add products to a group

Another plus of VK is the ability to create and develop an online store based on social media. networks. To do this, go to the “Section” tab in the settings again and enable “Products”

Online store in VK

The settings will open, in which you must specify:

  • citywhere your store operates;
  • enable or disable product comments;
  • choose the currency in which the cost of goods will be measured (ruble, tenge, euro, dollar or Belarusian ruble);
  • configure where purchase orders will be sent: in community messages or in private messages to administrators;
  • store description.

You can then add product cards on the community home page.

Add item to VK

You need to fill out the product card as follows:

  • category – choose the category to which the product belongs or if there are no suitable ones, put “Other”;
  • product name and description – we write the name of the product, a short description and its characteristics;
  • photos product – you can download different color options, as well as photos from different angles;
  • cost – the price of the sold product or service.

If the product is out of stock, it is not necessary to remove it from the storefront, and then add it again, it is enough to check the box “Product is not available”.

How to make the group interesting?

To make your group interesting, you need to make an effort and follow a few simple rules.

  1. Create quality content. Do not constantly publish posts with the content “Buy, order, call” and so on. Selling posts should be, but in moderation.
  2. The time when it was possible to post cats and demotivators is long gone. Therefore, first, think carefully about what your target audience might be interested in.
  3. Be consistent. Don’t leave the group and publish 1-2 posts a day.
  4. Do polls about what content your subscribers would like to see.
  5. Publish real photos office, store, warehouse, your workplace and yourself.

Output. Well, here we are with you and figured out how to create a group in VK, configure it correctly, add photos and the first entry.

What to do next? Read our materials on promoting VKontakte:

Write in the comments the address of the group that you created following our guide! Let’s see who did better 😉

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