How to create and manage a Telegram group: the most complete guide

To publish links, texts and media, they create a channel in Telegram, for communication – groups.

In the article we will tell you what a Telegram group is and how to create it from scratch.

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What is a Telegram group and how it differs from a channel

A channel is a microblogging for publishing informational content – texts, links, media files. Suitable for news feed, author’s notes, article announcements. You can see how it looks like on the example of our Telegram channel – @postiumru.

A Telegram group is essentially a chat where people communicate with each other. The group brings together participants by interests – it can be motorists, employees of the same enterprise, classmates, close friends.

The group contains up to 200,000 people

Both in the group and in the channel there can be administrators, but in the group they are usually more loaded – if there are a lot of people there, you need to constantly monitor what users write, delete spam, and block annoying members who violate the rules.

You can have both a channel and a group – in the first, the participants will receive interesting information, and in the second they will discuss it among themselves.

How to create and manage a Telegram group

For example, the desktop version of the messenger.

Group creation

Click on the menu icon (3 stripes).

Next, click on “Create Group”.

Group creation

Come up with a name and click “Next”. You can immediately upload an avatar for the group, for this you need to click on the blue circle with the camera.

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Group name in Telegram

You can add members from the list to the group right away, or invite them later. The selected participant is marked with a check mark. They are added forcibly, that is, without consent, but later can leave the group. At the stage of creating a group, you can invite 50 people in this way.

How to add members to a group in Telegram

After you have added the participants, click “Create”. The group is created, Telegram will show a welcome window with its capabilities.

Group management

Group management and configuration is done through the menu, these are 3 dots to the right of its name. There are several sections here, let’s go over each and tell you what they are responsible for.

Group management in Telegram

1. Group information… In this section, you can see the name of the group, the number of participants, change the avatar. Enabled notifications mean that every chat message will sound to everyone in the chat. If there are a lot of participants, this is annoying, so the creator of the group can immediately turn them off by moving the slider to the off position. Group members can turn off notifications themselves.

Group information2. Disable notifications… This is the same as what we just described above, only this button enables / disables notifications in 1 click – you do not need to specially go to the section with information about the group.

Disable notifications3. Group management… Here you can change the name, description and photo of the group. Below is the type of group – Private (closed) or Public (open). The chat history can be hidden for new members – then they will be able to read up to 100 of the latest messages, or open – they will have access to the entire conversation history from the moment the group was created.

Even lower is the setting of permissions for members and the appointment of administrators.

Configuring Permissions

3.1. Configuring Permissions

These are the actions that are allowed to chat participants:

  • sending messages;
  • sending media files;
  • sending stickers and GIFs;
  • preview for links;
  • creating polls;
  • adding other members;
  • pinning messages;
  • change group profile.
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By default, all 8 types of permissions are enabled for everyone in the group. They can be disabled or an exception can be assigned to specific users through the exceptions tab.

You can also configure the message interval, for example, 1 message per minute.

Configuring message sending

3.2. Adding Administrators

Administrators are needed to keep order in the group, the subsection is located in the “Group Management” section. Click on it.

Adding group administrators

Then click “Add Administrator”. In the list, select the desired person, click on him. We immediately indicate the level of rights available to him and the name of his position.

Group administrator rights

Please note that if there is a lock on the slider, it means that this permission is indicated in the group settings as enabled for everyone, and it cannot be canceled for the administrator. First you need to disable it in the general settings, and only then for a specific admin. The same works in the opposite direction – you can disable the ability to add other members in the group settings, but leave this permission for the administrator.

4. Adding participants… This section allows you to add new members from your contact list, if you did not do so immediately when creating the group.

Adding participants

Those who have already been added are displayed with a gray checkmark.

5. Create a survey… Polls are needed to ask for the opinion of the audience. Created in a couple of clicks in the group menu.

Creating a poll in the Telegram group

You need to come up with a question, answer options (up to 10) and the type of voting – anonymous, with the ability to select multiple answers or a quiz mode.

Poll in the Telegram group

The survey can be pinned, stopped, or deleted. Also, each participant can cancel their vote.

6. How to pin a message… In the chat, messages are constantly replacing each other, if you need to pin someone’s message in a prominent place, you need to right-click on it and select “Pin message”.

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How to pin a message in a Telegram group

It looks like the screenshot below. If you need to unfasten it, just click on the cross.

7. Export chat history… Allows you to save the chat to a separate medium. We choose what to export (for example, only a photo), for what period and the path of saving. By default, it is exported to the default Telegram folder.

Export chat history

8. Clearing history… Everything is clear here – we erase the history of correspondence.

Clearing message history

9. Deleting a group. And finally, if the group is no longer relevant, you can delete it – for this, click on the appropriate section in the menu.

How to delete a group in Telegram

How to make a group private

How to convert a group to a private format and how to make an invitation link? In general, now the group is created closed by default. But you might want to make it public and then close it again, so we’ll show you how. First, click on the 3 dots to the right of the group name.

Here we find the item “Group Management”, click on it.

How to make a Telegram group closed

In the “Group type” item, we have “Private” by default, that is, it is already closed. To change its status, click on “Private” and select what you need. For example, if you want to open a group, click “Public”. Then it can be found in the search. If you need to close it again, click “Private”, then “Save”.

How to create a private group in Telegram

How to make an invite link?

In a closed group after 50 participants, you can invite people only through a special link. In the same section “Group type”, click on the blue inscription “Create an invitation link”.

Private group

We confirm the creation of the link, click “Ok”. A link is formed that can be copied and sent to friends or posted on your resource. Copy and click “Save”. If necessary, you can reset this link and create a new one.

Invitation link


Use a group to connect people with the same interests. This can be your personal group or the continuation of the information channel, that is, a chat for subscribers.

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