How to edit videos in Tik Tok on your phone and computer

“How to edit videos in TikTok?” Is a question that bloggers often ask in 2021. The need for this action is due to the fact that not all authors can create a high-quality clip the first time. Also, a huge variety of functions of special programs allows you to significantly decorate the video. Learn how to edit videos in this article.

How to edit videos in Tik Tok from Android and iPhone

You can edit videos in Tik Tok on iPhone or Android using the built-in option. On the right side, a control panel will be displayed, which gives the following options:

  • reversal of orientation from frontal to main;
  • determining the recording speed;
  • setting the beauty effect;
  • filters that are applied to the image;
  • timer that counts down the recording;
  • choice of duration – 15 or 60 seconds;
  • turning flash on and off;

how to edit video in tik tok app step 1

There are other icons on the screen that also allow you to edit the image.

  • selection of musical accompaniment from the “Gallery”;
  • selection of built-in animated tools;
  • “Load” button for transferring from the device to edit video in tik tok app step 2

After the recording is completed, you can start editing by clicking on “Editing Effects”:

how to edit video in tik tok app step 3

  • visual capabilities;
  • setting time effects;
  • stickers;
  • increasing the number of pictures;
  • setting transition to edit video in tik tok app step 4

Opening the “Cover” you can set the video, which will become the background.

how to edit video in tik tok app step 5

And also add additional stickers and inscriptions.

how to edit video in tik tok app step 6

Consider the top panel:

  • Trimming songs;
  • Mixer;
  • Choice of to edit video in tik tok app step 7

Working with settings

Before getting started, read the tutorial to help you understand the meaning of how two videos are combined. Then proceed with the instructions:

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Thus, the user goes to the settings, where he can adjust the features of the video by opening the corresponding section. Now let’s take a look at how to properly trim music on TikTok:

  1. Click on the “+” button and start shooting;how to cut music in tik tok step 1
  2. A note icon will appear at the top of the screen, click on it and a huge list of songs will appear;how to cut music in tik tok step 2how to cut music in tik tok step 3
  3. After shooting a video for the song, click on the checkmark below;how to cut music in tik tok step 4
  4. An icon “Scissors note” will appear in a new window – click if you want to crop;how to cut music in tik tok step 5
  5. Drag the melody to cut it;how to cut music in tik tok step 6
  6. When finished, click on the checkmark. Done!

For those who need to shoot not only on the front, but also on the main camera, the application has developed the function “Flip video”.

how to flip a video into tik tok

How to trim video in Tik Tok

Before you start cropping, select a scene using your mobile device’s camera. Take care of quality lighting. Beginners are advised to only shoot in daylight. Identify a topic that is interesting to a large number of subscribers. You can also shoot the video first, carry out all the preparatory work, and then load the video.

If there is a need for trimming, then the primary processing includes the following stages:

It is noteworthy that the slowmo effect is popular not only on Tik Tok, but also on other social networks. Subscribers love to watch videos of this format. And also clips with the moon, the filming process of which takes a lot of time and requires subsequent editing.

How to edit a video on Tik Tok if already posted

If you have already uploaded the clip to TikTok, then editing the file becomes much more difficult. Effects cannot be edited in the program, only the entered inscriptions. If you print or decide to remove the recording, you can re-upload the captured video to the profile. To do this, follow the algorithm:

  • go to your personal profile, click the plus icon;
  • select the title of the video you want to download from the open list.
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The video with all the selected special effects will be saved on your mobile phone. You can watch and edit videos for Tik Tok on your computer only if you use a special Andy emulator program.

Third party video editing apps

It is important to create a video first, and then upload it to your profile, since there are limited editing options available in the application itself: you can change the title and apply basic effects. Use additional apps to edit.

To create the perfect clip, the developers recommend using the following applications:

  • Magisto;
  • InShot;
  • VivaVideo;
  • Funimate.

Magisto is an application that allows you to make your special moments even more memorable. Used to quickly combine TikTok videos and photos, music, and more. You can share the result of your work on Tik Tok.

InShot is an application that provides a wide range of functions that are further used in Tik Tok. Allows you to add text to video, other cool effects. The app can be downloaded for free. Be prepared for the fact that there will be a small watermark with the name of the program on the videos and photos at the bottom right. For those who create videos at a professional level, the opportunity to buy an application for $ 10 is open. And thus open access to additional features, get rid of the watermark.

VivaVideo is installed on iOS and Android. This is a small video editor that complements TikTok successfully. The application allows you to apply various filters, stickers and even music. You can also cut and copy unnecessary moments.

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Funimate is the most popular program among tiktokors. It has a lot of exciting effects. The interface is not familiar at first, but after figuring out how it works over time, you can quickly create cool videos.

Publishing a video

After completing the preparatory steps, the user needs to:

  • click on the “+” located at the bottom of the screen;
  • activate the recording;
  • pause;
  • select a check mark;
  • define the cover, add stickers;
  • cut sounds, create the desired description in the open window;
  • click “Next”;posting videos step 1
  • choose “Publish”.posting videos step 2

The created video is published on other social networks. After publishing, the video will immediately appear in your account:

React to messages from subscribers about the quality of your content. Edit videos based on audience feedback.

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