How to download Chinese Tik Tok for free for iPhone and Android

Chinese Tik Tok is an application used in many countries. Has the software platform of the Chinese “Tik Tok”. But it differs in the available functions and the catalog of media files. The social network functions like Instagram: you can shoot funny videos online and upload them to your account. How to install the Chinese version with maximum options on a gadget in this article.

What is the name of the Chinese Tik Tok?

In China, the social network is called Douyin. This country has the largest number of users due to its high population. To meet their needs, the chinese version has more advanced features. The Chinese love to focus on songs and dances, as well as to take pictures of gags. Beginning bloggers have a lot to learn from them.

Why is the Chinese version of Tik Tok popular

Downloading the Chinese Tik Tok is worth it, thanks to the main differences from the Russian version:

  • better face recognition,
  • a larger assortment of music;
  • integration with the WeChat messenger, which guarantees installation on any gadget;

Russian users can install the Russian version by default. But having mastered the basic capabilities of the adapted version, professional bloggers, in order to realize their creative potential, move to other editions. And for this, a Chinese version of the social network is installed.

How to download the Chinese Tik Tok app for iPhone

Just downloading the application to the iPhone will not work. Enter the software store using a different region. If you download through Ep Store, you will get the standard Russian version.

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To download the user needs:

After downloading, install and use as usual.

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How to download an application on Android

To download an application to a gadget that runs on Android, you need a PC and TikTok.apk. Download in the following sequence:

  • open a browser, enter the name in the search bar;
  • download the file, unzip the zipped APK file;
  • transfer from PC to smartphone;
  • prepare a place on your smartphone in advance;
  • install on mobile using a file manager.

Many sites offer to install the Chinese version for free, providing the file as a link. After these steps, Tik Tok China is ready to go. You only need to register by providing the requested information through your WeChat account. For further use, it is enough to indicate the standard information at the entrance – login and password.

For the program to work well, it is important to keep track of updates and use the latest version.

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