How to get a lot of followers on Instagram quickly – from 100 to 1,000,000


The main “capital” in Instagram right now is coverage, which depends on how many subscribers your profile has, and on their activity on the page (comments, likes, clicks on posts).

In this article we will tell you about the ways to get a lot of subscribers in Insta.

How to get a lot of followers on Instagram quickly – from 100 to 1,000,000

Popular ways


The easiest, but not the most effective way, because:

Instagram is constantly improving the algorithms – at a minimum, the service for the recruitment, can at any time stop working, as a maximum, you can run into a ban of the account.
Named subscribers do not show as much activity as live subscribers and often unsubscribe.

Nakrutki are more suitable for short-term goals, such as arbitrage traffic for offers. In the long term, it’s better to use other methods of subscriber recruitment.

P.S. If you do decide to get subscribers with the help of scams and mass activities, do it carefully – use proxies for Instagram.

Participating in a blogger’s gif

This is a faster, better quality than the gigs, but also a frowned upon way of gaining an audience. The point is that subscribers participate in gives for freebies, not for you. They are unlikely to read your posts, like or comment on them, and are more likely to unsubscribe right after the end of the guide. We wrote about this in “Why People Unsubscribe from You on Instagram.

The second disadvantage of a gif is that it involves multiple sponsors. Your account is just one of a general list in the post, and you are no different from them in the eyes of the gif participant.

But! If you have super cool content, and you yourself are an interesting person, some people will stay, so this method has a right to exist. You just need to count not only on the growth of subscribers from the gives without too much effort, but to work through a bunch of “viral content + gives” so as not to ruin the statistics of your account in the end.


A reliable and white way to promote, if you do it right, of course.

Your options are:

  • blogger advertising;
  • Targeted advertising.
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Ordering advertising from bloggers, be prepared for pitfalls – you have to decide where to look for bloggers (by yourself or on exchanges), to understand what percentage of your audience they have in subscribers, and how active they are, to check the blogger for clicks, to agree on the price, to control that everything was done correctly and in time, to analyze the effectiveness of cooperation.

A significant advantage of ordering advertising from bloggers is that with a competent approach it looks like a natural part of the content, so it is positively perceived by users.

Как увеличить количество подписчиков в Инстаграм

Targeted advertising also has its own nuances, but here it all depends on the proper configuration of the advertising campaign, not the whims and honesty of the blogger.

Contests, promotions

The main difference between contests and gives is that the account owner, not a third-party blogger, is the organizer. Your account won’t get lost among other sponsors, because in the case of a contest there is only one sponsor – you.

How else contests are better than standard givens:

  • you choose the prize yourself – match it to the interests of your target audience;
  • you define the mechanics of the contest;
  • you can place a post in your account with the presentation of the prize or give the prize live.

To run a contest properly and get the results you want, read our articles:

Promotion through other social networks or website

If you have promoted pages in social networks, a channel on YouTube with a large number of subscribers, a visited blog – direct traffic to your Instagram profile.

For example, right now Tic Toc is the #1 app for downloads, and short video authors attract new subscribers to their YouTube and Instagram channels from there. That’s usually what promoted bloggers do – redirect traffic here and there, because it really works.

If you do not have promoted accounts or channel – do it, in the future they will bring you profit.

Targeted hashtags

It would seem that the time has passed when you could cram a kilometer of hashtags into a post and use it to promote your account, but hashtags have not lost their usefulness, you just need to know how to work with them:

  • eliminate unnecessary hashtags, leaving 3-5 target ones (despite the fact that up to 30 are allowed);
  • do not repeat a set of hashtags from post to post – this is considered spam;
  • add hashtags not only to the post, but also to posts. You can make an active hashtag in a post visually invisible by shrinking it
  • or hiding it behind another object;
  • periodically use branded tags;
  • run a challange with a unique hashtag;
  • use trending hashtags (but not always mixed with low-frequency tags, because the competition for trending tags is usually high).
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Note: if you get to the top with a hashtag, you can attract a lot of new subscribers!

Geo tags and geotags

The principle of work is similar to that of hashtags, so we will not dwell on this point. Just know that geotags and geotags can also bring you new subscribers and customers. Especially if you have a local business, such as a cafe or pizzeria.


We’ve already touched on challanges in the hashtags section, but now we’ll go into more detail.

You already know how much noise has been made by Challenges at Tik Tok, which is one of the main types of content. Instagram took a look at this mess and launched its own chelenge sticker.

The essence is simple – you come up with a trending challange idea, tag your friends, launch it to the masses with a branded hashtag and get an increase in subscribers.

Viral content

By creating viral and visually appealing content, you solve several problems:

  • content is actively liked and commented on;
  • subscribers regularly visit the profile and look at other publications;
  • your content is shared with friends and reposted to other social networks.

All this creates “magic” – Instagram algorithms understand that you have an interesting profile and begin to promote it, for example, to show it in recommendations.


Personal brand

A personal brand is an image and reputation that, from a certain point, begins to promote your projects and social media pages effortlessly. Create a personal brand, and people will start looking for you on all social networks on their own.

Of course, you have to spend time and effort first, like coming up with cool expert content or creating a product that will be in demand and associated with you.

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We’ve written a guide to a personal brand on Instagram, we recommend reading it – you’ll learn what a self-brand is, examples, where to start and how to get promoted.

Saving Live Broadcasts in IGTV

Finished your live broadcast? Save the recording in IGTV. The first thing a user sees when he opens the IGTV app is the recommendations section, not the subscription feed like on Instagram. Accordingly, getting there will help attract new subscribers.

And also subscription in IGTV = subscription in Instagram, and you should use this, because you can subscribe to the author directly from the video, even without visiting his channel.

P.S. Videos from IGTV can be posted in Instagram posts and in your Instagram feed (the first minute will be saved as a separate post). It comes in handy when there is no time to create separate content + so you can attract subscribers to your IGTV channel.

Proper profile design

It is not enough just to draw traffic to your page, you need to make your guests want to subscribe. We tell you how to make your profile properly:

Tracking Statistics

Monitor your stats regularly to see which actions result in an increase in followers.

We recommend turning your account into “Business” or “Author Profile” (if you haven’t already) to have access to full Instagram profile stats. It is free and does not bind you to anything.


The easiest ways to quickly gain subscribers are through recruitment, givings and contests. But with them you need to be careful not to get the opposite effect. The most expensive way of promotion is to buy paid advertising.

If you have long-term goals, we advise you to take your account seriously – create attractive content, think about optimization, fill all the lines of your profile and make it beautiful, post messages regularly, do live broadcasts, use IGTV, follow the same style of page design, ideally create a personal brand. It seems like a long way to go, but if you do it right, you will succeed.

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