How to find and hire an Instagram promotion manager


A business page on Instagram helps increase brand awareness and sales. But it is important not just to create a page, but also to promote it competently. Independently do it quite difficult – you will have to spend a lot of time and money to the first results. So it is better to find a competent manager for promotion in Instagram.

Why look for a manager to manage Instagram?

  • He will take care of all the creation of content – will write texts, draw pictures;
  • bring the page to a single appearance;
  • will set up an advertising campaign;
  • will communicate with subscribers;
  • increase the reach of the page – there will be more followers, and your income will begin to grow.

In this article, we will tell you how to find a competent Instagram promotion specialist, what to look for, what the pitfalls can be, how much it all costs and much more.

Determining the tasks of an Instagram manager and the budget

Before you start your search, you need to ask yourself questions:

  • What tasks are facing the specialist – to promote a new account from scratch or maintain an existing one?
  • What should be the result of his work – a page redesign, an increase in the number of followers, brand recognition, sales growth?
  • How much are you willing to pay for the work?
  • Who do you need – a full-time office employee or a freelancer?


The list of tasks depends on the specific business and the expected results. The price depends on the long-term nature of the project, the amount of work and how much the SMM specialist values his time. You can pay for a one-time service, for example, to bring your account up to 10,000 subscribers or order a comprehensive promotion with monthly support.

For accurate budget planning, create a KPI table and write down how much you’re willing to pay for each metric. You can ask candidates to fill out a table with their rates.

What an Instagram promotion specialist does

A competent social media specialist knows how to:

  • Analyze the target audience. And not only yours but also those of your competitors. Proper analysis of the target audience helps not to waste the budget.
  • Develop a strategy. This is a clear plan of action for the promotion page. As a rule, paid separately. Freelancers charge from 20 000 rubles for the service, the rates of companies may start at $ 1,000.


The strategy should be consistent with the overall marketing strategy of the company. What is usually included in the strategy:

  • An audit of the company – what stage the business is at.
  • Study of competitors – how they differ from us.
  • Analysis of current marketing strategy – if marketers are working to increase brand awareness, then Instagram needs to work on awareness as well.
  • Goal setting – what kind of result we want to achieve as a result of promotion.
  • Developing a content plan for the month – how many posts you need and on what topics, whether there will be contests, promotions, how often you can post, etc.
  • Defining KPI – we develop key performance indicators and monitor them in the process of promotion.
  • Setting up targeting ads. The marketer should take into account the age, sex, geography and interests of users when configuring the ROK. He should also be able to analyze the results and make corrections in time.
  • Create content. Ideally, the promotion specialist is also a content manager. He writes the text himself (or finds a copywriter), makes pictures, creates a plan for the month. But sometimes different people do it. For example, if you need original photos of products for posts, you will also have to hire a photographer.
  • Understand the design. The first thing subscribers look at is the appearance of the page and posts. The company’s account should reflect the spirit of this company and be in the same style. As a rule, it is not necessary to invent anything new – it is enough to take the corporate style as a basis and make posts according to it. The main thing is to be able to present them beautifully.
  • Interact with subscribers. You need to be able to communicate with subscribers in their language, to answer their questions, to stimulate activity in comments.
  • Work with opinion leaders. This is a collaboration with bloggers. The manager orders advertising or mutual PR from them.
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The set of these skills is different for each pro. A marketer does not have to be a content manager and vice versa. Often there is a whole team working on a project – a copywriter writes texts, a designer makes pictures for posts, an ad man develops RC and so on. Such an approach is common in companies that offer comprehensive promotion. It is logical that their prices cannot be low.

If you want to work with a single person, it is important to set specific tasks for him and understand what he knows how to do from this list.

Pitfalls: if you are offered a certain number of subscribers for a short period of time – most likely, the performer is using programs for bot scamming. Never use such services, you can get your account banned.


Where to find candidates

So, you’ve made a list of tasks and you know what you want. Let’s start looking for an Instagram marketer.

Where to look:

  • Job search sites. Post a job on sites like, hh, SuperJob, Avito, Yula, JobLab, Gorodrabot, and others. For those who are suitable for remote work there are sites Alot.Pro, In the vacancy clearly describe the duties and tasks, as well as the salary. If you only consider employees in the office and full-time – specify that. You can also look at ready-made resumes. The candidate may designate himself as an SMM specialist, a community manager or a manager-blogger in Instagram.
  • Social media. Facebook and VKontakte have many groups for posting jobs and separate groups for freelancers, such as Freelance | Freelance and SMM vacancies. You can put your ad in them or directly on your page. Ask your friends to repost the job to get more feedback. You can communicate with candidates in the same place – in social networks or via messengers.
  • Post the vacancy on your website and/or social media page. Announce the position on the home page of your site. If there is a business page on social media, there too. You can post a test job right away and ask for a link to the portfolio to be attached in the letter. This way it will be easier to choose worthy candidates.
  • On freelance exchanges. If you need a remote worker, you can post the project on freelance exchanges –,,, Kwork,, and others. You will receive responses from interested freelancers, the communication is usually conducted through a private office of the exchanger.
    Search. If you are not considering a single pro, but want to work with a company, enter “Instagram account maintenance” into the search box.
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The pitfalls: price should not be the main selection criterion. The services of a professional cannot be cheap. If you are advised to go to a freelance exchange and look for the cheapest price there, then the result will be appropriate. Good work for nothing is a rare exception to the rule. The main thing is not to run into a novice amateur with an inflated price tag, whose work is in fact cheaper.

Also remember that in exchanges, there are a lot of amateurs and those who are just building up a portfolio – high results from them, do not wait.

How to choose the right specialist for promotion on Instagram

You have received a sufficient number of responses, it is time to choose. How to understand which of the applicants is worthy to work with you?

Remember – the resume does not solve anything here. What matters is the portfolio and skills. Talk to the candidate about his experience, ask him to do a test job. This way you will know if the SMM professional really has the skills you are looking for. It is better to offer a paid test if the candidate does well – they will be more motivated.

If you want, you can have an interview – in the office or via Skype. Sometimes correspondence, a portfolio, and a test interview are enough.

What is worth asking about:

  • How many years the performer has been promoting on Instagram;
  • What promotion skills he has;
  • How much he asks for his services;
  • what kind of customers he has worked with;
  • how many projects he has completed;
  • if he uses programs for promotion, what kind of programs?
  • How much work can he take on;
  • in what time frame he can accomplish a specific task;
  • whether he is ready for changes, how much do the improvements cost;
  • What else can he do besides promotion in Instagram – you may need his other skills.


These same points apply to the choice of promotion company. You should not apply to the first company you see – carefully review the cases, ask about the timing, compare prices, find out if there are any hidden fees. Also, pay attention to the company’s website – if it looks cheap and unprofessional, it is likely the quality of work will be the same.

Как нанять специалиста для ведения Instagram

The pitfalls: sometimes the “firm” is a common middleman who jacks up prices, and then goes to the same freelancing exchanges and finds performers for your project there. If deadlines are constantly delayed, and the cases are very different from each other in style, then it is likely that this is the case. It is better to work with a company that has full-time employees or permanent freelance performers.

Test assignment for Instagram manager

The test assignment should cover the main tasks and reflect the essence of the work. But do not make up too voluminous test task – the performer is not obliged to do a full-fledged project under the guise of testing his skills. Agree in advance on a deadline for delivery.

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An example of the optimal test:

  • determine the target audience;
  • Write 2-3 texts for the publication;
  • make up 2 pictures to the post;
  • choose hashtags;
  • invent a contest for subscribers.

You should try to evaluate the result objectively and impartially. Personal preferences – “I don’t like this color, I don’t use this vocabulary, I don’t use emoticons” – do not reflect the performer’s potential.

The pitfalls: just because a performer got a test one, does not guarantee that he or she will pass it at all. Sometimes people don’t fit the conditions, or the project turns out to be beyond their grasp. The performer may not say anything about their rejection. Don’t wait indefinitely – choose between those who turned it in on time.

Choose a few people in case the cooperation with the main candidate ends early. Agree that you will contact them in case the position becomes vacant.

How to formalize the employment relationship

If you hire a specialist in the staff, everything is simple – registration under an employment contract. If the Instagram manager is registered as a sole proprietorship or self-employed person – you can conclude a service contract with him or work through an invoice contract. If you have found a customer through the exchange, the payment is usually made through this exchange.

Well, if the issue of registration of the employee is not crucial for you, you can pay directly – to the executor’s bank card, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Webmoney and other payment systems. Many freelancers are working on this principle.

How to make a performer efficient

You should understand that it is not only you who select the performer, but he also selects you. Be as honest as possible in front of him even at the stage of the interview and the test – do not hide any conditions. The test should not differ much from the real tasks. Sometimes, due to the customer’s misunderstanding of such a simple fact, the performer leaves already after hiring him.

Do not make edits a mandatory part of the program. They are natural in any work, but must be to the point. Trying “all shades of red, play with fonts” or change the colors in the finished layouts because of the bad mood of the customer specialist will not be able to for a long time.

Communicate with the performer respectfully and value his time. Remember – the more specific the task, the better the result will be.


A mini checklist for finding an Instagram manager:

  • Decide in advance on the tasks and budget, as well as what kind of employee you need – a full-time or freelancer.
  • Find one universal specialist or several for each specific task. There are also Instagram promotion companies, but their services are more expensive.
  • Look for performers on job search sites, social networks, and freelance exchanges. You can post a job on your site.
  • Choose several candidates, interview them and give them a test job. Pay attention to the portfolio.
  • Formalize an employment relationship with the performer or agree to transfer payment to his/her card/e-wallets.
  • Be respectful, set clear tasks and value his/her time – this is the key to successful cooperation.

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