How to get into Instagram recommendations

Getting into recommendations on Instagram gives additional reach to your account and published content. This is another free promotion tool due to the very algorithms of the social network.

In this article we will tell you how recommendations are formed and what content can be found there. And also what you need to do to get your photos, videos and stories into this section.

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What do Instagram recommendations mean and how do they work?

Recommendations (or Interesting) is a section with publications that match your interests. Unlike TOP, it is personalized, that is, it is formed for each specific user.

Types of recommendations

There are 2 types of recommendations on Instagram:

  1. Recommended publications… These are posts, videos, gifs, stories and IGTV. They can be viewed by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the application on the phone or the compass icon in the web version.
  2. Recommended accounts… Accounts that Instagram itself offers you to subscribe to. A list of such profiles can be seen when you subscribe to someone’s account. There is an arrow next to the subscribe or link button. Click on it, and below the “Recommendations for you” section pops up.
    Recommended Instagram accounts

If you want to subscribe to a closed account, then the recommended profiles are highlighted automatically (you do not need to click on the arrow).

What are Instagram recommendations

In the web version of the application, they are located on the main page or in the recommended section.

How Instagram recommendations work

What is shown in the “Interesting” section

The section is created automatically by Instagram robots. Get there:

  • Just popular posts on topics that interest you.
  • Posts that are similar to the ones you’ve interacted with before.
  • Posts that liked by those you follow.

You may notice that some publications in the section are noticeably larger than others. More space is allocated for videos, gifs and posts with shopping tags (shopping tags are marked with a basket icon). But not all – most videos or GIFs are the same grid size as photos.

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What is shown in the

Turn off recommendations

Sometimes the algorithm gets it wrong and shows irrelevant content. To disable specific publications and similar to them, open the post, then 3 points – “This publication is not interested.” After that, you will see less of this content.

How to turn off recommendations on Instagram

The action can be immediately canceled if you clicked by mistake.

Hide recommendations

What publications get to Interesting on Instagram

By what principle is the section of recommendations formed:

  1. Instagram studies the similarity of profiles and publications with each other – they may have the same or related topics, tags, words in the text, some elements in the photo. Particular attention is paid to the text. Publications are combined into pools or groups, all content is filtered for violations.
  2. The algorithm carefully analyzes your actions on the social network – who you follow, which posts you like, comment on and save to favorites. The same goes for your followers. Based on this information, profiles and publications from the first paragraph are selected, that is, similar to those you have already liked, commented on, and so on.
  3. After your interests have been analyzed and similar content has been found, a preliminary pool is formed, limited to 500 publications that may be of interest to you. And from them the best 25 pieces are already selected. The algorithm selects them on the basis of the most likely interaction with you. The feed is constantly updated after your actions, and in an hour there may already be other publications selected according to the same principle.

The Instagram neural network skips all content through these three levels in a specific sequence for each specific user of the social network. First, billions of posts are selected, of which 500 are those that are most relevant to the interests of the user, and of those 500 already 25.

What else influences getting content to Interesting:

  • the total number of interactions with the post and its freshness (when it was posted);
  • the content of the post – what is shown in the picture or in the video, what is written in the text description (the quality of the picture itself does not affect the issue);
  • Alt text of the photo – a short description of what is shown in the photo. Usually Alt text is set automatically, but you can type it manually (in the section with tips we’ll tell you exactly how).

Alt text example:

What publications get to Interesting on Instagram

How to understand on what basis a specific publication was offered to me

When you click on a post or video, there is a small gray caption below the text description. It usually says:

  • Instagram recommendations;
  • based on a photo / video that you like;
  • you’ve interacted with similar posts;
  • based on posts you have saved;
  • interesting;
  • you may like these videos;
  • based on what you share.
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How to understand on what basis a specific publication was offered to me

Below there is a button “View related publications”, if you click on it, the feed automatically selects similar content.

Types of recommendations on Instagram

How to open the Interesting section

From phone

To enter the section with recommendations, you need to click on the magnifying glass icon on the bottom panel.

How to open the Interesting section on Instagram from your phone

We find ourselves in the section of recommended publications, you can see the general feed or separate categories.

How to see all recommendations on Instagram from your phone

From computer

On the main page of Instagram, when scrolling the feed, the recommended accounts are displayed on the right.

How to view recommendations on Instagram from a computer

To get to the section itself, click on the compass icon. Above the recommended profiles, below – publications.

How to access recommendations from a PC

Recommendations categories

Categories are available only in the mobile version of the application. In each category, content is relevant to the topic.

  Instagram recommendation categories

  • IGTV or Instagram TV;
  • Shop (publications with shopping tags);
  • Games;
  • Style;
  • Travels;
  • Food;
  • Beauty;
  • Sport;
  • Humor.

Sometimes the categories alternate, for example, “Architecture”, “Cinema”, “Science”, “Music” appears, but something on the contrary disappears from the list.

Important: how the “Store” category works

In this category, you can click on the product you like and go to the online store. Below the photo is a carousel with other products from the same seller.

Category Instagram Store

Initially, in the “Store” section, you can see different products, but if you select any of them, then the feed of this category will automatically change for the selected product. For example, we clicked on the photo of clothes and now when scrolling down we come across clothes. They clicked on the camera, and the tape began to offer equipment for video and photography.

Products from this category periodically fall into others. For example, a post about cosmetics with a shopping tag may appear in the “Beauty” section.

How to get into Instagram recommendations

The more often your content appears in the recommendations, the more opportunities to drive additional traffic to your page. Tips and tricks for falling into Interesting:

1. Create content for the target audience.

It’s not enough to get into the recommended ones, you need your post to be noticed among others and click on it. Therefore, the content of the picture or video should meet the interests of your target audience. If subscribers of your subscribers have similar interests with your target audience, then they can also see your post in their recommendations.

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To better understand what subscribers like, you can spy on who they follow. For the first one, you need to click on “Subscriptions” on the follower’s profile page.

2. Watch what you write in the text description.

The algorithm analyzes every word in the description. For example, if the text contains the word “music” or “festival”, then the post will be shown in the category “music” or simply to those who are interested in music.

3. Add Alt text to posts.

In general, it is not necessary to do this, but if you know how to select keywords or you have a competent SEO, then you can help your posts get out in the recommended ones due to relevant words. To write Alt-text, open the post, click on 3 dots and select “Edit”.

How to go to Instagram recommendations

Next, click “Change Alt Text”.

Alternative text on Instagram

We write words that describe the content of the picture and save.

How to make Alt text on Instagram

4. Post more videos and gifs.

Videos and animations attract more attention than static images – they are eagerly watched, liked and commented on. Engaging content has a high chance of getting into Interesting.

5. Analyze content statistics.

If the publication was viewed by many people who did not follow you, then it was in the recommended (or in the TOP). Analyze in statistics which of your posts Instagram recommends most often and create similar content.

5. Follow trends and make viral posts.

Viral content always gets a lot of views, likes and comments. Explore what’s trending now, spy on other people’s ideas and make engaging posts.

6. Choose the right time to post

The logic is simple – if the content is posted at the peak of activity of the target audience, then it will quickly gain the first reactions, which will affect getting into Interesting.

AdviceUse a call-to-action periodically in your posts, as your post may be shown to someone who isn’t following you. Suggest in the description of the picture to subscribe to you for those who have not yet done so. Tell us about sales, offer to visit your site or repost. If the post is about a contest, write that only subscribers can participate in it.


Recommendations provide additional reach, but don’t get hung up on them. What you really need to focus on is the quality of the content. Because just getting into the recommended ones does not guarantee that a person will want to subscribe to you – he still needs to be interested.

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