How to hold a competition or drawing in VK: conditions, text, prizes, winners

How to make a contest or drawing in VK? Every day, many companies hold VKontakte contests. At the same time, some receive influx of new subscribers and customers, while others, at best, just give out gifts, at worst – get banned (from a ban on the publication of new posts for a week, to a complete blocking of the community).

The fact is that the social network has a set of rules governing contests and sweepstakes in VK. If the rules are violated, sanctions may follow, up to a lifetime ban. Users themselves write complaints about the competition to the support service, including competitors. In this article we will tell you how to hold a competition or a VKontakte giveaway, which will help in promoting a group in VK and will not lead to negative consequences.

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How to make a contest or giveaway on VKontakte

Let’s analyze the main stages of conducting contests in VK.

Objectives of the

First, decide on the purpose of the competition. You shouldn’t do a prank because everyone does it. Create and conduct a competition, only with a full understanding of why you need it and how it will work for you.

  • Attract subscribers to the group;
  • To raise sales;
  • Tell about a new product / service;
  • Draw attention to the promotion / sale;
  • Image, recognition;
  • Loyalty.
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VKontakte contests can be held either for one of the above purposes, or include several.

Text with the terms of the competition / drawing

Often there are contests in which you want to participate, but the mechanism of participation is so complicated that you either scroll past or postpone it for later. From this follows the main rule for creating contests – make a participation mechanism as simple as possible, this will attract more participants. In addition, write a detailed and structured text of the competition: conditions, what to do, what prize, when and how the winners are determined.

Here are the most common examples of competitive conditions:

  • repost competition (there will be many freeloaders);
  • add your photo on the topic;
  • VK beauty contest;
  • comment competition;
  • creative competition (poems, drawings, videos);
  • a photo in a store or with a product;
  • photoreview (win-win competition).

Today, the walls of VK users are littered with reposts of contests, and someone specifically creates fake accounts just to participate in contests. Therefore, a contest with reposts, although it turns out to be effective in terms of attracting new subscribers and increasing coverage, does not work well for attracting a client. The conditions here are simple: join the group, repost to your wall and do not delete until the end of the drawing. But making a few reposts is already overkill.

QIP Shot - Screen 337-min

Be sure to specify the timing and make them limited so that users do not postpone participation and participate right now.

How to make a contest post

You should also pay attention to the design of the text with the terms of the competition and the attached picture.

The text should be divided into paragraphs, and each paragraph should be highlighted with emojithat fits the meaning. Such text of the draw will be easier to read and perceive by users. Here’s an example of a succinct description:

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Text formatting

With the help of the image attached to the post, you can attract attention and in an even more concise way communicate the conditions, prizes and the date of the summing up.

Photo of the competitionPrizes for the competition

Most SMM-specialists are sure that the success of the competition largely depends on the value of the main prize (that’s why everyone is playing the latest version of the iPhone). But it is far from always necessary to lay down a large budget for the competition – it is in such competitions that most of all “professional participants “, while others, on the contrary, may have doubts – “I will not participate anyway I won’t win such a prize / or it’s a divorce”.

It is best to give away more than one prize, but several and make them desirable primarily for your target audience. Including you can play your product or service.


In addition, according to the rules of “VKontakte”, for the competition you must immediately determine what the prize will be. And if there are several of them, write which prize corresponds to which place, so that later there is no confusion and discontent.

Attraction of participants

If you have already managed to tell about your draw on all your pages and even on the site, and there are still few participants, there are three more excellent ways to promote:

  1. Paid: run native ads on VK.
  2. Free: find all the groups of draws in your city, most of them will repost your contest for free.
  3. Other resources: your website, email newsletters and others.

Determination of the winner of a competition or drawing

Depending on the conditions of the competition, there are several main ways to determine the winners.

  1. We produce using special services and applications, a random number generator and more.
  2. According to the results audience voting (beware of cheating).
  3. Expert jury – for this method of choosing winners, it is worth describing in detail who will be on the jury and by what criteria to choose the winner.
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If you do not want to be accused of rigging the results of the competition, then provide evidence that everything was fair. For example, make a live broadcast of the draw, or at least just video it. As a last resort, you can make a screen of the service page, which determined the lucky one.

Determining the winner

After the winner is determined, write a post where the name of the winner is a link to his page, then he will receive a notification and other community members will see that everything is fair. And under the entry with the competition, publish a link to the post with the results.

Examples of successful contests in VK

Repost competition with the purchase of products

To participate in the competition, you need not only to repost the record, but also to buy the company’s products. Such a competition will help stimulate demand for the desired type of product.

VK repost contest

Photo competition

In the following contest example, the main goal is to attract new visitors. The solution is a competition where you need to take a picture on a bike next to a cafe and share the picture on social networks.

An example of a VKontakte photo contest

Drawing of tickets

We close the selection with an example of a draw, where participants are required to actively participate in the comments. This has a positive effect on engagement and increases the reach of future publications.

Example of a drawing in VK


So, let’s summarize. To organize and conduct a VKontakte competition, you need to choose the purpose of the competition, write down the conditions of the competition and prizes, arrange and publish a competition publication, attract participants, choose a winner and present a prize.

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