How to download videos and music from Tik-Tok: services, applications and Telegram bots

We have already written about how to download YouTube videos, as well as live streams and photos from Instagram.

Today we will tell you about the ways to save videos from Tik-Tok.

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How to download videos from Tik-Tok: 5 ways

Overview of applications, services and Telegram bots for downloading videos from TT:

1. Tik-Tok.

Yes, Tik-Tok has a video download function. Open the video, click on the arrow “Share” or 3 dots, then on “Save video”.

This could end the article, but this method of uploading videos has several drawbacks:

  • you can download it only to a phone or tablet (if you need video on a computer, you will have to transfer it later);
  • all videos are saved with watermarks (if you need videos without unnecessary icons, this method is not suitable);
  • if the author of the video has limited the ability to download the video, the “Save Video” button will be inactive;
  • experience shows that there are unspoken limits on downloading videos, after which the save button becomes inactive for a while (but this is not certain).

Let’s see what other ways there are to save videos from Tik-Tok:

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2. Telegram bot @saveonbot

The bot can download videos from Tik-Tok and Likee without a watermark. How it works – open the bot and click “Run”.

How to download video from Tik-Tok via Telegram bot

We send a link to the video in the dialog box. The bot is able to recognize not only short links from the Tik-Tok application, but also long ones from its web version. After the link is sent, the bot begins to recognize the video (usually it takes a few seconds) and sends the finished version to the dialogue.

How to download a video from the link

Then we download the video from Telegram in the standard way – through “Save video as”.

Save video without watermark

The bot offers to immediately get likes and comments in its TT profile through another bot. Whether it is worth using this function is up to you.

3. Service

SSSTIKTOK allows you to download an unlimited number of videos from Tik-Tok without a watermark. The video is saved in MP4 format, you can also choose MP3 audio. The service can be used from a computer or through an application (so far only for Android, for devices on iOS the service works through the Documents by Readle application, which is not very convenient).

To download the video, copy the link to TT, open SSSTIKTOK, paste the link into the search box, click “Download”.

Service for downloading videos from Tik-Tok

Pay attention to what the link must be for the service to recognize it.

4. All Video Downloader without Watermark

The application allows you to download videos from different social networks – not only from Tik-Tok, but from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Likes. Application in English.

Application for downloading videos from Tik-Tok

How to download a video:

Step 1… Open the application and select TikTok from the list.

How to save videos from Tik-Tok

Step 2… Paste the link copied from the TT application (to get it, open the video in Tik-Tok, click “Share”, then “Copy link”). If the All Video Downloader application is open in the background, then when you copy the link to Tik-Tok, it will automatically be inserted into the video download application.

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We choose how we will save – with a watermark or without (without watermark).

Link to video in Tik-Tok

An advertisement pops up – it will not disappear by itself, you will need to click on the cross to close it. By the way, there are a lot of ads in the application. But it’s free. After the ad banner has been closed, the application will write that the video has been downloaded and offer to leave a review on the marketplace.

Important: The video is not saved to the phone gallery, but to the downloads folder. The application also has a folder where you can watch all downloaded videos – called “Downloads”, located in the lower left corner of the application.

5. Application “Download from TikTok video”.

This is another application that allows you to download videos from the popular social network.


It works on the same principle as the previous one, but created specifically for Tik-Tok and completely in Russian. Go to the application, insert the link and click “Download”. If the application is open in the background, then when copying the link to TT, it will automatically substitute it in the download line. A video preview opens below.

How to copy a link to a video in Tik-Tok

We choose how to download the video – with or without a watermark, the download will start automatically. The video is saved to the gallery in a separate folder.

How to download videos from Tik-Tok without watermark

The application has a history of saving downloads, where you can watch the video and share it with friends.

What other applications are there for saving video:

  • Video Downloader for TikTok;
  • TikLoader;
  • SnapTik;
  • TikMade;
  • TikDown;
  • Tmate;
  • TikStar;
  • TikSave.
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Alternatively, you can use screen recorders such as Camtasia, XRecorder, AZ Screen Recorder, Mobizen.

How to download music from Tik-Tok

Music from Tik-Tok may be needed in order to shoot your track with effects (during editing it is more convenient when the audio is played on a separate device). They are also looking for tracks simply because they like them.

how to download music from Tik-Tok

To save music, use the service. We go to the site, insert the link to the video with the track and click “Find”.

how to save music from Tik-Tok

After the service has recognized the audio, click “Download Track”. Qload recognizes links from the Tik-Tok app and its web version. Information about the author and the title of the track are displayed.

An alternative for downloading tracks is the Song Downloader – SongTik mobile application.

Application for downloading music from Tik-Tok

Other non-obvious ways to get a track from Tik-Tok:

  • use Shazam app, only suitable for official music, does not recognize original recordings;
  • save video to MP4 or any other video format, and then convert it to MP3;
  • find a track in Telegram groups and VK publics, where music from Tik-Tok is uploaded, for example, in TG group @ MuzikaTikT0k. But in such groups, they post random music from TT, in order to find a specific track, you will need to write a request in the comments.


Despite the fact that Tik-Tok has the ability to save videos, you may need to download the video through a third-party service, for example, if you need a video without a watermark or the author has limited the ability to download. The list of services and applications we have proposed should be sufficient for these purposes. The main thing is to remember about the fair use of other people’s videos and do not violate copyright.

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