How to install live wallpaper from Tik Tok on Android and iPhone


How to put Tik Tok video on wallpaper? Such a function appeared quite recently – in the fall of 2019. But thousands of profile owners in this social network have already become interested in it. The main feature is that you put your favorite frames or video on the phone’s screensaver. The only drawback is that animated pictures and videos require more power, which means the battery runs out faster. However, this change is not very noticeable, since the charge leaves very little.

How to put live wallpapers from Tik Tok on Android and iPhone

Installing an animated picture or clip in 2021 is available on both Android and iOS smartphones.


First, you need to download the Tik Tok Wall Picche software. It is available in the Play Store. This tool helps you convert your video to a suitable format for installation.

We emphasize that if you first download it and then delete it, the wallpaper will also disappear. Then go to the social network and choose the clip that you will put on.


Open the clip and click on the arrow at the bottom right. It is intended for reposting and sharing on other social networks. If you have installed Tik Tok Wall Picture in advance, then when you click on the arrow, the “Live Photo” button will drop out, click on it.

The system will prompt you to select the installation format:

  • to the main screen;
  • the lock display;
  • on both canvases.

It is automatically set after two seconds.

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IPhone Owner’s Guide – How to Set Tik Tok Live Wallpaper on Lock Screen and Home Screen:

  • go to the Appstore store;
  • look for the free Tik Tok Wall Picture program;
  • install;
  • go to the social network;
  • choose a video in the tape;
  • click on the arrow on the right;
  • choose the Live Photo tool;
  • confirm the action.

What if there is no Live Photo button?

If you haven’t found a tool for converting and installing, do not rush to panic and write in support. Go to the app store and update the Tik Tok version. After updating, restart your smartphone and try again. If this method did not help, go to “All Programs” again and clear the cache.

Alternative applications

If this installation option did not fit, there are several alternative programs that will help you make live wallpapers on your mobile display.

Video Live Wallpaper Pro

Video Live Wallpaper Pro

This program is in the public domain, and can be downloaded for free on Android. Its main advantage is that videos are installed as a screensaver. You can choose them from the gallery or record a screen screen.

VideoWall – Video Wallpaper

VideoWall - Video Wallpaper

VideoWall – Video Wallpaper for Android is also in the public domain, and does not require payment for use. It allows you to install clips on the display, crop them and fit them to the format of the screensaver.

Video Live Wallpaper

Video Live Wallpaper

You can download Video Wallpaper in the Play Store. This software for Android will install Tik Tok wallpaper on your phone in a minute. The interface is simple and straightforward – on the main screen, click a button, select a file from the gallery, edit and install.

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How else can you use the function?

This tool is well suited for setting up your intro videos with a significant other, your favorite blogger’s dancing, or sticky videos.

What devices does it not work on?

This feature does not work on Android phones below version 4.1. This is due to the fact that older models have little RAM and not enough power to optimize performance. Therefore, any video during installation will be dull and freeze. It is supported on other devices and iPhones.

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