How to enable YouTube monetization and how much they pay per 1000 views

The official monetization of the YouTube channel is one of the first ways to make money on the platform. In simple terms, this is the payment for viewing ads that appears before the start of the video or during its viewing.

In this article, we will tell you how to set up monetization, what types of advertising are, and what topics are the most successful on YouTube.

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How YouTube monetization works

Monetization is carried out through commercials. Banners, skippable inserts in front of the video, small advertisements that start the video after watching. Money is charged for clicks, the payment for viewing depends on various factors: the country of play, the duration of viewing the advertisement, the purchase of goods when clicking on the advertising link. It is almost impossible to even roughly calculate how much YouTube pays for views, this amount ranges from 5-10 kopecks to hundreds of rubles.

You can connect monetization in 2 ways: Google Adsense and an affiliate media network.


The main advantage of this affiliate program is that it is an official Google serviceWhen working with him, most of the earnings are credited to you. This affiliate program also takes a percentage, but if you connect, you will only pay Adsense.

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Media network

Media networks offer almost the same terms of cooperation to channel owners. Income sharing 70/30%, where 30% of your earnings will be taken by the affiliate network. If you do not know which affiliate program to choose for yourself, then read the reviews so as not to miscalculate and enter into cooperation with a reliable company. The most common ones today are Air, GT Russia, VSP Group, QuizGroup. But you can only connect a channel to any of these affiliates if it is tied to Adsense.

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How much is paid for views

It is important to understand that the platform will not pay for simple views, money is charged for commercial playback of videos, and the longer the video ads run and the viewer will not switch them, the more you earn. The amount of earnings depends on the topic of the channel, the total number of plays and the country in which the video was shown.

There are several types of ads, the cost per view of which varies greatly. Below we will consider different options:

  1. Banner. Appears from the very beginning of the video and remains until its end. Immediately after it appears, the user can close it, and therefore this is an unprofitable form of advertising, since most viewers click on the cross after the banner appears.
  2. Preroll… Non-skippable video. This is one of the types of expensive advertising, as it cannot be closed or skipped. Authors make the most money on it. Only after a 5-second viewing can the viewer continue watching the video or go to the site.
  3. Skippable advertising. Its duration is usually 1-2 minutes, it appears at the beginning, middle and end of the video. By clicking on the “Skip” button, the viewer can continue watching the video. He can also evaluate the advertisement by putting a like or dislike, and you will understand whether the advertisement is interesting to viewers or not.Ads

The smallest income comes from entertainment videos. The best topic for monetization is the business theme. Where even for fewer views, you can earn more.

How much are paid for 1000 views

Example. Pay per commercial view averages $ 0.002 or less. Adsense takes 40% of the revenue from ad impressions. Roughly speaking, for 1000 views, you will receive $ 0.12. For 290,000 views, you can earn only $ 45.68.

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How to connect monetization on YouTube: step by step instructions

To connect to monetization, link your channel to Adsense, get at least 4,000 views per year, at least 1,000 subscribers, and adhere to the YouTube community guidelines. Below we will give clear instructions on how to connect YouTube monetization:

Step 1. Click on the “Channel” tab. Activate the function in the “Monetization” window. Also, next to the button, the inscription “Impossible” may appear, then in the column select the country of residence and you will be able to leave an application for consideration.

How to connect YouTube monetization

Step 2. Once you’ve applied, accept the YouTube rules.

Step 3… To link a channel to Adsense, click on this button.

Linking YouTube and Adsense

Step 4. Then select the account you want to connect to monetization.

Choose an account

Step 5. Once you are on the Adsense page, click on the blue button.

We confirm the connection

If everything was done correctly, then the channel will connect to the Adsense program and, if the other requirements are met, your videos will begin to monetize.

Step 6. Then you need to set up advertising.

Setting up ad display

The settings menu will open in front of you, select whether ads will be shown on all videos. Also check the boxes for the types of ads that will be shown on your videos.

Choice of ad formats

You can also configure the display of ads using another method. Go to the “Channel” tab and then to “Video download”. There, select the type of ad campaign. We recommend that you tick all boxes.

And if you have met the minimum set of requirements, then it remains to wait for the YouTube administration to check your channel. Going to the “Monetization” section, you will see information that your channel is being reviewed.

Monetization enabled

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