How to customize buttons on your Instagram profile. Adding communication methods, making an action button

The buttons in the profile header on Instagram will make the client’s path to the office or salon even shorter, he just can immediately call or send an email. That, in general, will make the promotion more effective.

After reading this article to the end, you can independently add and configure the communication buttons on your Instagram in 5-10 minutes. We will also explain what an Action Button is and how to make it.

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What buttons are there on Instagram

To use all the possible buttons on Instagram, you need to go to a business account or connect an author account. After that, your profile will have access to advanced functionality, including buttons.

But to avoid confusion, let’s first look at what buttons can be on a profile page.

Buttons that the authorized account owner sees:

  • Edit profile;
  • Promotions;
  • Statistics;
  • And those that other users see (action button, contacts).

Buttons that users see when they visit their account:

  • Subscribe or Subscribe;
  • Write – allows you to write directly to Direct;
  • Contacts – when you click on it, a panel appears with buttons “How to call”, “Email” or “Write SMS”;
  • Down arrow button – Shows recommended accounts.
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Let’s figure out how to properly configure the buttons that are visible to the visitor of your page.

How to add buttons to Instagram

Buttons “How to call”, “Write SMS”, “How to get”

After switching to a business profile, you can add or change communication methods in the settings. We press “Edit profile” and go to “Communication methods”.

Here we indicate the data whose buttons you want to add to your profile.

  • Company email address – if you specify in the profile, a button appears “El. address” and your e-mail will be shown, to which users can write.
  • Company phone number – if you specify in the profile, the button will be displayed “How to call” or “Write SMS”, depending on your choice.
  • Company address – if you specify in the profile, a button will appear “How to get there” or the specified address will be displayed at the end of the profile description.

note: If you specify your mail and phone number, the “Contacts” button will be displayed in the profile, when you click on it, a panel with the “How to call” and “Email” buttons opens. address”.

Action button and large Subscribe button

Under the main communication methods, below there is an additional option “Action Button”. If you configure it, then you will have the opportunity to connect an online appointment and booking, another button will appear in your profile, and the “Subscribe” button will become large.

Now you can use the services of only some services that allow you to connect an action button. And to configure it, you must have an account in his system. The problem is that most of the services do not work in the CIS and Russia, and there are only a few options: SimplyBook, Setmore and Acuity Scheduling.

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Accordingly, to use the Action Button:

  1. Go to one of these sites, register and create your company page.
  2. Copy the link to the created page.
  3. In the settings of communication methods, click “Add action button”.
  4. Specify the required resource and select an action button.

The following buttons are currently available: Sign up, Book, Buy a ticket… It is possible that only buttons in English will be available to you – Instagram is such Instagram.

Button statistics

Depending on the selected buttons, statistics on them will be available. To view it, go to the Instagram account statistics section from the main profile page or from the main menu with settings. Open the “Actions” tab and scroll to the “Interactions” section – there you will see all statistics for the buttons.

Instagram button statistics


Well, now we figured out how to set up and add the necessary buttons to your Instagram page. If the article was helpful, share it with your friends on social networks!

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