How to download / install Korean Tik Tok on Android and iPhone

Korean Tik Tok in 2021 is an improved version of the music social network app. Funny videos, gags, karaoke and other good entertainment are available for free. New opportunities and dynamism are open to users of the Korean version. How this program differs from the Russian version and how to install it on a gadget in this article.

What is the name of the Korean Tik Tok?

Tik-Tok Korea is available for owners of gadgets running Android or iOS. The program can even be installed on a PC with Windows, Linux or MakOS installed. But for this you must first download the emulator of the Android mobile OS.

And those who are not Korean will have to perform additional functions, which are detailed below. It is noteworthy that the social network appeared in China. The program had such a violent reaction that the developers soon offered users a Korean version.

Why is the Korean version popular?

Downloading Korean Tik Tok is necessary because the app for Koreans has the following selection of benefits:

  • high-quality integration with WeChat;
  • a wide range of emotions and effects;
  • optimal recognition of facial emotions;
  • adding various filters;
  • overlay color effects;
  • selection of a specific camera on a smartphone;
  • setting shooting intervals for individual frames;

These qualities make video much easier to shoot.

How to download Korean Tik Tok on Android

To install Tik Tok on gadgets that run on Android, the user needs:

  • find the file to install in APK format online;
  • download to PC;
  • make the connection of the phone and PC with a USB cable;
  • open any file manager, find and download the application;
  • after the download is complete, open the app and log in via WeChat.
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Upload to iPhone

  1. songs from korean tiktok

Please change your location to Korea before downloading the iPhone app. Otherwise, you won’t be able to download the application.

  1. Open “Settings”.how to download korean tik tok to iphone step 1
  2. Tap on the “iTunes and App Store” to download korean tik tok to iphone step 2
  3. Enter the name in the Apple ID line at the top of the screen;how to download korean tik tok to iphone step 3
  4. Wait until the menu is displayed.
  5. Select the line “View ID”;how to download korean tik tok to iphone step 4
  6. Enter the code or use your fingerprint.
  7. Open “Country or Region”, select to download korean tik tok to iphone step 5how to download korean tik tok to iphone step 6
  8. Open the App Store;
  9. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen;how to download korean tik tok to iphone step 7
  10. Enter the name of the application in the search bar, but only in English;
  11. Upon receipt of the results, click on the icon;
  12. Register using Wee Chat accounts;

Upon completion, click “Finish”. Use Tik Tok as usual. It is also important to check beforehand to see the size (mb) of the file so that there is enough space on the device. For video to work correctly, always use the updated version.

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