How to get a lot of views on YouTube: +16 ways to boost views


YouTube video views is one of the most important indicators clearly demonstrating how interesting your channel is to the video hosting audience.

In this article, let’s look at what you need to do to gain views on YouTube. Tips are relevant both for new and existing channels.

How to get a lot of views on YouTube quickly

Let’s figure out how to attract users to the channel and motivate them to view the posted content.

Format the channel

Give the channel an original name, add a channel cover and description. A spectacularly designed channel will attract viewers and motivate them to view the content posted.

The name should be sonorous, not too long and easy to remember, and the picture – unique, made in high quality. Only when the channel is visually appealing can the video be posted.

Make interesting videos

Make videos that are interesting to the user. Choose the format of the video that meets the needs of your target audience – it could be some instructions, tips, practical advice on how to use something, etc.

The views of the video will depend on your expertise in the chosen direction and your ability to convey information to the viewers. Therefore, choose a topic in which you are well-versed and able to create useful and interesting content. Take into account the competitiveness of the niche and peculiarities of the target audience.

Approach the creation of video competently

A blogger interacts with the audience through video, so to keep the audience’s attention, the video should be unique, informative, useful and easy to understand.

The main points to pay attention to:

  • Location – the more interesting the location, the easier it is to hold the viewer’s attention.
  • Equipment – it should provide high quality footage (Full HD, 4K). Ideally you should shoot from several cameras, changing the angle and distance.
  • Sound – use a separate microphone, ideally a pen.
  • Light – make sure that it falls in the right way, doesn’t blind eyes and doesn’t make a glare in the lens.
  • Video script – write up a script and work through each episode thoroughly, then rehearse. Your speech should be confident, without long pauses, stutters and parasitic words.
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Share links on social media

Leave links to your video in all the social networks, in the communities of social networks and messengers, in the comments of the related sites, forums and other forums, where it is not prohibited by their rules. The higher the coverage of platforms, the more viewers you can attract to your channel.

Use special services

Use special services to increase your views. Can’t do without them for new channels to gain the first views, especially in niches with high competition.


Make attractive covers

Make bright, eye-catching covers for your videos – they will arouse users’ interest and increase clickability. You can make the cover in a graphic editor yourself (if you have the skills and time) or order it from a freelancer.

Don’t put a frame from the video on the cover – it will not look pretty and will subconsciously make users doubt your professionalism.

Use the “Community” tab on your channel

Make announcements about your next videos, post links to your videos already released, and add other helpful content in the “Community” tab to boost your YouTube video views. The Community tab resembles a social media wall and serves as an additional way to communicate with viewers.

Publish Shorts

Use Shorts – chop your main video into short, vertical, one-minute clips and post them. They will attract extra viewers who are interested in the individual episodes of the video.

Get involved in content distribution

Publish announcements on other platforms – social networks, thematic sites, forums and Telegram-channels with a large number of subscribers.

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Negotiate the mutual promotion with other YouTube channel owners, order advertisement from popular bloggers and on specialized services (Google Ads, etc.) – this allows you to attract additional audience to your channel.

Optimize Content

Conduct optimization to the maximum:

  • Before uploading to the channel, give the file a name that matches the topic and contains a keyword.
  • Make a catchy title for the video, try to use keywords and a call to action.
  • Add a cover that can attract attention.
  • Make a brief description (300-500 characters) – tell the viewer what your video is about.
  • Place links to other videos from your channel under the text of the description.
  • Add thematic hashtags in a special area. Use YouTube cues and special services when choosing search terms.
  • Use “Episodes” function to create timecodes – divide your videos into separate segments and add a description for each of them. Use them to highlight interesting moments.

Share your videos regularly

Choose the right frequency – how many times a day/week you are going to post your videos and stick to that schedule. Your viewers will know when your next video is out and will be able to plan their activities so they have time to watch it.

Don’t allow long interruptions, otherwise users will stop being interested in your channel and following the content you put out.

Encourage active comments

Write the first comment on behalf of the channel and secure it. In such a comment, you can ask viewers a question and ask for an answer, or vice versa, encourage them to ask questions about the video and clarify unclear points.

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Keep track of the comments, answer the questions asked, and, if it’s appropriate, give advice and recommendations.


Take advantage of playlists

Create playlists and come up with keyword titles for them. Add each new video to one or more playlists that fit the theme. This will increase the chances that a viewer who likes the video will continue to watch other videos in the playlist.

Add cues and end caps to your videos

Accompany the video with cues, make a beautifully designed end screensaver.

The cues can be set up as pop-ups, use them to explain specific points in the video, create poll cards, or provide directions to other videos and playlists.

The end screensaver is the final frame where you can summarize, thank you for watching, or post a call to action. It can also contain information about you, links to your other videos, social media accounts, and other elements.

Add subtitles

Add subtitles to your video to attract people with hearing problems to watch it. If possible, add subtitles in languages other than the language of the video to help expand your audience to foreigners who would be interested in your content.

Add a watermark

Adding a watermark to your videos will increase your channel’s visibility and help you gain more subscribers who will then watch your videos.

You can use your company logo or any other image that fits the theme as a watermark. When you hover over it, an offer to subscribe will appear.


To increase the number of views on YouTube, you need to make interesting videos with the selected frequency, properly design and optimize them, use the other methods described above.

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