How to gain a lot of views on Instagram Reels: +12 ways


Reels views are one of the most important metrics on Instagram. It allows you to understand how interesting you are to a wide audience and how you can follow trends.

We will tell you what the number of views in Reels depends on and how to gain more. What content to make, how to motivate viewers to watch your videos.

How to get a lot of views on Reels fast

For the past two years, Instagram has been focusing on short videos. The social network has all the tools to make and edit videos: filters, effects, music libraries. But even high-quality and interesting Reels can remain without views. To get your videos watched, we recommend using the proven techniques from this article.

First views

It’s important for Reels to get the first views from subscribers into their stats. It’s not enough for bloggers to simply make and publish a video. You need to get your subscribers interested first, motivate them to watch Reels, repost, and leave a reaction. This activity will determine the hit in recommendations and reach a wide audience.

So try to make videos that are relevant to the topic of the blog. People subscribe to your page precisely because they are interested in the content. Reels on distracted topics are contrary to the expectations of the audience. Interest in the blog may drop. If you have a page about building houses, you don’t need to publish videos about picking up cars. Even if they are very interesting and useful.

Also, you can go on the sly and gain the first views with the help of special services. But if you will use such services, it is important that the views grow gradually, without sudden jumps. Also, for reliability, it’s better to order additional activities such as likes, reposts and comments.

Repost your reels

Users see Reels in their feeds or recommendations. But the most active audience looks primarily at storis. The number of Reels views increases when you post them to stories. The system counts storis views for the video as well. Therefore, to increase the number of views exactly from subscribers, you need to make reposts of Reels in stories.

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To encourage people to switch to watching Reels, add an interesting text. Write about what the video will be about, why it’s worth opening.

Call to action for subscribers

Ask your subscribers to repost your Reels in their posts, save as bookmarks, leave comments and likes. The more actively viewers interact with a post, the better the chances of getting into recommendations and increasing views. A call to action can be voiced or placed in the Reels description.

Order ads from bloggers

You can promote your products and services with the help of bloggers and opinion leaders. Invite popular bloggers to record Reels with your products or repost the finished video. A blogger’s subscribers are a loyal audience that trusts the opinion of the Influencer. They are very likely to watch Reels to the end or subscribe to the page.

If you want paid publications, check out the bloggers carefully. Pay attention not only to the number of subscribers. Your audience needs to be active. Look at how many likes and comments the posts get. If there is no activity on the page, most likely, here was used capturing subscribers. Such advertising will not help you promote and gain more views.

Collaboration with other bloggers

For collaborations, choose bloggers from close thematic niches. Or collaborate with authors who are popular with your potential audience. If you are blogging about fitness, you can record a series of videos with a nutritionist. If you’re promoting a bookstore, offer to collaborate with a blogger who reviews new literature.

Do collaborative Reels

To promote in the social network and attract new subscribers also help joint Rils with other bloggers. To collaborate, look for pages that have about the same number of subscribers as your account. All co-writers of the video will increase their coverage and get extra likes and comments. That’s why many authors are willing to do joint Reels for free.

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Publish content in parts

To engage viewers in content, you need to grab and hold attention. That’s what writers and showrunners do. Divide useful material into logical parts and make Instagram Reels a mini-series. In the description to the video, don’t forget to say that there are more interesting videos on your page. You’ll motivate users to click through to the account and discover Reels.

Keep an eye on trends

Shoot Reels on current topics, use popular effects, music and hashtags. To notice trends in time, follow bloggers’ publications, develop observation.

Bloggers of any subject need to keep up with trends. Popular tracks and montage effects will help draw viewers’ attention even to narrowly themed content.



Come up with your own thing

The audience remembers the non-standard presentation of information, original design and individual style of commercials. Come up with your own thing that will distinguish you from other bloggers.

For example, a popular Internet service about movies publishes Instagram Reels in a question and answer format. It is interesting and informative, that’s why videos get more views.

Analyze the statistics of views

Statistics will help you understand what topics and formats of videos are interesting to your subscribers. You’ll be able to adjust your content plan to get more views.

Pay attention to which videos your audience watches better, which Reels get more feedback. Shoot similar stories more often. But don’t give up experimenting. Try new formats and ways of presenting information, and launch challanges. Your subscribers’ interests and preferences change over time. Keeping track of statistics, you’ll be able to offer up-to-date content.

Analyzing the stats will also help you determine the best time to publish. See when videos get more views during the day and post Reels at those times.

Stick to one subject

Publish Reels that match the overall theme of the blog. This is necessary so as not to “confuse” the algorithms and keep viewers’ attention.

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Social network algorithms remember the thematic focus of the content and recommend it to the target audience. Beauty masters want to watch cosmetics reviews, and fans of TV shows want to watch news about the movie industry. If the topics of the videos are noticeably different, the algorithms do not understand which area your Reels belong to. The chances of getting into recommendations decrease.

This also applies to your private content. If you want to share your vacation experiences with your subscribers, make a regular post. Or keep two separate pages. Separate a business account where you make money, and a personal one for communicating with friends.

Create quality content

If you want your videos to get a lot of views, they need to be unique, high quality and dynamic. Catchy covers for Reels are also important.

Instagram more actively promotes unique content shot specifically for the social network. Therefore, you should not publish videos from other sites, especially those with watermarks. Such Reels are poorly ranked by algorithms, few viewers will see them.

You can make high-quality videos without expensive equipment – a good camera on your smartphone is enough. Choose interesting locations for shooting. For example, if you have a clothing showroom, shoot your videos with the models not only indoors, but also outdoors, in popular places of the city.

Before viewing, the user sees the covers of the videos. A unified design style will help to attract attention and gain views. You can set a frame from video or photo from gallery as a cover.


For Reels to gain a lot of views, your subscribers should be the first to see them. Therefore, support the publication of the video by reposting it to your storis. Use statistics to see which topics are interesting for your audience, and what time of the day there are more views. Publish quality videos in a single theme. Develop your own style and way of presenting information. Create collaborations and joint Reels with other bloggers.


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