How to enter Tik Tok through VK from a computer and phone

How to enter Tik Tok via VK? In 2021, there are several ways to log into this social network. This involves both a mobile device and a computer. Often, users use a smartphone or tablet to authenticate in the system, but sometimes there is a need to log in through a PC or laptop. But if a person has not done this before, then he is faced with problems with the entrance.

How to log into Tik Tok via VK from a computer and phone

Users have access to several channels through which it is possible to pass authorization:

  • Google page
  • Facebook;
  • In contact with;
  • Instagram;
  • Twitter.

authorization via social networks

It is these icons that appear at the bottom of the screen when you open the login window. To enter through one of these resources, simply click on the icon. Next, consider the authorization process using the example of VKontakte:

  • the system asks you to enter your username and password from VK, if you are not logged into your account in the application on the device;
  • then a window will appear asking you to allow access to the main page;
  • click “Allow”.

This option for entering Tik Tok via VK works both on smartphones and on PCs. Since the developers have issued several identical versions of the social network, the process of logging into them is approximately the same. Differences are found only in minor icon displays and button designs.

authorization via VK

Phone authorization

Modern Tiktik users are authorized in the application from three devices:

  • Android;
  • iOS;
  • Windows-phone.

Each type of operating system has its own authorization algorithm.

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To log in through Android, enter the Play Store and download the installation software. After unpacking, click on the icon and the program opens. Here enter your username / password in the free fields. If you want to use VK, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Twitter or Google, click on the accompanying icon. It is important to correctly enter the login / password from the service to enter. If you click Reject, the system window will disappear, but the page will not open.

authorization in tik tok via vk on android step 1

authorization in tik tok via VK on android step 2


For iPhone owners, go to App Store. Download using the same algorithm and install. Click on the icon and login.

authorization in tik tok through VK on an iPhone step 1

authorization in tik tok through VK on an iPhone step 2

Windows Phone

authorization via VK on windows phone step 1

The version for Windows background can be found in the Windows Store. In the search box, write “TikTok”, and install the software. After finishing the installation, swipe up and log in.

Login from PC

PC authorization takes a little longer. Since there is no portable version on the computer, you will have to install an Android emulator. It’s called Bluestacks. The exe file is publicly available, and use does not require a fee.

login to tik tok via VKontakte from a computer

Bluestacks is a utility that creates an Android interface on a PC. There you enter your Google account, go to the Play Market and download TikTok there. Next, the usual authorization window appears, through which you enter the social network.

Why doesn’t he log into Tik Tok via VK

If you have any problems with the entrance, you should check the correctness of the security keys that you entered – username and password. Also make sure that the device is authorized in VK. A rare cause of login problems is that VK isn’t working in your country. For example, users from Ukraine need to turn on a proxy or VPN to connect to VKontakte. To fix this problem:

  • enable proxy or connect VPN;
  • login;
  • try to authenticate on Tik Tok again.
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If you have problems, please report the bug to the developers. There is a risk that work is currently underway on the server or that there are simply some failures.

tik tok user statistics

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