How to draw Tik Tok with a pencil by cells – step by step instructions

How to draw Tik Tok? This social network is so popular that it has long had millions of fans in two hundred countries around the world. Such statistics are not surprising, because the program is aimed at young people and adolescents, and the target audience is very pleased with the approach of the developers. Due to the fact that users often google guides for drawing a logo and individual elements, we decided to make a clear and simple tutorial for you.

How to draw Tik Tok app by cells

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

If you decide to capture your creation on paper, then the video tutorial will definitely help you. A few points from it:

  • choose a good thick paper on which the cells are clearly visible;
  • it is better to take such material from which a marker, felt-tip pen or pencil will not be erased;
  • first try on what size your image will have;
  • choose colors;
  • apply the appropriate side points and main marks – this will be the frame of your work;
  • it is better to apply approximate outlines with a simple pencil, since in case of an error it will be easy to erase and correct the sketch;
  • we advise you to use the exact colors for the coating that the official TikTok brand uses in their graphics.

How to draw the Tik Tok logo

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

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To get started, watch the video, which shows all the basic steps of how to draw Tik Tok. Take matte plain white or checkered paper. If you have not been involved in such creativity before, then it would be better to create a sketch by cells. This will help you clearly define the proportions. Stages of creating a logo on paper:

  • draw a contour – first place the extreme points, and then connect them;how to draw tik tok with a pencil for kids
  • apply a colored coating;
  • add third-party elements in the background.

How to draw an airplane or a Tik Tok shrimp

how to draw tik tok cell by cell

It will also be convenient to use instructions here. First, you find a picture or screen on the Internet. Choose an image where all the elements are clearly visible. Then you start transferring to notebook. It is better to start with the fact that you put the main points and connect the main lines. When the sketch of the main image is ready, add the background and elements in the background.

It is better to put the finished work in a frame to decorate your room with it. Also, such a do-it-yourself creation will become a universal gift for a tiktoker or a novice blogger of this social network.

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