How to launch social media ads quickly: a step-by-step guide with examples

We will tell you how to launch advertising campaigns in social networks, even if you have never worked with advertising accounts on VKontakte, Facebook and myTarget.

What if you need to launch advertising campaigns in social networks in a day or two, but there is no advertising specialist or marketer on the staff? It is quite a typical situation for a small business, which is important not to miss the season and have time to sell hot goods. For example, for an online stationery store that needs to sell an assortment of school supplies before the start of the school year.

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A working option is to do everything yourself. But if you have not worked with advertising social networks before, you will have to understand the interfaces, the nuances of setting and various subtleties of targeting. A couple of days is too little for that.

The second option is to make basic settings on your own, and hand over routine tasks to professionals. This can be done in the automated PromoPult system. Here, campaigns are launched from one interface in several social networks at once (VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki).

Advertising through PromoPult is available for a budget of 3000 rubles. This is a good opportunity to test the effectiveness of targeted ads and then scale.

Setting up targeted advertising (for example, an online stationery store)

Initial data:

  • we advertise an online retail store of stationery;
  • the store operates in the city of Vladimir and the Vladimir region – we target residents of this region;
  • launch period – peak of seasonal consumer activity (August and first week of September);
  • budget – 12,000 rubles. for the entire campaign.

Step 1. Create a project in the system

If you don’t have a PromoPult account yet, register. Then click Create Project and select the Social Media Ads tool.

Specify the site address, as well as the region in which the advertisement should be displayed.

The system promotes not only the site, but also pages on social networks (for example, on VKontakte). To do this, switch to the appropriate tab and specify the page address. If you want to launch advertising for several sites at once, create several projects – one for each of them.

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How to launch social media ads quickly: a step-by-step guide with examples

If you are actively developing your website and social networks, it is important to decide where to drive your advertising traffic. Since the “hot” season is just over a month, you will not have time to significantly modify the site, add functionality or improve usability. Therefore, drive traffic to the place where the conversion is higher.

For a seasonal business, the algorithm is as follows:

  1. Analyze the sales data for the last season and calculate the conversion rate of each site (the ratio of the number of purchases to the number of visitors).
  2. Choose the ad platform for which the conversion rate is higher.
  3. If users buy equally well on the website and on social networks, compare the average check rates. If it is higher on social networks, do everything there.

Step 2. Choose an ad type

There are two of them in PromoPult:

  • Targeted advertising – showing ads in the feeds of four social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram and Odnoklassniki). Here you can fine-tune the target audience by socio-demographic parameters, interests, etc. These ads are paid per click.
  • Placing with bloggers – publishing advertising posts in public social networks, mentions by bloggers, native advertising on YouTube. Payment – for final placement.

It is recommended to use both tools. Accurate targeting in conjunction with placements with bloggers allows you to increase your reach, increase brand awareness and credibility.

But for our situation, the second type of advertising is not suitable, since planning integrations, selecting suitable bloggers and communicating with them takes time. In addition, the minimum budget here is 15 thousand rubles, while we have only 12 thousand rubles.

Therefore, the best option is targeted advertising. The minimum budget here is 3 thousand rubles.

How to launch social media ads quickly: a step-by-step guide with examples

Step 3. Basic settings, audience description and budget setting

After choosing an ad type, specify a few basic settings:

  • Under the heading “Sources of placement” the checkbox is checked by default – we will not remove it.
  • “Devices” – the “All types of devices” parameter is set by default. Use this setting if your site has a responsive design and is optimized for mobile viewing. Or if you are advertising a page on social networks. If the site does not have a mobile version and it is displayed correctly only on desktops, select the “Desktop computers” option.
  • “Gender and age” – enter the parameters of your potential customers here.
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How to launch social media ads quickly: a step-by-step guide with examples

  • Field “Description of the audience” – in a free form describe your target audience, as well as the goals of the advertising campaign.

We recommend specifying here:

  • detailed information about who buys from you and which people will be interested in your offer;
  • specific goals of the advertising campaign;
  • your advantages, USP, peculiarities of work, special offers for clients, etc .;
  • terms.

The more information you provide, the more accurately PromoPult specialists will set up advertising campaigns.

An example of how you can fill in the Audience Description field:

The purpose of the advertisement is to increase sales of school supplies and office supplies before the first of September.

Target audience – retail customers, men and women with school-age children. The target audience is between 26 and 50 years old. Show region – Vladimir and region.

The period of maximum activity of buyers (the highest demand) is from August 15 to September 5.

> Business Features:

  • in the second half of August and the first week of September we work every day (including Saturday and Sunday), we answer calls from 9:00 to 20:00;
  • sales leaders: backpacks, notebooks, diaries, A4 paper packaging;
  • also sell well covers for books and notebooks, sketchbooks, pens, pencils, rulers, pencil cases;
  • in the region we deliver orders using the postal service, courier delivery operates in the city, it is also possible to pick up by self.

Special offers:

  • buy a satchel – a set of pens as a gift;
  • 25 notebooks for 24 sheets – 500 rubles;
  • in Vladimir we deliver free of charge when ordering from 1400 rubles.

If you have a database of email addresses of customers who have not bought anything from you for the last 2-3 months, attach it to the description (provide a link to the file with the database in the cloud). You can use it to target customers who have already contacted you before. This is the most accurate hit of advertising to the target audience.

It is also useful to collect a database of addresses of customers who have purchased stationery in the last 2-3 weeks. Most likely, these customers have already bought everything they need, so it will be ineffective to show them promotional offers. For such clients, it is better to create a warming email campaign, and it is better to exclude them from the list of audiences to which advertisements will be targeted. This will help you save your advertising budget and make the most of it.

Enter all of this information in the Audience Description field, then enter your phone number and set your campaign budget.

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How to launch social media ads quickly: a step-by-step guide with examples

In the budget settings, you can drag the slider to set the budget. The system will show several predicted indicators:

    • audience coverage;
    • the number of transitions;
    the cost of contacting a potential client.

These numbers are useful as a rough guide, but the end result is always individual. The value of these indicators is influenced by many factors, including the characteristics of the niche, the activity of advertisers, the season. The completeness of the data provided is also important (the more information about the target audience you specify during the setup stage, the more accurately PromoPult specialists will set up targeting – and this will affect both the reach and the cost of the contact).

What’s next? Preparing creatives and launching campaigns

After the basic settings, the system specialists are included in the work. They will prepare advertisements. Your task is to agree on advertising materials and approve the launch of campaigns. Don’t polish your ads to perfection at this stage. In order not to miss the seasonal surge, it is better to launch, and already along the way, disable ads that are performing poorly and scale effective ones.

After approval of advertising materials, PromoPult specialists launch campaigns, monitor their progress and adjust the settings if necessary. Your participation is not required here. If you need to clarify details or agree on changes, specialists will write to you.

Upon completion of the work, you will receive a detailed report.

If you correctly specified the basic settings when creating the project, as well as provided detailed information about the goals of the campaign and the target audience, advertising will work effectively.

You need to focus on business processes: the work of managers, logistics, control of warehouse stocks and shipping – so that everything works like clockwork.

How to squeeze out more?

If you can invest additional budget in advertising, invest in contextual advertising as well. This will help you reach warm customers – those who are looking for your products in Yandex or Google search. The PromoPult system also automates the setup and launch of contextual advertising. You can read more about this here.

To get more customers, work on the site: create and publish useful content, improve usability, take care of responsive design and mobile version (if you haven’t already), make sure that the site has a convenient and understandable structure. Investments in these works pay off – the site ranks better in search and gets more traffic.

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