How to film a duet at Tik Tok in 2021 with another person or yourself

“How to make a duet in Tik Tok?” – an important question for those bloggers in 2021 who are tired of filming live broadcasts and alone. It is an effective way to promote both bloggers. Check out the tutorial in this article.

Why the “Duets” icon does not work or is missing

Duet – a video that can be filmed with someone. The screen is conventionally divided into two halves. You can create such videos with a friend or even a cat. And just tell interesting stories.

Since the function has been active recently, it can be difficult to film a duet in Tik Tok due to incorrect work – no updates. You cannot record a Duet on older versions of the application. To clarify, enter Google Play or the App Store (depending on the base on which the smartphone is running – Android / Iphone), click “Updates”.


If there is no Duo icon, then there is most likely a privacy issue. The option is either disabled or with restrictions. You need to make changes manually:

  • click on the icon that looks like a half of a human silhouette;
  • click on three dots to activate the settings;
  • click on “Privacy”;
  • in “Who can create duets with me” determine who you will work with.

If the partner has disabled the option, then creating a “Duet” will not work. It is worth making sure that the account has been added to Friends by another blogger.

Duo ideas

Any scene can be used for shooting. Shoot with a friend, a blogger who wants to promote an account. Or even with your funny and cute pet. Experiment!

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With a friend

If you decide to shoot with a friend, you must perform the following steps in the application:

  • find a person from your “Friends” list in your profile;
  • wait until the friend’s page is displayed;
  • select a video already shot in your friend’s feed that you plan to make in tandem with him;
  • click on the shortcut in the form of three dots;
  • define the required option;

From now on, you can write. But this is done with the agreement of the other interlocutor. If he did not allow filming something like that with him, then it will not work to do it with his to do duets in tik tok

Musical accompaniment is defined by the author, as well as pictures for duets in Tik Tok. Click on the cross at the bottom of the Select Music screen, set one of the displayed modes:

  • “Remove first”;
  • “From the library”.

During shooting, you can:

  • determine the speed of music playback;
  • change camera settings;
  • turn on masks and color filters.

If a friend does not respond to the offer to create a video or does not appear on the network for a long time, then select a file from the list in his profile.

With another person

According to the algorithm described below, you can shoot a video with another person:

  • open a clip that interested in the profile of another blogger;
  • click on three points, activate shooting;
  • add filters and effects if you want;
  • write #duetvTikTok and other hashtags;
  • click Publish.

And don’t forget to share with the video on other social networks to increase your potential to do a duet in tik tok

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Duet with a cat

A successful and funny video doesn’t always need a lot of people or a super popular blogger. It is enough to show the cat. First, download the video from BANBO cat.

Then follow these steps:

  • remove part of the video under HandClap – Fitz and The Tantrums;
  • come up with interesting hashtags, not forgetting to indicate the cat and the name of the song;

You can upload videos to the platform.

How to film a duet at Tik Tok with yourself

The application is interesting because paired videos can be filmed even with yourself. There is no separate such function, but having certain skills, you can create it.

  1. Shoot two videos with the same background music, but with a slightly different performance.
  2. Edit.
  3. Combine them using the “splice to movie” function.

Each video is edited separately. You can add appropriate filters and special effects.

How to watch duets in Tik Tok

You can find the duo by hashtag or just open the user’s profile and scroll through the list with videos. Videos are available even to unregistered users.

Can anyone watch the duo from drafts

Save to Draft – the ability to leave the video until a certain time. If you have established a clear schedule of publications, you can shoot them in advance, transfer them to the “Draft”, and post them after preview. Also, “Draft” is convenient when the video was shot, but not edited. You can finish it at any time. Do not worry that someone will see him ahead of time. Everything in this folder is available only to the owner of the channel. The video for other users of the portal is relevant only after it is fully loaded.

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