How to film a finger dance at Tik Tok in 2021: learning, music

Tik Tok finger dancing is a new direction on the platform of the same name. Account holders record interesting videos to popular tracks. They perform various geometric shapes with their hands. This technique has recently become very popular on the platform. Despite this, such clips are constantly included in the “Popular” section. They collect comments and likes. You can also get inspired to create tutorials here.

Features of the

Finger movement is quite simple to perform. However, practice is also necessary here. Anyone can learn such a dance. There are many free tutorials on this topic on YouTube. Before starting, use the dedicated Finger Fitness. Warm your fingers gradually. Follow simple movements. Squeeze and unclench your fingers in a fist. This is necessary to disperse the blood in the hand.

The second step is to watch videos of popular bloggers. Try to memorize the combination and follow the sequence slowly. After that, practice repeating the movements at a fast pace. Remember that the video is only 15 seconds long.


dance with your fingertips tik tok

Among the main trends in Tik Tok are interesting dance videos. When creating such content, special effects, filters and inserts are used. Various challenges are in demand. A blogger shoots a short clip of finger dancing. These movements are often quite simple. Some geometric shapes or flowing elements need to be repeated. The main thing is plasticity and precision of execution. Easily create your own personal trend. Come up with an original link and reproduce it. Invite subscribers to repeat them.


Music from Tik Tok finger dance – special tracks created for recording such videos. They are located in a specific folder. Open the application and find the search bar. Enter “fingertempo” and select the desired song. Listen to the track. Each sound must match the desired movement. Melodies complement the dance and make it more dynamic. The correct choice will allow you to quickly learn the sequence of the dance. In turn, it will increase the learning process.

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How to film finger dance in Tik Tok?

Before you shoot a video of your fingers in TikTok, learn some rules. Follow the instructions:

  1. Launch the application and click on the button with the “Camera” icon. It is located at the bottom of the control to film dance with fingers in tik tok step 1
  2. Select the desired track and click on it. Find a suitable melody in the search. Don’t forget to use the hashtag to film dance with fingers in tik tok step 2
  3. Start recording, the length of the video is 15 seconds. Divide the long video into fragments. Perform the dance step by to film dance with fingers in tik tok step 3
  4. Now click on the “Save” button, write a description. Add popular hashtags so subscribers will find the page.

Use special effects and filters to diversify your content. This will help to make your video high quality and cool.

Finger Tut Facts

Finger Tut is a dance performed with the hands and fingers. The direction itself arose in the last century in America. The dance piece is an alternate embodiment of figures and elements. The main task is to create clear geometric shapes, without creases. Trending tracks are also used for videos. They add rhythm and complete the dance. Stretching is required to create dance videos on Tik Tok. Bloggers often use pianist techniques. This helps to soften the brushes and make them more pliable.

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