How to create an online store in VK from scratch: opening, design, promotion

If you want to open your online store, then today it is not at all necessary to invest a large amount at the start. Create an online VKontakte store for free.

More than 3 million users visit VKontakte every day. This means that you have access to a ready-made audience. All that remains is to send it to your store. Yes, there is high competition in VK and the cost of advertising is growing, but with a competent approach, you can get an endless stream of customers at a relatively low price.

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In this article, we will tell you how to create an online store in VK, arrange and configure it correctly, add products and get the first customers.

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How to make an online store VKontakte

Create a group in VK and go to community management. In the settings, open the “Sections” and enable the “Products” function.

Setting up an online store

After that, new settings items will appear.

Setting up an online store VKontakte

  • Delivery regions. Will you have delivery of goods. For which countries, regions and cities it is valid.
  • Product comments. Turn it on if you want users to be able to comment on products in IM.
  • Store currency. You can choose one of 6 currencies: ruble, dollar, euro, Belarusian ruble, Ukrainian hryvnia or Kazakh tenge.
  • Button type, which is shown under the product. You can choose “Link to product” or “Write to the seller”. In the first case, you can redirect users to your site, in the second, the buyer can directly write to the seller or store administrator.
  • Contact for communication. Someone who will receive messages from potential buyers. This can be any of the community admins.
  • Description of the store. Click “Edit” next to this item. In the window that opens, fill in the terms of payment and delivery, or create an arbitrary description.
    VKontakte store description
  • To the main block communities, place products so that when you visit a group, they are shown first.
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Connecting payment via VK pay

This point in creating an online store is needed for those who want to accept online payments through VK. For the client, this is convenient because he does not need to transfer money to your card or pay for the goods upon receipt in cash. For the owner, this is also convenient, plus it increases customer confidence.

To connect the VK pay payment to the group of your store, in the same settings, check the “Store Application” box. A tooltip will appear, where click on the link “More about the Store”. Please note that the functionality works only on the territory of the Russian Federation and only for stores that have the selected currency ruble.

Connecting payment via VK pay

A new page will open, scroll through its house at the very bottom and click “Connect store”.

Connect store

Next, choose who will receive payments. It can be any of the group admins.

Acceptance of payments in VK

After that, the system will ask you to add the first item. We will do this a little later. Now, go back to the store settings and next to this item click “Configure”.

In the window that opens, you can view orders for all time, customize the form fields that the customer sees when ordering a product, customize product properties, create your own promotional codes, and more.

How to add products to a VK group

Let’s move on to filling our VKontakte online store. We return the group to the page and at the very top click “Add product”.

How to add products to the VKontakte group

A window will open in which we need to fill in all the items in order.

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Adding a product on VKontakte

  1. Product category. We select the category to which the added product belongs.
  2. Product Name. We enter the name of the product and, if necessary, enter additional characteristics.
  3. Description. We write everything else about the product in the description: why it is worth buying, why is it needed and so on. Describe each product in detail: color, shape, etc.
  4. Product photos. Here you can add a product cover that will appear in the product carousel and additional photos.
  5. Cost. The price to pay for the item.

Also, you can indicate whether the product is currently in stock or not. Add in the same way all the products that you want to sell through VKontakte.

VKontakte online store design

Come up with a name for the online store and fill in the basic information: a description, put the most important in the status, if available, provide a link to the site or groups in social networks. Use emoji to separate and highlight information.

VKontakte online store design
Example of a completed section with information

Online store cover… Go to the group settings and select “Community Cover – Download”. Make a bright and colorful cover to stand out from the competition. Also, on the cover you can place additional information in the form of text.

VK online store cover
Example of a cover for an online store: it is indicated that the product can be ordered without prepayment

Carousel of goods. When adding products, consider how they will look on the main page of the group. It is best to choose product covers so that they all look the same.

Or use photos with the product on a white background.

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Promotion and promotion of the store in VK

Let’s briefly list the main actions for promotion.

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Run contests. The more valuable the prize is, the more people will want to take part in the competition. You can make a win-win contest where there is a main prize and prizes for all participants, for example, discount coupons.

Use the classic method, creating fake accounts, cheating friends and further sending invitations to the group.

Promote products with official advertising on VKontakte… Of course, it is not free, but it will help you quickly recoup your promotion costs.

Collaborate with bloggers. Find opinion leaders in your city and negotiate advertising. Place your ads in popular urban publics and groups in which your target audience is located.

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So, to make an online store VKontakte, you need:

  1. Create a group or select an existing one.
  2. Include the “Products” section.
  3. Customize the section by specifying information about shipping, payment, and so on.
  4. If necessary, connect the possibility of online payment.
  5. Add products.
  6. Decorate the store page beautifully.
  7. Start promoting and attracting customers.

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