How to earn in Instagram – all kinds and ways to earn money


After appearing back in 2010, the social network Instagram began to be actively monetized only in 2015. Today, many owners of personal and business accounts earn money from their profiles, and this sometimes becomes not only an additional, but also their main way of earning money.

Most Internet users do not believe that there is “money” here. The situation with Instagram is similar.

Expectations: only prominent bloggers with 10+ thousand subscribers and daily professional photo and video content can make money from their account.

Reality: almost any profile can be made profitable.

In this article, we will talk in detail about how you can make money on Instagram. We will provide an overview on the 6 most effective ways: from making money from advertising to expert services. For each we will highlight the features, outline the monetary ceiling and give examples of accounts that are already using such monetization channels.


All kinds and ways of making money on Instagram

Earnings from advertising.

The most popular way.

It has acquired a lot of prejudices. For example, that it is necessary to have “millions” of subscribers, as well as untwisted name, otherwise the advertiser will not notice you.

You can find an advertiser yourself by registering on a special exchange. Yes, there are indeed requirements for the number of followers, but they are not as “exorbitant” as many people think.

Platforms GetBlogger and LabelUp declare a limit of 3 thousand subscribers. And, for example, exchanger Sociate – only from 500. There are also requirements for the number of posts on your profile, geolocation of followers or age of the account.

Advertising rates depend on the number of subscribers and the percentage of audience engagement. It is recommended to start selling advertising publications on the blog if you have at least 1000 followers.

But if your profile will be promoted, then the need for exchanges will disappear by itself. Advertising will find you. It is known that the advertising post of famous Instagram-persons costs from 100 thousand rubles.

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You can promote not yourself, but help others to promote themselves. Of course, if you know how to do it.

Services that are in demand:

  • SMM (marketing, promotion and filling accounts);
  • Copywriting;
  • Editing videos;
  • Design;
  • Targeted advertising;
  • And much more.

Sometimes the owner of an Instagram account can’t or doesn’t have time to do everything himself. This is where you can come to the rescue. Such services are provided not only by agencies, but also by freelancers.

They find such jobs through freelance exchanges (, Kwork) or job search sites. On there are more than 4,000 such offers.

Often professionals who perform such activities create their own accounts in which they indicate that they provide such services. This is a great way to find customers in addition to job exchanges and job sites.


Organizing givens.

The method is monetary, but quite controversial. It consists of a contest with valuable prizes for subscribing sponsors.

Each of us has seen posts on Instagram along the lines of, “Do you want to win an IPhone 11?” If your profile is promoted, you can run a similar giv among your followers. Or you can create a separate account with the word “Giveaway” in its name, gain as many followers as possible, and use it exclusively for such events.

Sponsors can be found in Instagram itself sending messages to Direct with proposals to participate in the organization of Giveaway, in order to increase the audience.

The method is doubtful, because it is no longer relevant (the peak of popularity came in 2016). Everyone knows that after the mass subscription is followed by almost complete “rollback” of subscribers. In spite of this, some still organize sponsored givens.

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Sales, affiliate programs

A way in which you can sell your own product or someone else’s product/service through a referral program.

The peculiarity of the method of selling products in Instagram is that you need to invest a lot in it: purchase the product, take a picture of it, place it in your profile, write a sales text for each one.

In addition, there are risks that the product may not be a success. Some organize the process by ordering from suppliers only after an interested buyer contacts them. This reduces losses, but increases the delivery time.

The amount of earnings is influenced by the percentage of extra cost that is left to you from the sale of the product, and the number of units sold.

Affiliate programs require less investment, but are also less profitable. You find an affiliate who offers you a percentage of the value of his product/service. You are given a referral link or some other channel for transferring the client to the seller. Your task is to put information about the product on your blog and get your audience interested in it.

Earnings depend on the promotion of your account. As with advertising: the more subscribers – the better.


Earnings on likes and subscriptions.

A method for schoolchildren and others with a lot of free time and modest monetary ambitions.

Services such as Bosslike, Qcomment, Socialtools and many others, offer to like, subscribe to accounts and write comments on posts in exchange for a fee.

However, the price per task is up to 1 p. Commenting is more expensive, up to 10 p., but it takes a long time. In addition, the services put restrictions on the number of tasks performed. As a result: earn 100-300 rubles a day.


Infobusiness is booming today. Take advantage of this.

If you are versed in a particular area, monetize it. Develop an author’s course, organize a master class or a conference, write a useful checklist or an entire book: all this is successfully sold on Instagram.

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The area of paid consultations is also promising. This is what expert bloggers on weight loss, image, personal growth, relationships, and many others “live on”.

For success, it is important that the content of your account be truly expert. Maintain your reputation as an expert in your field by posting helpful infoposts, hosting free consultative live events.

There is virtually no income ceiling here. Promote your personal brand, build up your audience, scale your services and you can safely raise your rates. Take weight loss, for example. Amateur bloggers sell diets for 1 day for 99 rubles, and nutritionists with their own programs for burning excess weight are not shy of the price tag of 10-50 thousand rubles for the course.

Keep in mind that it is possible to monetize even “not for sale” at first glance skills. For example, the ability to achieve goals or choose clothes in stores.



We told you about the main channels for making money on Instagram.

What conclusions can you draw?

All you need to earn income from your account is to study well the chosen way of earning and to be patient.
Do not forget about promotion, but also do not overestimate it. Yes, it’s not bad to have at least 1000 followers to use some monetization methods, but it’s not necessary to boost millions and tens of thousands of followers.
Believe that “there is money on the Internet” and be more decisive.

Methods can be used in conjunction with each other, or you can get creative and come up with your own. The format of the ever-evolving social network allows this.

We hope this article will be useful for you to put your Instagram on a commercial track!

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