How to describe a YouTube video: beautiful, cool and meaningful

The YouTube video description is the text that appears directly below the video. You, probably, have repeatedly come across such information when watching this or that video, but did not read it deeply. Well, now that you’ve created your channel, it’s time to learn the basics of promotion.

Descriptions under the video are used by everyone – from millionaire video bloggers to beginners. The thing is that the description of a video on YouTube is not a banal set of words, but a thoughtful text that is needed so that people find the videos they need. If, say, a user is looking for a review on a smartphone, then, most likely, the first videos on the search results page of a video hosting site will be videos with a detailed text description. In other words, a YouTube video description is just as important as a good title.

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Writing a video description isn’t hard at all. Today we will explain how this is done. Sit back and get ready to take notes.

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Where is the YouTube video description

Before composing your own description, it would not hurt to get acquainted with strangers. To see examples of descriptions, just select any more or less popular video and expand the text below it. You don’t need to look for anything specifically: we decided to make your work easier and give a couple of examples ourselves.

Example # 1:

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Example # 2:

Example video description

Consider these sample text descriptions. The first video was posted on the channel dedicated to one of the most popular programs in Russia. The second is on the channel of the popular video blog. Therefore, it is logical to assume that the descriptions under them were not compiled by random people, but were made according to all the rules of promotion on YouTube. Look at the screenshots, try to understand for yourself what is done well in these examples and what is bad. Pay attention to the details. Next, we will analyze in detail each element of the description for the video on YouTube and learn how to correctly compose it.

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What to write in the description of a video on YouTube

Consider the description under the video of the video blogger TheKateClapp, which has more than 6 million subscribers. What do we see on the attached screen?

How to write a cool description of a video on a YouTube channel?

1. Summary.

It’s not always clear from the title of the video what it will be about. Therefore, start the text description with a short preview of the video. Tell the viewer what they will be watching. It is not necessary to describe each episode in detail – 2-5 sentences are enough.

In the example above, the blogger has competently prepared the announcement. She announced that she would be in the video, without going into unnecessary details. Thanks to this, the video can be of interest not only to fans, but also to casual viewers. What if someone is going to go to Paris and wants to hear the opinion of a tourist? Well, those who are not impressed by the description will simply close the page and will not waste time looking.

2. Key words.

The more keywords you add to your description, the higher the chance that you will be found frequently in searches. To find popular queries, use Yandex.Wordstat or Google AdWords Keyword Planner. The resulting keywords can be added to tags or made into a separate list, or they can be beautifully woven into a summary. It will look graceful and unobtrusive.

Pay attention to the text of the screenshot. It already has a number of words by which the video can be found. These are “vlog”, “lipstick”, “photographer Kylie Jenner”, “museums”, “travel”, “Paris”, “Toronto”. Imagine how many people are typing these queries into searches every day.

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3. Sponsored Links.

When you promote your channel, you will be ordered advertising and you will need to add links to the promoted product in the description under the video. With this, the viewer will immediately be able to go to the right place, get acquainted with the range and make a purchase.

In the screenshot, we see links to two sites. At the first, the blogger offers his own merch. The second leads to a website where you can order cosmetics. Please note that the name of the company is in front of the address. If Kate Clapp had simply written “My cosmetic bag,” the effect would have been completely different.

4. Links to own resources.

Do not forget to promote yourself and your loved one. Add links to your Instagram account, VKontakte group, Telegram channel, WhatsApp for communication with customers, and so on.

Add links to the description under each video, regardless of its content. Don’t be afraid that they will distract viewers from the content of the video. The neat list, as in the screenshot, is absolutely unobtrusive.

5. Hashtags.

There is no hashtag list in the attached screenshot, but it is sometimes added at the very bottom of the description. This is to make it even easier for people to find videos.

We recommend adding no more than 5-10 hashtags to the description, from the most popular keywords. Also, you can make some words in the description text with hashtags.

At the output, we get the following description template:

  • Summary;
  • Keywords;
  • Sponsored links;
  • Your projects;
  • Hashtags.
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How to add or change a description for a video

So, you’ve uploaded the video to YouTube and made a description – now you need to add it under the desired video. It is better to do this when publishing a video on a video hosting site, but you can change the description of an already uploaded video. To do this, we follow the algorithm:

Step 1. We go to your channel, click on the avatar with the left mouse button and select the item “Creative Studio”.

Step 2. In the menu that opens, on the left side, click on “Video Manager”.

How to add a description to a video

Step 3. Find the video to which you want to add a description, stop at the “Edit” function.

Step 4. Editing, saving.

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As you can see, it is not difficult to describe a YouTube video. You don’t have to be a genius marketer, copywriter, or cool blogger. It is enough to know what your video will be about and try to convey its meaning to viewers as if you were telling your friends about it.

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