How to create and design a VK event

An event in VK is a useful tool for both business and personal page. Indispensable for announcing an event / meeting. The functionality and interface of the event is adapted specifically for the promotion of meetings.

The most important difference from the usual Vkontakte group is withAfter creating an event, you can send up to 5000 invitations per day to members of groups / communities that you administer. This makes it much easier to promote the event. With friends, everything is like for groups: 40 invitations per day.

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The popularity of the instrument is due to its convenience. What should be noted?

  • Potential visitors are more likely to view the VK invitation than a link to another resource. Unknown sources of the Internet scare ordinary people with viruses.
  • Notification system. Those who have agreed to participate in the event will receive a reminder shortly before the start. If the event repeats, change the date. The notification will be sent to the participants again. You don’t need to rebuild the community.
  • The event wall works on the same principle as the community wall. You can add any material, it will appear in the “News” of the participants.

We have already written about the creation of a community and the correct design of the group, now we will figure out how to create and design a VKontakte event.

How to create a VK event

First, think about the main things about the event: subject, date, time, place. Ask yourself some helpful follow-up questions:

  • Who do you want to attract to the event?
  • What is the goal of the event and how do you plan to achieve it?
  • How much time do you have to reach your goal?

Then go to “Communities”. Then click “Create Community”. You need the option “Event (Concert, birthday, exhibition, party, master class, conference)”.

A form will appear in which you need to specify information about the event.

Event information

  • Name.
  • Subject. Select from the dropdown list.
  • Meeting type. “Open” and “Closed”. All VK users can apply for an open meeting. Only those invited by the administrator can get to the closed one.
  • Start time / date.
  • The end date / time is specified if desired.
  • Organizer.
  • If desired, the organizer’s contacts are added: phone number and email.
  • Address of the event. Not necessary, but very helpful.

Event addressAfter saving the address and clicking the Create Community button, the meeting will be created.

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How to arrange an event on VKontakte

So you’ve created a community. The VK team will congratulate you on this and will try to help you with advice.

How to arrange an event on VKontakte

The basic design of an event in VK consists of the following steps:

  1. Photo of the event… An avatar will make your event recognizable.
    Photo of the event
  2. Event Description… The most important part of the page. Here you need to convey to the visitor: where he got to and how it is useful for him. If you have questions for participants or a goal to encourage them to take action, then do it in the description. Tip: do not stretch the description. It will be reduced from a large number of characters and the “Expand” button will appear. This will affect readability.
    Description of the event in VK
  3. First news… Here you can write about the event in as much detail as possible. Think over the content from the very first post, as it is important to interest everyone, including the first visitors to the page. If the post turns out to be really successful and fully covers the event, you can “Pin it” it.
    Post about the event
  4. “Event Management”… The interface is similar to community management. You can customize sections (tip: it is better to disable those that you do not plan to fill), comment filters, add links and addresses. You can create a community menu. Here, the administrator sees the list of participants, appoints managers or adds people to the black list. For advanced users, there are functions for configuring bots and connecting applications. All changes to the settings are displayed in the “Activity Log”.
    Event management
  5. Create meeting cover… In the same place in the “Office” add an image in the format 1590 x 400 px to the page header. It will carry key information about the event and will become a bright accent. Depending on the positioning of the event, the cover can be created from photos, text, graphics or several elements. There is a “live cover” function: up to 5 large videos or photos that will switch automatically.
    Cover of the event in VK
  6. Ticket sales widget… If the event has a paid entrance, then you can save buyers from unnecessary transitions to third-party sites and payment systems. Connect one of the applications in “Control” (“TimePad Tickets“,” Radario“,”Qtickets“,”Kinohod“,”Reservation») For the sale of tickets and you can buy a ticket online right in it.
    Ticket sales widget

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What’s next?

The event was created and decorated. But this is not the time for the administrator to “fold his hands”. The main part of the community life cycle begins.

What is recommended to do?

  • Add content to your event feed regularly. There is no guarantee that if a participant clicks the “I’m going” button, he will definitely attend the event. He can easily change his mind. Get him interested and intriguing.
  • Tell us about the event… You can repost the information on your wall, post it in your community, or send it to your friends in private messages. This is how the first participants in the meeting will appear.
  • If this is not the first time such an event occurs, then post photos / videos from previous meetings. People are suspicious of the unknown. Thanks to the content, they will have an idea of ​​what awaits them.
  • Sending invitations to the event… The easy way is to invite friends or followers from your community. You can use promotion through advertising posts. Constantly send out new invitations. Remember: the number of participants in the group is “not equal” to the number of real attendees of the meeting.

As you can see, it is very simple to create, set up and arrange an event in VK. There are a lot of opportunities, but you need very little time and skills to use it. With him, you will provide participants for any business event or personal meeting!

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