How to create your own geolocation on Instagram and Facebook

Geolocation on Instagram – coordinates on the map where the picture was taken. It can be any place: a fitness club, shop, museum or even a beach. Companies mark themselves on the map so that customers can easily find them. Regular users mark the places where they had a rest or, on the contrary, where they would like to go.

In this article, we will analyze how to add your place and create a geolocation on Instagram, as well as put a geotag in a post or story.

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Why do you need to mark geolocation on Instagram

When you click on the geolocation, you can see the point on the map, up to the address. On many devices, the default location opens in Google Maps, but it can be viewed in any other map service. You can also build a route to the desired location.

Geolocations on Instagram are also used to promote businesses. In posts, you can mark nearby popular geotags of the city or launch mass following, masliking or masslooking on them. Using special services, you can collect the target audience for geo on Instagram.

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In addition, for each geolocation there are TOP posts and the latest posted Stories are shown. Therefore, the use of popular geotags allows you to get additional coverage for your publications.

TOP posts and stories by geolocation

How to geolocate Instagram

Some users are faced with the fact that they cannot add geolocation. To fix this, you need to go to the settings and turn on geolocation detection on your device. In iPhone, go to “Settings – Privacy – Geolocation Services”. From the list, select the programs you need – Facebook and Instagram, and activate them.

Then, as usual, you select a photo, add text and indicate the location. If you see that your geolocation has already been created, you can safely use it. Often after entering the first letters, the name of the place appears, which you can choose. Similarly, you can mark geolocation under the video. However, you cannot change the geolocation for an already made publication.

How to geolocate Instagram

In Stories, you just add a photo, swipe up and add Geodata.

Marking geolocation in stories

But if your company is just opening and is not yet on the list of possible geolocations? Then it can be created and added to the Instagram base for further use. At the same time, both you and other users can use the created place.

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How to create your own geolocation and add a place to Instagram

It’s actually quite simple to add your geolocation, but the creation process itself does not take place on Instagram. This platform is owned by Facebook, so you first need to add space to your Facebook business page. After that, geolocation will be available for selection on Instagram and will be named the same as your Facebook page.

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To create your point on the map, you need to go to Facebook and create a business page there, or log in if you already had a page. Further:

Step 1… Go to the company page and select section “Information”.

How to create geolocation on Instagram

Step 2… In the window that opens, click “Edit”.

How to geolocate on Instagram

Step 3… Enter the address:

  • exact address: street and houses (or microdistrict, metro station, block);
  • locality (city, village, village)
  • index.

How to add a place to Instagram

Actually, that’s all, now you can add geolocation in two social networks. And also attach place in posts. You can find geolocation by entering the page name in the geolocation search.

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Because of what Instagram does not determine the location

If you are unable to determine your geo location, it is worth checking your phone and geo sensor settings. In this case, you should restart your phone or check your internet connection. And try the geolocation option again.

Enabling location detection: Android

You need to go to the phone settings. Find “Personal Information” and open “Location”. You must enable this function by moving the slider. Now you have a list of applications that collect data about your location. You need to allow access to two applications – Facebook and Instagram.

Enabling location detection: Android

Turn on geolocation detection on iPhone

You need to go to “Settings”, select “Privacy”. Go to the “Geolocation Service” and allow access to two applications – Facebook and Instagram.

Turn on the definition of geolocation on the iPhone

As you can see, anyone can create a geolocation and then use it. The function is useful for both companies and ordinary users.

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