How to create a YouTube playlist and add videos to it

YouTube playlist is a tool with which you can group videos by topic. Their main task is to improve channel navigation. Organize your channel playlists so that users can find the information they need right away.

Also, playlists will help you divide all content into categories on the main page of the channel. It helps to understand what videos are there. And if your channel has videos of different topics, then you just need playlists.

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Why do you need YouTube playlists

YouTube playlists are primarily created for the convenience of users. Imagine that you like a recipe. And when you want to cook this recipe, you need to go to the search engine for the video. It’s great if you come across it immediately. But what if you only remember the name of the channel with this video? If the channel has thematic playlists, then you can quickly find the information you need, and if they are not there, you will have to spend a lot of time reviewing all the videos. Also, you can add a video to your playlist.

YouTube playlists are needed:

  1. For the convenience of users… People will be able to protect videos that they want to watch later in their playlists.
  2. For advancement… Users entering keywords into the YouTube search bar can find not only videos, but also playlists.
  3. For better channel navigation… With the help of playlists on your channel, it will be more convenient for subscribers to navigate and watch only what they like.

Advice! In order to get more views you need optimize your videos, add the correct description and title. Also, for greater attendance, you need to make translations.

How to make a YouTube playlist

There are two ways to create a playlist on your YouTube channel.

Method 1. Go to the main page of the channel and click on the “Playlists” button. In the window that appears, click on the “New Playlist” button. In the line, you must write its name and select access, then click on the “Save” button.

Method 2. Go to your channel’s creative studio and go to Video Manager. Select the “Playlists” tab and right-click on the “Create playlist” button. All other actions are performed as in the previous method.

Create a new playlist

Advice! If you recently started uploading videos to your YouTube channel, then we recommend that you immediately create thematic playlists and add videos to them. If you add them when there are many videos on the channel, it will take time to sort the content into different playlists.

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How to add a video to a playlist

There are several ways to add videos.

1 way. Adding a video to a playlist when it is uploaded to a channel. To the right of the field where you need to fill in the tags and description, click the “Add to playlist” button. In the menu that appears, check the playlists to which the video will be added after uploading to the channel.

How to add a video to a YouTube playlist

Method 2. Adding videos from your channel. If you want to add personal videos to the playlist, you need to go to the “Video Manager” section in the control panel. Then put a check mark on the necessary videos and click on the “Add to” button. After that, in the drop-down list, you must select the playlists where you want to place these videos.

Add video

Method 3. Adding via playlists. To do this, open your playlist and click on the “Add video” button. On this page you can see the number of videos in the playlist, the number of views.

Adding via playlists

After that, you will see a menu for adding videos

  • Search video. You can search for videos by keywords or title that you want to add to this particular playlist.
  • URL. To add a video, just enter its address.
  • Your YouTube videos. Here the platform invites you to add videos already published on your channel.

Method 4. Adding other people’s videos. You need to find the required video through the search bar, open it and press the “Save” button. After that, you will see a list of all playlists and you can check the boxes where you want to add a video.

Adding other people's videos

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Playlist setup, how to delete or change

After you create a playlist, you need to customize and optimize it for key queries. So users can find it in search. Once created, the setup menu will automatically open. In order to change the name, press the key with the pencil icon.

If you want to add a description, click on the “Add description” button. In this column, you need to tell viewers what videos they can see in this section. For better perception, you must add a description of no more than 1000 characters. In order to delete a playlist, you need to click on the button with three vertical dots, where you can translate the playlist into different languages.

Setting up a playlist on YouTube

In order to change the settings, you must click on the “Playlist settings” button. Three settings tabs will appear there, which we will talk about in more detail. Next to this key there is a “Send” button, by clicking on it you can share the playlist on social networks. There you can also copy the link to send it as a personal message.

Important! When you enter keywords in the YouTube search bar, you will be able to see not only videos, but playlists as well.

How to set up a playlist correctly

basic settings

In this tab, you can set the privacy of the playlist:

  • open access – all YouTube users will be able to see the video.
  • access by link – videos will be viewed only by those users who have a link.
  • limited access – the video for viewing will be available only to you.

In this section, you can sort videos by date of addition, publication, popularity or manually. It is best to check the box so that new videos are added to the beginning of the playlist and viewers can only watch new videos.

There is also an “Allow Embedding” button. Let’s explain what this means, for example, you shared a playlist with your VKontakte friend: if embedding is allowed, then he can watch the video right on this page, if the checkbox is not checked, then he will have to go to YouTube.

basic settings

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You can add a new rule where you write certain words and if they match in descriptions or video tags, it will be automatically added to the playlist.



In this tab, you can check the box so that invited users can add their videos to your playlists. Many beginning youtubers ignore this tab, but with its help you can cooperate with other channel creators and, thereby, promote your videos. If you activate this function, then you need to send invitations to users. If at some point you want to break off cooperation, you must go to this item again and press the “Close access” button.

How to add a co-author of a playlist on YouTube

Use YouTube playlists to promote your channel and improve navigation on it. Agree, it is much more pleasant to be on channels where all videos are sorted by topic than on those where there is not a single playlist. And in order to attract more viewers to your channel, you need to add at least 10 videos to your playlists.

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