How to Create a YouTube Channel in 2020: Step by Step Guide

This article will show you how to create a YouTube channel in 2020 and set it up correctly. Videos and YouTube are increasingly being used by marketers to attract customers. Video bloggers make money from their content. Therefore, we decided that it would be relevant to make step-by-step instructions for our readers on creating a YouTube channel for our readers.

Of course, creating a channel is just the first step, because the channel needs to be developed and promoted. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to accommodate all this in one material, so we will move gradually and start with the simplest.

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Benefits and features of the YouTube channel

  1. Fast creature. After reading the article to the end, you yourself will see that creating a channel takes a maximum of 5-10 minutes.
  2. It’s free. You can create a YouTube channel for free, but content creation requires you to have a recording device and editing software.
  3. Video easier to perceive. Video content is much easier to consume than reading articles or books.
  4. A lot of unoccupied niches. It only seems that there are videos on YouTube about everything in the world. In fact, there is very little quality content on a specific topic.

Registering an account on YouTube

1. To register on YouTube, you need to go to and click on the “Login” button in the upper right corner.

2. On the tab that opens, select “Other options” as an input and in the menu that appears, click on “Create an account”

Create a Google account

3. We make our own registration datawhich are required to create a new account.


At the same time, you can use any e-mail as a mail – it is not necessary to start a mail in Google. To protect your account, it is better to indicate and confirm your real phone number to be sure that no one can hack your account.

At the end you must confirm your agreement with the privacy policy and terms of use of the service and click “Next” to proceed to creating and configuring your channel.

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How to create a YouTube channel right now

Step 1:

Channel creation

After entering the site, a menu will be displayed on the left, in which you need to select “My channel”.

How to create a YouTube channel yourself?

A pop-up window appears where you need to set the name of your channel and click “Create channel”.

How to create a YouTube channel yourself?

Step 2:


How to choose a name for a channel? There are some simple but good options:

  1. If this is a personal video diary, then your name or surname… You can also use a nickname – the main thing is that it is easy to write and remember.
  2. Use company name, firm or brand name for a corporate channel.
  3. The most popular keyword written in Latin. For example, for a construction company, you can make the name stroitelstvo.domov (if it’s free). Or if this is a children’s channel or for parents, it will do Children’s World

Congratulations! The channel has been created, isn’t it difficult? Now you need to give it an appropriate appearance.

More on the topic: Choosing the name of the channel on YouTube

How to set up a YouTube channel correctly

Step 3:

Channel avatar

In order for the avatar for the channel to be liked by both you and your viewers, you need to change it, and not leave it default.

Channel avatar

To do this, hover the mouse cursor over the little man icon and click on the pencil.

The “Change channel icon” window will appear, click “Change” and go to Google+, where you need to upload a photo that will be the channel’s avatar.

QIP Shot - Screen 005

You should use a personal photo, a stylized illustration of your photo, a company or brand logo as an avatar.

More details: How to make a YouTube channel avatar

Step 4:

Channel cap

Next, let’s make a beautiful YouTube channel design. To do this, click “Add channel design”.

Channel decoration

As an image, which will be the design (header) of the YouTube channel, you can use any picture or photo that you create yourself or choose from the YouTube gallery. Recommended size for image 2048 by 1152 pixels

We have chosen by default for now, but it is better to use this picture as an area where your channel will be described or some offer will be placed if it is a commercial channel.

Step 5:

Page view

Now let’s move on to the view settings. To configure the channel, click on the gear next to the subscribe button.

YouTube channel setup

The main thing here is to enable the “Overview” page view. Thanks to this, your channel will have tabs: home, video, playlists, channels and about the channel.

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YouTube channel setup

Step 6:


Going to the section “About the channel “, you can make a channel description, add e-mail for commercial inquiries, links to a website or social networks. You can add a maximum of 5 links. More details: How to make a good YouTube channel description.

YouTube channel setup

Step 7:


You can also add a channel logo, for this we click on the gear again, and there we select “advanced settings”. Next, go to “Corporate identity” and click “Add channel logo”. It is better to use a high-contrast .png image. Then we choose when this logo will be shown: at the beginning of the video, at the end, or throughout.

YouTube channel setup

After that, the channel logo will be displayed on your videos.

YouTube channel setup

In the same section, go to the “Status and Features” section to confirm your channel. This is done via SMS confirmation.

Further on the topic: How to customize your channel logo

Step 8:

How to make a channel private and open

If you want to restrict access to videos posted on the channel, then you can make these videos private or available via a link. For example, if you will provide access only to those who paid for a subscription, bought a certain course or videos of individual lessons.

  1. Go to your channel page and go to video manager
  2. Next to the video that needs to be hidden, click the “Change” button.
    How to make a closed YouTube channel

On the page with the video, below and slightly to the right of the video itself, select the desired option to restrict access to the video:
available here;
limited access (by e-mail).
Limited access to YouTube videosIn the same way, you can block access to other videos or playlists.

Step 9:

How to add the first video

And for dessert, the sweetest thing is how to add a video. Click the arrow in the upper right corner and select the video on your computer.

How do I add a video?

Loading starts. While this process is going on, we can choose a title, make a description and set tags.

How do I add a video?

Then, if you need more fine-tuning, go to the Advanced settings section. Here you can enable or disable comments (by default they are open), enable or disable access to video view statistics (open by default), select a category for the video, set age restrictions, and more.

How do I add a video?

Now click publish.

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Created channel and video statistics

After a while, when several videos are published, the channel will begin to gain popularity, new subscribers will come, some of the videos will start “Come in”, while others are not, there will be a need to study the channel statistics.

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To go to channel statistics section, on the main page of the channel, click the corresponding button at the top.

YouTube channel statistics

In the statistics view, you can:

  • view statistics for a specific time period (day, week, month, year, or arbitrarily);
  • total viewing time;
  • average viewing time;
  • number of views;
  • comments, likes and dislikes;
  • regions in which the video was most often viewed;
  • from which sites the playback was started (from YouTube or from other sites);
  • demographic data of the audience (gender, age, etc.

QIP Shot - Screen 217

Having studied in detail the statistics for the entire channel, you can identify the videos of which format the audience is interested in, what mistakes are made when creating videos and for which audience you need to create content.

How to create a second YouTube channel?

In order to create a second channel on YouTube, it is not necessary to register a new account with Google, you can create it on the already created one. To do this, in the same place, in the upper right corner, click on the icon of your channel, and then click on the gear.

QIP Shot - Screen 256

In the window that opens, information about the settings of your first channel will appear and at the very bottom there will be a line “Show all channels or create a new one”, which you will need to click on.

How to create a second YouTube channel

After that, return to the beginning of the article and re-go through all the steps for setting up and designing.

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Instead of a conclusion

YouTube is one of the trending areas that allows you not only to attract customers for business purposes, but also to make money on your channel.

When creating a YouTube channel, determine the main goals and in accordance with them, think over further actions. How often new videos, channel headings, promotion, etc. will be released.

For example, if a channel is created with the aim of attracting new visitors to the site, then it is best to make short videos, after watching which a person will want to go to the site to learn more about you or your product.

So, we figured out how to create a YouTube channel – the channel is created, the design is done and the first video is uploaded. We will tell you how to promote your channel in the following articles.

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