How to determine the winner in a contest on Instagram: sites and services to help

Social media contests are a working tool for increasing subscriber activity. With their help, you kill five birds with one stone: increase subscriber engagement, increase reach, attract new customers, promote the brand and increase loyalty to it, and get content for content. But to get the maximum profit from the competition, you need to properly organize and conduct it.

Examples of contest posts on Instagram.

Let’s say you have correctly identified the goals and objectives of the competition, picked up a worthy prize, clearly explained the rules of the competition and sent traffic to the post. The number of reposts and likes is growing, hour X is approaching, it’s time to choose a winner. The best way is to summarize it live. But if this is not possible, use special services for this. Otherwise, subscribers will think that you deceived them, and gave the prize to someone of your friends.

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Services for determining the winners are suitable for all types of competitions. You should use them if you are giving away a prize for a like, repost, comment, or running a creative competition – for example, make a post with a beautiful photo, mark it with a hashtag and receive a gift.

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The best services for determining winners in contests on Instagram

Most often, random number generator services are used to determine the winners of the contest on Instagram. Here are the most popular ones.


It is a free online service for determining winners in comment contests and giveaways. Allows you to check if the conditions of the competition are met: like, subscription, comment. During the drawing, you can specify to take into account all comments or only one. For the draw, go to the page: You will need to select the type of contest and insert a link to the contest post.

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free online service to determine the winners

Also on the service website there is a free randomizer for those cases when you assign a number to each participant and determine the winner by the number.

Finally, the service will generate a unique page showing the results of the competition and the winner. This will make the whole process of the drawing more transparent. Is one of the most popular and convenient services for determining winners on Instagram. With it, you can conduct contests for reposts and photos, comments and “round” contests.

* A round-robin competition is a drawing organized by the owners of several Instagram accounts. They post on their pages the same photo, under which they describe in detail the conditions of participation and provide links to other co-organizers. Participants in such a competition only need to subscribe to each co-organizer and wait for the summing up.

The service is paid – for holding one competition you will have to pay 599 rubles. If you are afraid that you will not be able to organize the drawing on your own, use the services of the service administration. For a certain amount – from 4,000 to 15,000 rubles – they will help you develop the idea and terms of the competition, create a picture and post text, and advertise content on Instagram. The amount includes technical support during the drawing and determination of the winners.

The best services for determining winners in contests on Instagram

To run a contest at, log in to the service using the account in which you plan to conduct the drawing. After that, replenish the balance of your personal account, select the type of competition, write down the conditions and publish it. By the end date of the competition, the service will automatically determine the winners.


Randomus Is a simple free random number generation service. It can be used to determine the winners of contests on Instagram, VKontakte and other social networks. Suitable for drawing prizes for likes, reposts and comments.

Random number generator for Instagram

To conduct a competition, log in to the service by email. Create a giveaway page, add a title and description, announce the contest on your Instagram page. Don’t forget to link to the summary page. On the day of the end of the competition, specify the range and number of generated numbers on the “Summing up” tab. The service will count the number of likes or comments, and then indicate a random number or several numbers. Based on them, you will determine the winners. To do this, before summing up the results of the competition, unload the table with information about likes or comments to the post, and then select the people under the dropped numbers in the list. This can be easily done using special services. It is advisable to record the process on video so that subscribers do not doubt your honesty.

Results in the service Randomus2 are summed up once, you cannot change the results after that.

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Determination of winners on Instagram by comments

To sum up the results of the Instagram comment contest, you can use the service. But there are other convenient platforms on which to determine the winners of the comment contest. Among them are LIZAONAIR and Getviral. They automatically select one or more contributors from the list of post commentators. You just need to copy the link to the post and set the conditions of participation in the settings – the date of the competition, the number of winners.


LIZAONAIR Is a shareware service for determining the winners. With its help, you can arrange contests on Instagram pages, in VKontakte communities, on Youtube.

Determination of winners on Instagram by comments

To determine the winner of the Instagram contest, copy the post link into the form window. If you provide the correct link, the service will replace the background image with a picture from your post and show important information – the number of comments, views, likes. Click on the button “I’m lucky” and wait a little. The service will analyze the actions of your subscribers by the contest post and show the nickname and avatar of the winner / s in a pop-up window.

To use the service for free, mention the service in your post – @Lizaonair. If you don’t want to litter your profile with mentions, buy Premium – 200 rubles for summing up the results of one competition.

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Getviral Is a shareware service for contests. With its help, you can give away prizes among subscribers on Instagram, VKontakte, on Youtube. In addition, the service helps to summarize the results of the competition on the site.

Choosing a winner on Instagram

Just log in to the service using email or one of your social media accounts and create a contest. Select the type of site where you will draw the prizes – Instagram – and fill out the short form.

Save your changes.

When the end date of the competition comes, the service will automatically determine the winner / s and generate a page with the results of the competition. Share the link to this page to tell your subscribers who won the prize.

To use all the features of the Getviral service, top up your personal account. The cost of one day of the competition is fixed – 60 rubles. If the competition lasts 10 days, then you will have to top up your account with 600 rubles.

It is more convenient to hold contests using special services. You will save yourself the hassle of counting comments and likes, assigning a unique number to each participant, and randomly choosing winners. Remember that the more expensive the prize, the more distrustful its participants are in summing up the results. If you are raffling off a smartphone, home appliance, or a large-scale certificate, it is best to determine the winners live.

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