How to create your Instagram profile nicely and correctly: step-by-step instructions


Instagram profile helps users to evaluate you by all criteria: the design of posts, the appearance of the hero in the photo or the quality of illustrations, the meaningfulness of texts, the ease of finding the necessary information. Whether you are a blogger, a business or a simple user is not so important.

Did not help your audience understand everything at a glance, they will leave you.

I will tell you how to make a profile quickly, qualitatively and get a pleasing to the eye result. The material will be useful for both beginners and seasoned instagrammers who can test themselves and their profile.

Warning: it is desirable to do at least branding before going on social media. Figure out who you are, how you will present yourself, what kind of design and logo your brand will have in general. Without this minimum, the design will take too much time and may be less effective.

Once again, the most important thing: Why quality Instagram profile design is so important

  • We won’t just say “beautiful design” or “unusual,” but exactly quality, because it doesn’t end with creating cute templates for posts. Only a comprehensive solution will work for you and make it so:
  • For business customers to find what they need. For example, the store should provide all the information about itself, the catalog, prices (preferably), offers, a link to the site or good deals, as well as useful information for the user.
  • In the online course “How to promote your services in Instagram” tell how to make a price for the store in Instagram and not only.
  • Here is a good example of how to make a cosmetics store account. On the first screen the user will find everything at once: categories of goods, discounts, contacts and the site. That is, his way to the benefits and the goods will be as short as possible
  • So that the blogger’s audience perceived his information easier and faster. Who are you, what are you, where do you live, what do you do and what do you stand for? Who needs your information, what are you famous or useful for? Tell users everything without using questionable epithets or links.

So that even the average user has a good way to systematize their memories. How are you any worse than a cool blogger? Turn your page into a personal scrapbook or diary with a good chronological sorting of your memories.

Ваша страница может выглядеть так

Начать создание крутой страницы нужно с танца с бубном перед поисковиком Instagram – подбора имени.

Rules for optimizing your Instagram page: making sure they find you

On Instagram, hashtags and the name of the page guarantee you 40% success in promotion. The rest depends on the profile description, the effectiveness of the content and advertising.

Choosing your profile name

Remember, you can use no more than 30 characters in your nickname.

Nickname should be simple, memorable, without strange and complicated combinations. Of course, if you have a page for yourself and do not want to monetize it in the future, you can choose something in the style of @pupsik569zhenya.

If you are creating a page for a store or any business, use your brand or occupation in the name.

у этих ребят другая тематика
But these guys have a different theme =) Nickname and site name are identical, and their tags are not confused with others (they are duplicated in the photo posts)

Similar rules apply for local businesses, but it is better to use an additional geomarker to attract the target audience more effectively. For example, not just @flowershop, but @flowershop_omsk. In this way the user will already know from the nickname who you are, where you are from and what you can offer.

It is easier for bloggers to choose a nickname, but something fun, unusual or memorable rarely shoots up. Usually bloggers conduct such experiments after they’ve gained a large number of subscribers. Any way to get attention is welcome.

If you already have a million subscribers (like Katya Kishchuk – former member of the band Serebro), then you can not think about the design and the nickname. I can not remember how many letters k there =(.

Do not be afraid to dream, to remember childhood or student nicknames, nicknames already deleted social networks. You can ask your friends for help =) If you want to use initials, use underscores or periods, but don’t get carried away. Everything is good in moderation.

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Change your name and edit your profile description by clicking “Edit Profile”. All brilliant is simple

Think of a tagging system based on name or accomplishments

If you already have an account idea and a good nickname, you should create a basic tagging system sooner, not later. With this approach, you won’t need to sort through a bunch of content or come up with new tags for old posts that you’ve published in the last few years and then decided to optimize for search (assuming you’re styling an old profile). For businesses, this is especially relevant: your loyal customers will follow the headings they want and find out about your products or services faster than anyone else.

You can come up with your own tag that people can use to find you and keep track of new publications after subscribing: a unique tag or any tag with a link to the type of activity, geographic location (suitable for capturing a narrow audience), name, and so on.

теги закреплены в вечных сторис
Let’s go back to the cosmetics store shown above. Therefore, the tag, which consists of the initials of the store and the exact category of the product, you can find posts with cosmetics, prices and useful information about them in the account. By the way, all the tags are fixed in perpetual storis called “Navigation”. A new user won’t get lost for sure

тег от магазина «Королевство шаурмы»

After creating the tags, check to see if they look like someone else’s. Remember, you should not be confused with anyone else.

In addition to your tags, don’t forget to use others: tags that are popular in your subject (e.g., #cynology, #dog training), situational tags (#day of the dog, #day of the dog), or tags that you use when participating in challanges (#pillowchallenge). After all, if a post is published without tags at all, only your subscribers will see it. Using a tag in the post ensures that it appears in the tagging feed that you can subscribe to (just like a regular account), which means a large number of new people will see the post. The right selection and combination of tags ensures that your posts will appear in various feeds (i.e., show more users and likely subscribers).

You can find hashtags that are popular in your country for a specific topic by analyzing competitors’ posts or using the TagsFinder service. And saving even more time, you can use SMMplanner’s Hashtag Autocollaboration. You can pick up thematic hashtags in a couple of seconds, right when you are planning a post.

But don’t get carried away. Do not put a huge number of tags, tags for mutual likes and subscriptions (Instagram does not like them), do not forget about spaces. Quantity doesn’t always translate into quality. Overdoing it, you can only make the account worse and not achieve the desired effect.

How to write an effective profile description

You can use 150 characters, including spaces, in the header of the profile to describe the account.

The basic rules of composing an interesting bio for everyone look like this:

  • Answer the question, “Who are you and/or what do you have to offer?”
  • Spell out a cool offer. For example, “in April I’ll pick up an apartment in two hours” or “in March gift delivery the day of the order.”
  • Specify how to contact you: a phone number, a nickname on another social network, or a separate Instagram account (a link to his or her nickname will be clickable).
  • Specify where the user needs to go or what to see: Tag a seasonal promotion, discount, or any other information you need to pay attention to.
  • Include a link to the website or a landing page created with the help of a multiclink service (e.g., Taplink) in the appropriate field. The link should be short and clear. If it is not (a link to a section or an old blog on the hundredth page), then use a link reduction service.


Anything you couldn’t fit into a bio, but really want to tell users, you can put in perpetual storis or in a site link block with a multilink service. Many of them allow you to make full-fledged landing pages, give you statistics on conversions. This is very convenient because you can track all sources of traffic and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Examples of descriptions for a blogger

What should be in the description: who you are, why read you, what to read, where to look (hashtags, link to the site). If you monetize your hobby, you will eventually have to think about the commercial component. The speech therapist page above meets these requirements, but it is already set up for monetization, but the example below is different.

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Профиль оформлен очень лаконично, как и описание
At least someone should remember the band Cinema Bizarre from back in 2007 and its vocalist, who looks like an anime hero =) Now he rarely gives concerts and enjoys life without chasing followers, likes and popularity. The profile is very laconic, as is the description

If you are a mere mortal, there are no restrictions for you. Write everything you need or don’t write anything at all. The main thing is to follow the application’s usage policy and don’t post any calls to violence or erotic content. To make sure you don’t make a mess, check out our “16 Prohibited Things to Do on Instagram.

Which multicast service should I choose?

It all depends on your budget and future plans. Now there are many services on the market with different amounts of analytics and functions. I propose to consider two.

  • There is a free version.
  • Easy to set up, easy to use from mobile.
  • The free version supports a link to a messenger, 10 products (each will have a card with a link to the site or payment, photo, description of 1,000 characters), a short link, a widget on the site and your QR-code.
  • The paid version lets you customize the layout (you can upload your own background), removes product limits, allows you to create product categories, displays click-through analytics, integrates with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Yandex.Metrika.
  • This is what a link to one messenger (you can add any) and a single product card will look like. Studying such a page is more convenient from a cell phone.

Convenient if you need to quickly indicate an additional contact and sell a couple of products.


  • There’s a free version.
  • Easy to set up, easy to use with a PC.
  • The free version gives you access to unlimited links, text blocks, survey forms, all ready-made design themes, and page view statistics.
  • The paid version, depending on the tariff, gives access to advanced statistics, page customization (you can create a landing page yourself), an online store in Instagram, integration with Facebook Pixel, a CRM system or online cash registers.
  • Here’s a full list of the blocks labeled rates. Free is good enough for a small store with a small budget

Service is more suitable for businesses with serious plans for expansion.

Choose a service that will be easy to use for you personally and will be able to respond to your needs when scaling.

If you are just planning to create a business in this social network, then study the material “How to open an online store in Instagram: a guide for beginners. It will save you a lot of nerves and time.

What to post in the topical and how to design it?

In Stories Highlights you can post Stories that won’t disappear. Users will be able to view them at any time.

When creating and adding pictures to Stories, use 9:16 aspect ratio images. A 1080 x 1920 will work fine. That said, if you choose a file smaller than 600 x 1067, the quality of the picture will be so-so.

  • What to post in eternal posts
  • Price.
  • Examples of work.
  • Reviews.
  • The instruction “How to get there.
  • The catalog of services with the detailed description.
  • Action offers.
  • Answers to users’ questions.
  • Contest results.
  • Detailed information about you, your business/blog and values.
  • What you need to pay attention to the user right now.
  • Content by category. And unique content to promote, such as your own Instagram gifs.


The title of a highlighter on Instagram is limited to 16 characters. You can use rubric tags instead of words. But remember that they must be clear to the user. Some people give up captions and replace them with emoticons, and place the entire text on icons. This can only be done with short rubric names.

How to make a timeless Instagram story

Open a new or archived story. Click “Highlight,” and then “Add.” Enter the name of the group and the storis is ready. To edit the title or change the icon, go to settings when viewing. I’ll show you the process using my home profile as an example.

How to design avatars and story covers

I won’t be original. For business, freelance and blogger, it’s desirable to have a unified style. The profile picture should be clearly visible. If it has a logo, you need to center it and make it readable.

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магазин лаков для ногтей выбрал в качестве лого свое название
For example, a nail polish store chose its name as its logo. It’s perfect for users to remember. Not to design the actual in a single style – a chip of the account, so nail polish collectors will not confuse different collections

You can write a tag or a rubric name on the covers, the main thing is not to do it in too small font and in too bright a color scheme. What you like won’t always (or rather never) be 100% liked by users. Everyone has a different felt-tip and points for transforming this world. Remember this.

бренд одежды на всех сторис разместил свой логотип
This clothing brand didn’t get wise and put its logo on all the storis. But this is part of the strategy. Only the block with the new collection is different and attracts the user’s attention

Подойдут и уже готовые иллюстрации

How to design posts in 2020

Besides the tried-and-true design schemes with alternating posts (checkerboard, stripes, one picture from several posts, 3×3 and so on), pay attention to more interesting solutions or even take a course “Social Media Design with Crello”.

Create your own illustrations. You can do it in a naive style.

If you’re a designer or illustrator, this isn’t a problem for you. Businesses will have to look for a good artist, but it’s worth it. In addition, this approach helps to make the information as accessible as possible. After all, a new user won’t waste time navigating through your tags.

Don’t be shy about Photoshop.

Especially if it turns out well. Everyone has seen everything on Instagram. So feel free to get creative to the max and do something out of the ordinary, even if it’s for advertising, flowers, dumplings or directing skills.

Such new reality in a photo or video is one of the trends in SMM.

фото, созданные в графическом редакторе
@shudu.gram –is a digital model. That is, it’s just a photo created in a graphic editor. But this does not prevent the account from fulfilling advertising contracts

This example is too grotesque, but it demonstrates well the trends that users like. That the image in the photo may simply be a figment of your imagination. If it’s tastefully done, users will forgive you for such a flight of fancy.

Пример из рекламы косметики
An example from a cosmetics commercial. You’ll never know what’s real in the photo and what isn’t =) But its information content is off the charts and interesting to study. Most of the questions are about a poor piglet and for some reason the grass outside the window.

Remember, the “well such” style is also style. The important thing is the benefit.

If you have a small budget, designer’s services are not available or you are not friendly with graphic editors, use the built-in photo editor on your smartphone. Anyone can draw a rectangle on any picture and add text there. But this approach will work if you provide unique services for N kilometers around, or if you do not recognize the licked photos of people from social networks.

SMMplanner provides many tools for working with Instagram. You can create the simplest templates for posts, posts and banners with Canva. If you want to create and publish beautiful stories with pretty graphics without a hole in your budget, then use the service’s integration with SMMplanner. You can schedule a story, create a short clip right when you’re scheduling a post and share it with your users at a specified time. We wrote more about this in the update digest.

You can learn more about the trends in our material “10 graphic design trends in Instagram”, there you will find simple and clear examples.

Designing the text of Instagram posts

Many copies are broken on this topic. There is simply no perfect recipe. Basic principles:

  • Write intelligently.
  • Stay on topic and don’t go off the deep end.
  • Create interesting content and don’t lie to your audience. If you have trouble generating ideas, read about Instagram promotion for introverts.
  • No spaces, no punctuation marks, a combination of three exclamation points in a row. Respect your readers.
  • Don’t use links in the text of the post, they remain unclickable anyway and users can’t highlight them for copying into the address bar.
  • Use emoticons but, don’t go completely over them =) They help structure text and convey the right emotion, but only if used appropriately.
  • Do not write the title in capes. Never. Big letters do not increase the probability of reading the post. It gives an impression that the reader is yelled at or thinks he is an idiot who will buy such a cheap move. The headline can be made more interesting with a question, an intrigue, a discount that motivates you to open the post.


You can quickly arrange the text in Instagram with the help of autoposting in SMMplanner, and at the same time edit the picture, set the right time, publication and so on. You can deal with old posts with the help of the bot @text4instabot in Telegram. With these tools, the cherished indentation, italics, and publication preview will no longer be a problem.

Don’t force hashtags on the reader. Use them only to mention specific things or at the very end of a post. If there are too many tags or they are too long, the text looks like a hysterical woman confessing in a cheap movie. About the usefulness or commercial efficiency in this case, we can not talk about.
Not everyone cares about the literacy and design of posts, but the novice blogger has no such opportunity


Where to look for ideas?

Research competitors and cool profiles online, but don’t copy them. Take note of useful details, techniques and apply them only with adaptation to your niche and client readers.

We have analytics on our blog that will help you find the light at the end of the tunnel:

Don’t be afraid to experiment, try new things and surprise, and use Instagram’s delayed post service.

Good luck!


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