How to create a group on Odnoklassniki: step by step instructions

Today we will tell you how to create a group on Odnoklassniki from scratch and completely free. The group can be used for communication, business promotion or as a tool for making money (selling advertising publications or the group itself later).

For your convenience, the article is framed in the form of step-by-step instructions. The material is relevant for 2020 and will tell you about the creation, choice of a name, design and setting up a group in Odnoklassniki.

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How to make a group in Odnoklassniki from scratch

To create a group, you also need a personal page on Odnoklassniki.

Step 1:

Group creation

In the top menu and in the menu on the left there is a button “Groups”, press it. Then, on the page that opens, click “Create a group or event”.

Step 2:

Group type

A window will appear where you need to select the type of groups. For the group where you want to make money, it is better to choose the “Public page” option. For business, “Enterprise, institution, place” is suitable. We choose the required option.

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Creating a group in Odnoklassniki

Step 3:

Group name

Next, you need to select the name of the group. When choosing a name, think about how potential customers or future subscribers will find you. You can use as a name:

  • company or brand name;
  • your first and last name (if you are an artist or promoting your personal brand);
  • the keyword by which clients can search for you (Apartment renovation in Moscow);
  • the topic the group is dedicated to (News of Omsk);
  • and so on.

How to name a group in Odnoklassniki

But do not dwell on this moment for a long time, if necessary, the name of the group can be changed at any time.

Step 4:


The next step is to describe the group. Write how the group will be useful to subscribers, what will be posted in it. For a commercial organization, list the main activities, services, and products.

Group description

Step 5:


In this step, select the category your group belongs to. For a personal group, you can choose creativity or blogs, for a company group, the appropriate direction.


Step 6:

Contact details and restrictions

If you have content that is prohibited from viewing by persons under the age of 18, then set the age limit “From 18 and over.” Then fill in the contact details: city, address, phone number, website.

Step 7:

Group photo

Now you need to select a picture that will be the group’s avatar. For this purpose, you can use a personal photo or a company logo, depending on the type of group. Click “Select Main Group Photo” and upload the file from your computer.

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The main photo of the group in Odnoklassniki

After that, click “Create” at the bottom. The group has been created, it remains to go through the basic settings.

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Setting up a group in Odnoklassniki

From the main page of the group, go to “More – Settings”.

Setting up a group in Odnoklassniki

Next, select the “Management” section.

Group management

Here you can change the following settings.


  • comments – who can leave comments under new publications;
  • post links – is it possible to post links in comments, theme and products;
  • obscene language – is it possible to use obscene language in the comments;
  • the ability to subscribe to group updates anonymously.

Block on tape over selection: new topics, pinned topics, popular topics, new photos, album photos, photo albums or new videos


  • whether group members can suggest topics;
  • under whose name the comments of the group admins will be published;
  • admins see the authors and moderators of the topic;
  • only the administration can share topics in the group.

A photo:

  • whether to show a section with a photo;
  • how photos are added;
  • on whose behalf new photos are published in the feed.

Video: Whether to show the section with photos and whether to display new videos in the feed.

Are included products and community messages.

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Group filling

How to create a topic in a group

For creating a theme in the group, click on Themes and in the window that opens, write the text that you want to publish.

How to create a topic in classmates

You need to add a picture – click on the icon with the camera, if the music – on the note. To continue writing after the photo (music) – click on the pencil, and enter the text further. Don’t forget to click Share at the end.

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For more details, see the article: How to make a post on Odnoklassniki

How to make a photo album

But if you have material consisting of several photos – you create a photo album.

Decide on the topic, and then come up with a name and save.

The photo album has been created. It remains to upload a photo there. Click on the inscription “Add photo” and find the desired picture.

If you added it by mistake, you can fix everything. Hover the cursor over the photo and, in the pop-up window, select “delete”.

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