How to insert a link in Yandex Zen: into an article, narrative and channel description

A Yandex.Zen channel can become a good source of free traffic for your website and pages on social networks. Adding Zen links will not only increase the number of visitors to your site, but also improve SEO. Any additional source of traffic with increased user activity is proof that the site is useful and interesting to the audience. As a result, behavioral and social ranking factors are improved.

Posting links in articles and narratives of Yandex Zen is also a way to stir up interest in old content on the channel itself. By making the linking of materials, you will increase the number of their views. Redirect readers to pages within the channel, taking into account the promotion strategy!

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In today’s article, you will learn how to add links to different types of posts. How to do it for novice authors, so as not to get banned or pessimized from developers.

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Is it possible to post links in Yandex.Zen

There is no direct prohibition on adding links in Yandex.Zen. Channels ban and pessimize, reducing reach, not for external links, but for laziness and greed. We are talking about uninformative content with an abundance of links.

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For example, you run a thematic channel about Chinese goods from AliExpress.

How not to work with links: entice the audience with inviting headlines, and in the article itself do not give any useful information, only affiliate links to “Ali” or your group / site on the topic. A frustrated user will dislike you, perhaps also complain to Zen support.

How to do it right? Create an interesting detailed overview of the product: with purpose, characteristics, pros and cons, price. It is better to post links to one or two (maximum three) products in one article. Otherwise, the Yandex.Zen algorithm will consider the material to be content spam. Another tip – you shouldn’t include radically different products in one collection. The publication should be relevant to a narrow audience, then you will have fewer dislikes and rejections.

Here is the answer of a Yandex.Zen support representative to the question: “Can I insert links to external resources?”

“In Zen, we want to see full-text versions of articles, because:

  • we adhere to the rule that publications should be self-contained and complete;
  • to read the entire article, visitors will have to make two clicks, which will lead to a worse conversion. “

The support service recommends using the opportunity to post links to your social networks (for example, to a YouTube channel, a Facebook group or VKontakte) and connect an RSS. The last option is available only after the launch of monetization.

An important point! You can publish links if they are useful, that is, they are clicked on. But even on actual links, readers rarely follow, therefore publications with links are shown in the feed ten times less often.

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Do I need to use links in Zen

There are no clear instructions here, there are only recommendations from experienced SEO specialists. Don’t get carried away with posting links on your channel before monetizing. In the first few weeks of working in Zen, you build a reputation for yourself – in fact, you get to know the artificial intelligence of the site. Although the developers of the site do not confirm this, an attempt to advertise with links to an external resource can deprive you of a solid number of impressions in the feed.

Additional tips for working with links:

  • Zen prohibits aggressive advertising content. Intrusive ads can lead to blocking or pessimization.
  • Advertising of medical and prohibited goods (alcohol, gambling, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
  • The long link should be shortened using special sites such as or Go to the service, paste the link into an empty field and click “Shorten”.
  • In Yandex.Dzen, you can post links to a post in social networks or an information site, partner links, a fragment from the Map and a track from Yandex.Music.
  • If you have several channels with similar topics, link them to each other. This will increase the number of views. Alternatively, you can link articles together within the same feed.
  • Place links at the end of articles or narratives. Otherwise, you will worsen the read rate.

How to link in a channel description

Go to the “Editor” panel, where you can customize the logo, name and description of the channel.

Under your address in Yandex.Dzen, click the “Add Link” button.

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Here you can insert a link to your page / public in Telegram, Facebook, VKontakte, YouTube.

Link to social networks

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How to insert a link into an article or narrative in Yandex Zen

Let’s take a look at how to add links to publications of different formats.


Copy the link you need by pressing ctrl + c or choosing “Copy” from the context menu.

Now you need to create a Zen article in which you want to place a link. To do this, go to the Zen editor. Click on “+”, select “Article” in the dropdown list.

How to insert a link into an article

Go to the body of the article, select in the text a suitable word that will become a link (you can just insert and select the link).

Add a link to Zen

In the context menu that appears, click on the “Link” icon and paste the url links there. Press Enter – the link will become clickable.

You just have to publish the article.


Go to Zen Editor and select “Add Narrative”. Click on the plus to the right of the screen and click on the “Link” item.

How to insert a link into a narrative in Yandex Zen

Copy the link that you want to insert into the narrative into a special line, and on the screen itself, sign the link with an organic word or phrase.

Place the link in Zen

Use formatting tools if necessary.

In the same way, you can place links in existing articles and narratives.


With the right approach, links in Yandex Zen will help you promote your site and pages on social networks. It is also a good tool for increasing views of outdated content on your channel.

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