How to download or save a live stream from Instagram to your computer and phone


Live broadcasting is live communication with your subscribers. Live broadcasts give you the opportunity to talk to your audience, answer questions, deliver new information, present your product, and discuss important topics in real time. For a blogger, this is a good way to gain the trust of subscribers and increase engagement.

We have already written about how to conduct live broadcasts, and today we will tell you how to download a live broadcast from Instagram to your phone or computer.

Why save a live broadcast

Live broadcasts are saved so that later they can be viewed or uploaded to other resources, such as YouTube. The recording can contain important information you don’t want to lose, such as a webinar or online lesson. They also save broadcasts to carefully read the comments of their followers, which can contain questions, interesting suggestions and ideas for the next videos.

During live broadcasts, they often hold pranks, lead webinars and online lessons, give presentations, advertise products and services, or just goof around and talk about everything.

How to keep your Instagram live

In Stories

Your live stream can be downloaded to your phone memory on Instagram itself if you transfer it to a storis right after you finish recording. But such a video is saved without comments or likes.

Let’s click on the icon of the story.

Go to the storis settings (the gear in the upper left corner).

Настройки Истории

Here you need to set up automatic saving of storis (we save the live stream to the storis when we’re done, see below for how).

Then go back to the storis format selection and select “Live” at the bottom. Press and record.

When you’re done recording, click “End” and confirm completion. Send the recording to a stopis. After a while, it should be saved in the gallery.

The “Save” button used to be present at this step but has been removed.


After completing the live stream, click “Share in IGTV.”

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Как сохранить прямой эфир из Инстаграм в IGTV

Next, choose a cover for the saved video, write the video title, description, hashtags, and choose to publish the preview in the main Instagram feed or not.

Application for recording live broadcasts

To save a live broadcast with commentary, we advise you to use a screen recording app, such as XRecorder. Some phones already have a recording function, such as iPhones starting with iOS 11. Owners of Android phones need apps.

At the top, the amount of free space on the device and how long you can record is displayed. At the bottom, there is a recording button, click on it.

We confirm the recording. After the report 3,2,1 the recording starts, to stop it, press stop.

Video is saved in the app itself and in the gallery in a separate folder.

You can edit the clip – trim it, add music and text. The application is free, so there are ads.

Analogues of this application: AZ Screen Recorder, Mobizen. In the same way you can record someone else’s live broadcast, if you are a subscriber of the author and had time to broadcast.

How to save a live stream from another person’s Instagram

Using the @SaveZBot Telegram bot

The bot can be run from your phone or in the desktop version of the messenger. It can download saved live streams, storis, posts, highlights, and IGTV. You can also record someone else’s live stream at the time of the broadcast.

Open the bot, see the welcome window, and click “Run.

To start it, select the language and write the login page in the format @login. Send message.

The bot offers you options – what you can download. We press “Live broadcast”.

Here there is a function of the record, but it not always works correctly, so it is advised to download the live broadcasts already saved by the author. If there are, another button, “History of broadcasts”, will appear under the “Download saved broadcast” button. And next to it, the number of saved live broadcasts. Click it.

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Here we see the date of broadcasts, their volume and duration.

Доступные для скачивания эфиры

Select it and the video appears. You can download it, trim it, or save it as a GIF without sound (the “Audio” button). Given that a live broadcast can last half an hour or more, downloading it as a gif doesn’t make sense, so use the arrow above to save it as a video.

To avoid counting down 24 hours and wondering if the video is in the archive, it is better to prepare for the broadcast in advance and simply record it using software or extensions for capturing video from the screen.

Saving the live broadcast to your computer

To save the live broadcast, you can record it from your computer screen with a special program. Camtasia is one of the most convenient and versatile programs. In addition to the recording function here is also an editor of video – you can zoom in comments, trim unnecessary pieces of video, illuminate the mouse cursor.

Launch the program (using Camtasia 9 as an example). Click “New Record”.

Then you can set the screen size and hotkeys to start/stop the recording (tools – options – hotkeys). After all settings press the red rec button.

Как скачать прямую трансляцию из Инстаграм на компьютер

The recording must be made during the live broadcast. Any user’s broadcast is available at:ИМЯ_ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЯ/live. After the recording is complete, the video automatically opens in the editor, where it can be improved.

Screen Recording Extension

Screen Recording is a good alternative to Camtasia if you don’t want to install the program and understand its settings. It’s great if you want to quickly make a screen capture without editing and immediately download the finished video to your computer.

Install the extension. Before you start recording you need to go into its settings and change the format from preset to mkv or mp4. Right click on the extension icon – options. In the settings look for Video Codecs and check MKV or H264 if you want to save video in MP4.

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To start recording just click on the black video icon – here you choose what you want to record. Full screen + System audio captures the whole screen of the computer, Selected Tab – the part between the tabs and the panel at the bottom of the desktop. You can also record your own voice (items labeled Microphone).

Запись трансляции в Инстаграм

Select the recording area – the black icon changes to a red circle over time. To finish the recording, click on the circle.

When the recording is complete, a link to download the file appears immediately.

IG Stories for Instagram browser extension

Allows you to watch live streams and storis and save them to your computer. Live can only be downloaded after the author has saved it to the storis. During the broadcast itself, you can only watch the video.


To open a live stream in IG Stories, first open it in the web version of Instagram, then click the arrow icon – Go to IG Stories.

This takes us to a site where you can see all the live broadcasts in progress.

Прямые эфиры

We remind you again that they can only be viewed. But when the broadcast is transferred to the storis, there will be a Download button in the upper left corner. That is, you can wait until the end of the live broadcast and save it to the storis, and then download it. The author himself must translate the broadcast into a storis, but may not do so, then you can not download it.

Почему не получается скачать прямой эфир из Инстаграм

Other ways to download live streams

Other apps for downloading stories: Story Saver, Repost Stories. You can search for apps and extensions with the words Instagram Save(r)/Download/Stories.

Online services: SaveFrom,, DownloadGram.

Programs for capturing video from PC screen: Movavi, Bandicam.


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