How to download videos from Facebook: Top 5 free ways


Facebook doesn’t have a built-in way to download videos to your phone or computer. For this task, you need to use third-party services and applications.

This article lists several programs, services, applications and extensions for downloading videos from Facebook. And we’ll also tell you about a little trick that allows you to save videos without external tools.

How to download videos from Facebook to your computer or phone

There are several ways to download videos from FB:

To computer

1. Ummy Video Downloader

This is a PC program that allows you to download videos from various sites, not just Facebook. The free version works with quality limitations – downloading at 480 px (less often at 720 px). You can buy the paid version for $39.99 a one-time fee or $4.99 a month. In the premium version you can download videos in HD format and audio in MP3 format.

  • To download videos from FB you first need to copy the link to it. Open the video on a separate page and copy the link from the browser bar. Or click 3 dots to the right of the video, a menu opens, choose “Copy link”.

  • Then you open Ummy Video Downloader (you have to install it on your PC). Paste the link into your browser window and click “Search”.

  • Select the quality and click “Download. It’s better to specify the download folder in the settings beforehand, otherwise the video will be uploaded to the default folder.

2. 4K Video Downloader

The similar program to download videos from different sites. Also installed on your PC. The free version allows you to download up to 30 videos per day with a resolution of 480 px.

  • Take a link to a video from FB, open the program and click on “Insert link”.
  • Choose a format, choose where to save it and click “Download”.
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The most famous site for downloading videos from social networks and video hosting. Paste the link in your browser and click “Download. Videos are uploaded, select a format and quality, and click on the other “Download” button.

4. Extensions for browsers

3 good extensions from Chrome store:

  • Video Downloader professional;
  • Video Downloader for Web;
  • Video Downloader For FB.

The first two are the most popular and work on the same principle – after installing it, you need to open a page with a video and click on the icon of the extension in your browser. Then click on the “Download” button.

Video Downloader For FB puts buttons directly on the video. You can download in SD or HD quality.

5. Download via code viewer.

This method allows you to download videos without using third-party programs. Another plus of this method is that you can save videos from closed groups, which not all services can do. The main condition is that you have to be a member of a closed group to be able to open the video via a separate link.

It may sound complicated for newbies, but it’s only the first time.

You have to open the page with the video and write m in the address bar instead of www. Например, This will bring up the mobile version of Facebook with the video.

Right click anywhere on the screen and select “View Code.

In the panel that opens, click on “Network,” and select “Media.”

Turn on the video, after a few seconds you can pause. In the bottom pane, a link to the video will appear in the “Name” column.

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Right click on it, select Copy, then “Copy link address”.

Open a new browser tab and paste the link. The video will open separately on a black background. You need to click on 3 dots in the player and select “Download” in the menu.

On the phone

Applications for Android:

  • Video Downloader for Facebook;
  • Video Downloader for Facebook;
  • Pure All Video Downloader;
  • Facebook Video Downloader; FB;
  • HD Video Downloader for Facebook;
  • FastVid.

For iOS:

  • Tube Downloader;
  • Video Downloader for Facebook;
  • Cydia Prenesi;
  • FileMaster;
    My Media;
  • Video Player for Facebook is not an app for downloading, but for playing videos from FB on iOS devices. A player where you can save videos from interesting pages and then view them without logging into Facebook.

All apps work the same way – copy the link to the video from the Facebook app (via the “Share” button – “Copy URL”), then paste the link into the app to download the video and download.


Another way to get video from Facebook is to record it with a video capture program. But it has a disadvantage: sometimes you have to try several programs and services before you find the best option. For example, Camtasia, the most popular program, greatly reduces hard drive space when recording long videos. Even if a different drive is specified in the file saving settings. It can even stop recording if it suddenly runs out of space. Then even after uninstalling the program it’s hard to find the remnants of temporary files that take up disk space. Wondershare Filmora Scrn (now there is an improved analogue of Wondershare DemoCreator) exports a heavy file at default settings. You have to dig into the program settings to find a balance between quality and weight of the file. But Filmora Scrn and DemoCreator don’t suddenly eat up space like Camtasia and are better overall. There are also extensions for browsers, but most of the quality and without any limits on recording time (for example, for recording longer than 10 minutes) – paid. Of the free and without limits on recording time we can recommend the extension “Screen Recorder”.

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If you want, you can find 2 or 3 times more programs and services for downloading videos. But even this list will be enough. We would like to remind you that you should not violate copyrights when using someone else’s videos obtained through programs and services. You can use them for personal or educational purposes, as well as download your own videos for subsequent re-downloading to other sites.

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