How to get a lot of views on Tik-Tok on video: +11 ways

Views on Tik-Tok is one of the most important indicators, it shows how much you can match the trends of this social network and how often you get into recommendations.

This article will show you how to get a lot of views on TikTok.

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How to quickly get a lot of views on Tik-Tok

First views

Previously, Tik-Tok gave views to all videos, and the video got into the recommendations almost immediately after publication, and it was possible to get free views practically from scratch. But the algorithms have changed, and now it has become more difficult to gain views, and indeed to advance in TT:

  1. Now the main indicators for getting into the recommendations are watch time (retention), like, repost and transition to a profile. If all 4 indicators are combined, such a video has a better chance of being promoted in TT. Therefore, the first views and how users interact with the uploaded video are very important. Ideally, this is a one-minute video that is watched to the end, liked, shared and commented on by every second viewer.
  2. Now the process of distributing views is stretched over time. If earlier the video was included in recommendations almost immediately, then after updating the algorithms, new views began to appear within a few hours and a week. For this reason, the publication time is no longer so important, it is important only for views from subscribers, and the next point follows from this.
  3. Subscriber activity. Your subscribers are the first to see your videos after publication, so it’s important that the audience is active and responsive to your videos.

Output: the first views and interactions with the video after publication are important, it depends on whether TT will promote the video further. If the first response to a video is weak, it can still freeze at several tens / hundreds of views and not move on.

Of course, you can go for the trick and get the first views by boosting views on Tik-Tok, but you do this at your own peril and risk – no social network likes cheating. There is always a risk that the developers will improve the algorithms, and the dummy account will be banned. Nevertheless, cheating services still exist, which means there is also a demand for them, and TT is not yet closely monitoring cheating.

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Ways to get many views on Tik-Tok videos

Shoot with trending music

Firstly, videos with trending music often appear in recommendations, and secondly, if a track is cool, users click on its name to see what other videos were shot with this music. In search of ideas for inspiration, they can find your video, so it’s better to immediately make a video for new tracks ..

Enjoy effects

Effects can brighten up even the most dull video. The most trending August effects are a wind blower, more smiles, a square face, funny masks, a whirlpool.

Come up with your own chips

There are 2 main ways to stand out from the crowd:

  1. Create your own unique chipthat will set you apart from other TikTokers. An example is beatboxer Spencer H. It is unlikely that there is anyone else in TT who can repeat his manner of performing beatboxing.
  1. Take trending music, effects and challenges and add your own flavor to them. Example – @ philipp_o7. He combined both methods, his trick is the funny use of masks. He has already shot several videos with the same mask (more smiles) and under the same track and, nevertheless, they continue to gain tens of thousands of views.
@ philipp_o7

Another trend you love from me 😍. Can I get a subscription from you 🥺? # comedy # humor # trend # mom # vegetable garden # i

♬ original sound –

Upload new videos regularly

Tik-Tok stops spinning your videos if it doesn’t receive new content – if you upload 10 videos, get views, and then don’t post anything for a week / two, old videos won’t gain views anymore.

Therefore, you need to regularly upload new videos to TT, especially at the initial stage. It turns out some kind of dependence on Tik-Tok, but this is a payment for coverage.

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Engage from the first seconds

We have already written above that TT tracks the viewing time of each video, likes / reposts and transitions to the profile after viewing. Therefore, your task is to engage the audience from the first seconds, so that they want to watch it to the end.

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The most sticky videos are filming of the process, they have a high viewing depth, and they are usually watched to the end to see the result, and they are also saved to favorites in order to repeat or revise later. Viewers are interested in watching the process, so these videos always get a lot of views.

An example is the process of creating a plush Pikachu. The videos are watched to the end, because it is interesting to see the result.

Use trending hashtags

Everything is so obvious here – you can find your videos in the search by trending hashtags. New hashtags come in the inbox – you can immediately see and figure out which ideas are suitable for videos with them.

Recommendation: as soon as you get hashtags in your inbox, immediately shoot something under them, so you will be one of the first to get an audience for these tags.

Trending hashtags

Order advertising

If you have ambitious plans for TT – order ads from other TikTokers to get additional views and subscribers. If there is no budget or the goal does not imply unnecessary expenses, you can periodically shoot duets, reactions and, of course, challenges. Although reactions fly into the recommended less and less.

Shoot videos with an unpredictable plot

It may sound strange, but some videos gained thousands of views only because it was not immediately clear what the video was about and wanted to watch it to the end in order to understand – what is the point?

Example – in the video, a girl is lying on the floor, and a phone is dangling above her on a string, by which a young man is pulling. Obviously, this is some kind of life hack. I would like to watch it to the end in order to understand what the essence is, and then go to the profile to find a video with the result of a life hack.


Интересен результат ? 😻

♬ original sound – rominagafur

Produce serial content

You’ve probably already seen videos without an ending with a call to like, subscribe or leave a comment to see the second part. The trick is that the video ends at the most interesting place, and the audience wants to see the result. They like, go to the profile to subscribe and watch other similar videos of the author to understand what to expect from his videos. As a result, 3 cherished triggers are triggered – a good viewing depth, a like to save to favorites and a transition to a profile, and the video continues to spin in recommendations, gaining more and more views.

An example is an unfinished video and the caption “160 liters of cola and 2kg of menthos😜 relatives do three times“ share ”-“ other ”-“ cancel ”🔥 how to get 1 million likes I will post a continuation.”

@ dava_m160L of cola and 2kg of menthos😜 relatives do three times “share” – “other” – “cancel” 🔥 how to get 1 million likes I will post a continuation

Evoke emotions and the desire to write a comment

The engine in the comments helps to promote in any social networks, but especially on Instagram and Tik-Tok – you need to use this. The point is to provoke discussion in the comments with your video. For example, to remove the reaction with the popular Tiktoker with the caption “Are we similar?” or “Which of us coped better with the challenge?”, you can shoot a video response to haters or your opinion on a sensitive topic.

Important: When using this method, be mentally prepared for the unpredictable reaction of some commentators who sharply think of themselves as experts. But you will achieve the goal – videos with a lot of comments often end up in rivers and get additional views.

Example – girls are dancing in a shopping center, in the caption to the video there is a question “Which of us danced the coolest?” The video received 9640 comments – some believe that the girl is on the left, others that the girl is on the right, but 90% of the commentators are for the man in the background.


With the new Tik-Tok algorithms, you need to be able to shoot videos that meet 5 main requirements:

  • involves from the first seconds;
  • interesting to watch to the end;
  • want to like to save to favorites;
  • the hand itself stretches out to share with a friend or post on social networks;
  • I want to look into the profile and watch other videos of the author.

Use our tips to shoot these videos – they will bring you a lot of views on TikTok.

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