How to get to the top of Instagram: 6 tips

Top Instagram – these are posts that have gained the maximum activity (views, likes, comments) in a short period of time. Posts that are in the top are the same for all users, as they are selected by hashtags and geolocations of the entire social network.

The recommendation feed (or, as it is also called, “popular”) is the accounts to which Instagram invites the user to subscribe. Unlike the top, recommendations are customized individually, depending on the interests of the user and his friends.

Which of my friends likes shark themes?
Which of my friends likes shark themes?

We have already talked about the recommendation feed, in this article we will talk about the top.

Which publications are in the top

The top includes content that has been actively viewed, listened to, commented on by your subscribers immediately after publication. How quickly all this should happen – in 10 minutes or in a day, and how many activities should be in pieces, it is impossible to name – Instagram does not share exact numbers. But what can be said for sure – there are 2 options for getting into the top.

  1. You must have an army of thousands or millions of subscribers, which the publication will go to to reach the top.
  2. It should be high-quality content and properly selected hashtag and / or geotag

Let us remind you once again that the top is a selection of popular posts, not accounts, so you can get out in the lead by working well on the content or by getting into trends well through the news feed.

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Leah Kanarskaya, SMM specialist:

We got into the top of publications thanks to the correctly chosen hashtag and free interpretation of the song on September 3. Firstly, our subscribers highly appreciated the creative for the composition that became a meme, and secondly, we used several situational hashtags to break through. In those days, the reach and traffic of the blog grew, including the number of subscribers – because we paid attention not only to promotion, but also to filling the Instagram account.

How to get to the top of Instagram in 2020

These tips seem to be standard, but let’s recall the basic techniques.

Publish quality content… Qualitatively – it’s beautiful, clear, meaningful and regular. Publish exciting, exciting, surprising photos and videos. The content should catch, excite, impress.

Look for hype topics… Why not? Shock content, hype always evokes a violent reaction among users of social networks. Just make sure that the shocking photo doesn’t ruin your reputation and force people to unsubscribe from the page.

Make useful selections, life hacks, checklistsfor people to bookmark.
Add hashtags and geotags. This is a must, so you will attract a new audience and new subscribers.

Chat with subscribers, like their comments. Come up with simple polls, stimulate discussions, conduct practical jokes. If possible, be active on the subscriber pages.

Call to action… Remind subscribers about likes – at the end of the publication description, in the last card of the collection, in the last three seconds of the Story. You can recall, for example, like this: “Did you like the publication? Like it! “

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In order not to miss the publication time, set up auto-posting through SMMplanner.

How to get to the top of Instagram by hashtags

For each post, you should select relevant hashtags, so that new users will find them upon request. Keep in mind that for the top in megapopular hashtags you will have to compete with a huge number of posts, and it will be more difficult to get into the leaders.

Also remember that if the tag is super popular, your post can be replaced in a few seconds. Stay in the top for 5 seconds and move down to the next position.

In this regard, it is better to select highly specialized, thematic hashtags. For example, #Siberiancatfor sale or #give the cat for good hands.

Remember also that Instagram algorithms are considered to lower the reach of posts that don’t match the hashtag, so choose tags according to the topic of your post.

Check list. How to get to the top of Instagram

  1. Post high-quality photos and videos – non-blurry, beautiful, emotive images.
  2. Do not neglect hype topics.
  3. Make goodies that subscribers want to add to Saved.
  4. Add hashtags and geotags.
  5. Call to action – like, leave a comment, save to bookmarks.
  6. Chat with subscribers.

Good luck!

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