How to legally sell and accept payments on Instagram without a website

I recently launched my fitness project on Instagram. There was no website for this project and there is no extra money for its development and promotion too. After I correctly designed the profile header and “eternal stories” and learned how to attract organic traffic using hashtags, potential customers began to ask questions in Yandex.Direct. The girls were interested in services and prices, but I could not answer them something specific – I had to decide on the payment methods.

I had to quickly process a ton of information, consult with experts, re-read a bunch of legal documents, delve into the terms of use of several services.

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In a week, I found three convenient and, most importantly, legal ways to receive payments from clients on Instagram. This list contains solutions for individuals, self-employed, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. Let’s go figure it out.

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3 ways to accept payment on Instagram

Today the most popular payment method on Instagram is transfer to a bank card or e-wallet. It is used by both freelancers and small businesses in most regions of Russia. So far, this payment option works, but …

In 2020, the FTS may start checking Instagram accounts. Of course, the administration of the social network will not merge user data at the first request of the Russian tax authorities – Insta “lives” in accordance with the set of US laws. However, no one is insured against test purchases by the tax service. It is enough to accept payment on the card from the “client” in order to receive a “letter of happiness” from the tax office after some time.

In order not to face unpleasant surprises next year, it is better to connect legal payment methods now and start selling through Instagram in white. It is easy and not very expensive.

From the editor: Also, Facebook launched testing of its payment system, for payments on Instagram, Facebook, Vostap and Messenger. But when this system will start working in the Russian Federation (and will it start?) Is unknown, as are the conditions of use.

Method number 1: ArsenalPay service

ArsenalPay is a multifunctional service for accepting payments (including from clients on Instagram). It has a set of necessary tools for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and self-employed. There is no need to create a website and buy an online cashier – ArsenalPay will close all the issues related to paperwork and unplanned expenses.

For each user, the service creates a landing page on which you can place a small description, several CTA buttons. On the same page, customers will be able to pay for goods and services, and the money will immediately go to the bank account. You don’t need to drive traffic somewhere else, which means that the client’s path is shortened to clicking on one link – the one that hangs in the Instagram profile header.

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Who is it for: self-employed, individual entrepreneurs, legal entities

How much is: 3% of the amount of each successful transaction

Available payment methods: any bank cards

Underwater rocks: for payments from Visa, MasterCard and MIR cards, an additional commission is charged – 2%

How to connect ArsenalPay

Go to the service website and click on the “Connect” button.

Accepting payments on Instagram via ArsenalPay

Indicate email, TIN, name and contact phone number.

Setting up payment for Instagram at ArsenalPay

Fill out an application for joining the service. Everything is standard in it – passport and legal data, bank details, brief information about what services you provide or what goods you sell. You just edit the application in electronic form, print it out, put signatures and seals, upload the document to your personal account.

All the way to accept payment on Instagram

While the administration is considering the application for connection and the application, you can customize the payment page. Go to the “My Page” section and enter your Instagram username (without @). The service will create a mini-landing page for your profile, and you can edit it at your discretion.

How to make a payment page for Instagram

On a mini-landing page, you can customize:

  • block describing the activities of the store / company;
  • a button for quick communication with clients in WhatsApp;
  • buttons with links to the website, social networks and other representative offices of the company on the network.

Once you’ve set up your landing page, copy the multi-link and paste it into your Instagram profile header.

If your account is already receiving traffic, wait for the ArsenalPay administration to review the application and approve the connection application. Otherwise, you risk missing out on some of the leads.

Until payments are connected, money will not be debited from customer cards. But unsuccessful attempts can negatively affect brand trust.

Method number 2: online store from the Taplink service

Taplink is a service for creating multi-links. It will be useful for those who are promoting on Instagram. Using Taplink tools, you can make a mini-landing page, an online store, a page for collecting customer data or a company business card with an address and all communication methods in no time. At the same time, the service will collect short or extended statistics on all user actions on the landing page.

Taplink has three plans – Basic, Pro and Business. I will show with a screenshot a set of tools for each tariff:

How to make a payment page in Taplink

If your budget is tight, it’s better to get by with the base rate. On the page, you can place buttons with any links, a short description, an avatar. Alternatively, collect a questionnaire to collect customer data.

The Pro and Business plans, for which you have to pay 180 or 580 rubles a month, have more options. But there is one caveat – everything will have to be configured manually. To create an online store for an Instagram account, you will have to create a main page with buttons – to go to the catalog, to instant messengers, to pages that describe the terms of delivery and payment.

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When the landing page is ready, you need to assemble a catalog and fill it with products. It’s good if you only offer 5-10 products or services to your customers. What if there are 30, 50 or 100 of these products? Most of the work will have to be done with pens, which is not very convenient and takes a lot of time.

Who is it for: individuals, self-employed, individual entrepreneurs, legal entities

How much is: from 0 to 580 ₽ / month depending on the tariff

Payment acceptance methods: depends on the connected payment system

Withdrawal methods: depends on the connected payment system

Underwater rocks: payment systems and online cashier will have to be integrated (Taplink does not have such built-in functions)

How to connect Taplink

Go to the service page, click on the “Try Now” button and go through a quick registration.

How to sell on Instagram

After registration, you will have access to the possibilities of the Basic tariff. In 5-10 minutes, you can create a simple landing page.

Page for payments on Instagram

If the tools are not enough, take the paid plan. But before subscribing to Pro or Business, carefully read the list of features.

Do not forget to copy a link like… and paste it into your Instagram profile header.

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Method number 3: Robo.Market trading platform

Robo.Market is a trading platform for Robokassa service clients. You can create a full-fledged online store on it by uploading products from your Instagram profile. The system will create a separate domain for the store in the zone, and you can place this link in the header of your Instagram profile.

After the launch of the online store in Robo.Market, customers will be able to buy goods and services in a few clicks, paying in a convenient way. The system deducts a commission from each payment – the full conditions are specified in the agreement with Robokassa.

Who is it for: individual, individual entrepreneur, legal entity

How much is: fixed commission for each payment

Payment acceptance methods: more than 40 ways – from bank cards and e-wallets to Apple Pay

Withdrawal methods: to a card, e-wallets or bank account

Underwater rocks: you need to conclude an agreement with Robokassa

I liked the functionality of Robo.Market, so I chose this method. I will describe in detail how to start an online store on this site by linking it to an Instagram account.

How to connect Robo.Market

Indicate your Instagram nickname on the registration page or insert a link to your profile into the form.

How to accept payments on Instagram via

Wait 10-15 seconds. During this time, the system will scan posts and prepare product templates. All that remains is to change the names, specify prices and descriptions, click on the continue button.

Robo Market Service

If Robo.Market does not find anything in your profile, click on the “Skip creating an offer” link and proceed to the next registration step.

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Registration in

Individuals need to specify only the name of the store, domain name, contact phone number and email. There are more fields in the questionnaire for individual entrepreneurs – in addition to general information, you will have to drive in legal data, fill in the “Taxation” block. The form is intuitive, so there will be no difficulties.

Then everything is standard – an email will be sent with confirmation of registration, login and password to enter your personal account. The service will send you step-by-step instructions in a separate letter. Read it carefully so as not to get confused. This is how it looks:

How to accept payment on Instagram via Robokassa

I will warn you right away – you will have to re-read a voluminous contract, print, sign and upload a bunch of documents into the system.

The Robokassa administration makes the decision to connect rather quickly. I waited one working day. When the application was approved, access to the Robo.Market panel appeared. The next step is to set prices, add descriptions, attractive photos, etc. Each product is moderated, but it takes no more than 3-5 hours.

After adding products, all that remains is to indicate in the header of your Instagram account a link to your online store in Robo.Market and start traffic. It’s simple.

Which payment method to choose

I think the most successful is the link “landing page from Taplink + online store on Robo.Market”. This is a universal option for individuals, self-employed, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. The free tariff of the Taplink service allows you to create a simple landing page from which you can already lead customers to the catalog of the Robo.Market online store, to pages with delivery and payment terms, to other social networks. Convenient, simple and, most importantly, free.

For individual entrepreneurs and legal entities who are interested in accepting payments from clients on Instagram on a bank account, it is better to choose the ArsenalPay service. With a minimal investment, they will get a fully customizable landing page and all the payment acceptance tools.

You will have to tinker with an online store on Taplink. This option can be chosen by individual entrepreneurs and legal entities who have ALREADY bought an online cash register and entered into an agreement with any payment system.

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How to tell customers about a new payment method on Instagram

After connecting a new service, inform current and potential customers about it. Be sure to add a multi-link to your Instagram profile header, make a short and clear instruction in the “eternal stories”.

Pay at taplink for Instagram

To get the message across, add a quick reference to your ad posts on how customers can pay for goods or services. Post such posts no more than once a week, and after a while people will remember how to pay you.

If you are already using one of the listed services, share your impressions in the comments. Tell us what suits you and what functions are missing.

If you have other best practices and life hacks, write too. Your experience will be useful to other entrepreneurs.

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