How to create an IGTV channel on Instagram

Remember the days when the “pain” of SMM was the inability to upload videos longer than one minute to Instagram? It’s in the past!

In 2018, Instagram gave battle to YouTube and successfully launched IGTV, its own video hosting service.

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In this article you will find:

  1. Step-by-step instructions for creating an IGTV channel for you or your business.
  2. Tips for growing your IGTV channel.

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What is IGTV and what is it for

Videos on IGTV differ from regular posts and stories not only in length (up to 60 minutes), but also in the ability to rewind and notify subscribers about new publications.

In general, the requirements are as follows:

  • The orientation of the video is vertical and, more recently, horizontal;
  • Timing – from 1 to 15 minutes when downloading from a mobile device, up to 60 minutes when downloading from a computer.
  • Content is reviewed by moderators for compliance with Instagram’s internal policies.

You can watch and share videos using Instagram itself or in the IGTV app.

To show the video to its subscribers, Instagram allows you to repost a “preview” to your account feed or share to a story. The first part of the video is published with the button “Watch full IGTV video” at the bottom.

The IGTV feature is useful for both personal blogs and business accounts. Video accounts for 80% of internet traffic in 2019 and is one of the most effective types of content for social media.

According to research by psychologists, clients trust information from “vertical” videos more, as they send their own videos to their loved ones in the same format. Plus, it’s easier to watch them on mobile devices, because the phone doesn’t have to be turned over. Well, the duration up to 1 hour gives scope for creativity.

Many well-known bloggers and top business accounts are already using IGTV with might and main. There are videos that collect 1+ million views, which makes an excellent recommendation for this tool as a marketing tool.

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How to create an IGTV channel on Instagram

If you have an Instagram account, you don’t need to create anything extra. It is enough to sync the IGTV app with the existing profile.

  1. Download and launch the IGTV app.
  2. If the device does not have the Instagram app installed or is not logged into it, then IGTV will display the login screen in front of you. Enter your username / password to login.
  3. If, however, Instagram has already been logged in, then IGTV will offer you to automatically log into it (its name will be indicated). If you want to manage the channel for another account, click “Switch account” and enter the required profile.
    Creating an IGTV channel
  4. After getting to the required Instagram profile, the application panel will be displayed, where you can watch the IGTV feed or add your own video (the “+” button).
    How to make IGTV

In the Instagram app itself, working with your IGTV channel is even easier. In the upper right corner of your account feed, click on the IGTV icon.
How to go to IGTV from Instagram
A section of the application will be displayed, where you can watch the IGTV feed or add your own video (“+” button).

How to open IGTV from computer

Unlike Instagram itself, IGTV can work from a computer. Useful if the video is pre-edited. Allows you to avoid “unnecessary movements” (sending to the phone to fill in through the application, etc.). Enough:

  1. Go on the website in any browser and log into your account.
  2. You can work with videos on the main profile page in the IGTV tab. For example, to add a video, you must click “Load”.
    How to log into IGTV from a computer

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What to do next and how to develop the channel

After creating an IGTV channel, you need to develop it. First of all, we are talking about filling it with video content. Please note that you do not need to add an avatar and make a description, they are downloaded from your Instagram profile.

How to post a video to an IGTV channel and what technical requirements are stated for them, we will talk in more detail in the next article. But, before you upload anything, you need to think through a lot of nuances. We will give you some useful tips:

  1. Create a content plan for your IGTV posts or add this format to your existing plan.
  2. The main “viewers” of your videos are followers of your Instagram account. Analyze the target audience (if suddenly you haven’t done this before).
  3. When drawing up your content plan, keep in mind that the most popular IGTV video categories are: reviews, interview, sketches.
  4. Don’t forget about unique content. Show in your account what subscribers will not see from anyone else.
  5. Consider the length of the rollers. According to statistics, videos with a duration of 3-4 minutes gain the most views.
  6. Create IGTV video covers so people can see what’s in store for them.

It should be noted that although IGTV is no longer a new feature, it is noticeably inferior in popularity to posts and stories. Create an IGTV channel to stay ahead of the competition. The main thing is to create unique content and choose topics that are most suitable for your audience.

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