How to make a beautiful font on Instagram – in name, BIO or post


On Instagram, it’s not uncommon to find accounts with unusual fonts. In the name situs judi slot of the account, the description of the profile or the text of the post.

This article will tell you how to make a beautiful font in Instagram, where to look for fonts and how to use them.

How to make a beautiful font in Instagram: in the header of the profile, in the username or in the post

In Instagram, there is no way to choose a text font or add your own. Everything is done through third-party apps and sites.

They all work in a similar way:

  • Find a site or app with fonts.
  • Write text.
  • Choose a font.
  • Copy a word or phrase.
  • Paste into Instagram in the desired field (for example, in the name or description field of the account). This is done through editing your profile.

Important: most sites and applications only work with Latin characters. And if there is Cyrillic, there are fewer font options.

Adding a beautiful font to your Instagram profile description
As an example let’s consider application Fontify – Fonts for Instagram, which is confined just for use in Instagram, but you can copy fonts in other social networks / messengers.

Fonts for Instagram

This app is available for both Android and iOS.

Step 1. Open the app, write text in a special field at the top of the screen.

Step 2. At the bottom, the word is displayed with different fonts. We choose the right one, click on the green button “Copy”.

Step 3. A window pops up that the word is copied. You may go to Instagram just minimizing the first application and opening Insta. Or you can go directly by clicking the “Instagram” button inside Fontify.

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Step 4: In Instagram, open your page and click “Edit Profile.”

Step 5. Open the desired field, such as bio, and paste the copied text there. Save the changes.

Similarly, you can add an unusual font to your username or post.

Next, let’s look at other applications and services for decorating text with different fonts.

Apps and services for beautiful fonts in Instagram

What other apps you can use.

The selection mostly includes apps for Android, if you have iOS (or these apps are not supported by the Android version) – no big deal. All these apps work the same way. To find the analogue – use keywords “Cool Font”, “Fancy Font”, “Fancy Text”, “Font for Instagram”, “Fonts for Instagram”. Or use our list (at the end of the section).

Fonts for Instagram – Cool Font, Fancy Text Styles. Fonts from the app are supported in all popular western social networks and messengers. In addition to fonts, there are emoji that can also be added to the text. One of the most popular apps – more than 5 million downloads.

IG Fonts. You can change fonts not only for bio, but also for storis.

Cool Fonts. Minimalistic text generator. Write a word, copy, paste.

Fonts for Instagram. Works similarly to the previous one.

Stylish Fonts. Font generator and mini image editor. There are over 120 fonts.

Analogues for iOS are Fontasy – Font Browser (more than 600 fonts), Fonts for Instagram – Fontfull, TikFonts – Keyboard Fonts, Premium Fonts for Instagram, Cool Fonts – Fancy Fonts.

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There are also apps that allow you to add a keyboard with fonts to the main one. In this case, you don’t have to jump from app to app, but can immediately write in the font of your choice. For Android, you can use Fonts+: emoji, a font keyboard. There are more than 300 fonts available. The analogue for iOS is Fonts for Instagram Keyboard.

Websites to change the font in Instagram

To avoid downloading anything to your device, you can use websites. If you want to edit your profile through the web version of Instagram, it’s more convenient to use the site, too.

List of sites: is the most famous site with fonts for social media. Just write the word in the search box and copy. is a site where you can download fonts for your computer. To make a beautiful font in Insta, you need to go to the “Font Generator” tab. It works the same way as the previous one. There is also a separate section with emoticons. is a site with fonts, smiley faces and ready-made keyboards. There is a section where you can apply the font to the letters individually. That is, you can make a word where each letter has its own font.

Note: to use this method for Insta, you’ll first need to transfer the letters into a text editor, and then copy the whole word and transfer it to your Instagram profile. is a very simple two-window site. In the left window you write the word, in the right window the fonts will appear. There are about 100 options to choose from.

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A couple more analogues are and


Adding an unusual font to Instagram is easier than it looks. But if you’re using Instagram to promote a business, choose fonts that match the company’s style. It’s also easy to read.

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