How to make a beautiful text for Instagram


Why bother with text design on Instagram? After all, you can just take pretty pictures. If you have a commercial account, and your goal is to attract clients and sales, then photos alone will not do.

A beautifully designed text is easier to read, attracts attention, reveals the essence of the photo, and arouses interest. The text can encourage subscribers to sign up for your account, make a purchase, tell their friends about you and your business, or at least be active on your profile.

In this article, we will give you tips on how best to design the text under the photo in Instagram so that it works for you and helps to attract customers.


Secrets of text design in Instagram

Here are a few tips that will allow you to beautifully design text on Instagram.

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1. Divide the text into paragraphs.

Do not write a canvas of text, divide it into paragraphs, it is much easier to perceive the information.

If you are too lazy to edit the text manually, you can use the Telegram bot Text4InstaBot. Find and open the bot in your messenger, and click “Run.

The text should be divided into regular paragraphs beforehand, then the bot will be able to divide them into “invisible” paragraphs, which will be correctly displayed in Instagram (if you just throw the text even with paragraphs into Insta, you will still get a canvas). If you do not do this, a warning will pop up from the bot. Visually, the finished texts are not different, but you need to copy exactly the one the bot sent you.

In addition to dividing the text into paragraphs bot knows how to center it, underline and strikethrough words. You can also use any delayed posting service for Instagram, where there is a design of the text.

If you do not want to waste time on the bot or services, there is an option for the lazy – separate paragraphs with dots.

2. Cover 1 topic under 1 photo.

Don’t try to cram all the benefits of your product into one post, take some narrow topic and dedicate a specific post to it. For example, you held an event, released a new product, preparing for the contest – for each topic write your own text.

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There should also be logic in the structure itself:

  • introduction;
  • the essence of the post;
  • a call to action.

3. Use emoji

Emoji help organize the text and evoke certain emotions in readers. And they just make the text stand out. But use emoticons neatly and accurately – emoji, stumbling around in different parts of the text without any logic or meaning, on the contrary, irritating. As too many of them – the post is full of bright colors, making it difficult to perceive the text.

4. Make lists in your posts, use bullet points.

For selections, listing steps or questions it’s good to use emoji in the form of list icons or items with numbers. Like this picture:

With them, even a large text is easy to read and you can mark for yourself the most important points.

5. Use hashtags correctly

We have already written many times that a canvas of hashtags no longer works – they can be considered by Instagram algorithms as overspam and visually look ugly. In addition, an overly long list of hashtags distracts attention from the text itself. Choose 3-5 most important tags for the post.

6. Use calls to action.

This doesn’t mean a call to buy something from you, it can be a phrase or question that provokes discussion in the comments. Activity in the comments will affect the reach and promotion of the account as a whole. In Instagram texts, write the call to action at the end of the post.

If you’re encouraging followers to go to your site or text you on messengers, then direct them to a profile that has all those contacts. Or do a multi-link.

7. Use headlines.

By default, Instagram doesn’t have a header and subheader feature. The headline can be visually highlighted with capslocks, emoticons, dashes, symbols. The headline will help to indicate the topic of the post and attract attention.

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Also, you can design the headline as a caption on the photo.

8. Add text to the carousel

Sometimes the texts are very large and you don’t want to divide them into several posts. And the number of characters in an Instagram post, as you know, is limited to 2200 characters including spaces.

If you want to finish your thought, and the text does not fit anymore, you can place it in the form of photos, following the main photo. At the end of the post, leave a call to “Read the continuation in the carousel.

9. Crossed out text on Instagram.

From time to time you can post posts with crossed out text to show ambivalence about something or to leave an understatement in the text. Such a function is available in the Telegram bot Text4InstaBot and the app Spectrox.

How to make a strikethrough text in Instagram with the bot Text4InstaBot:

Launch the bot and throw the text in there. The crossed out words should be separated on both sides by three hyphens, like this: “Write texts as if you communicate, not with clients, but with friends. Then copy and paste the finished text into the post.

How to make a strikethrough text in Spectrox:

There are only 2 windows on the site. In the left one, insert the words or phrases you want to cross out and click >>.

The finished piece will be left to copy and paste into the post.

10. Mentioning profile in the text

You can’t leave a clickable link to the site in the text of the Instagram post, but you can leave a link to the profile. You can have a separate advertising account or several accounts with necessary links in the header of the profile. Redirect your followers there by mentioning the profile in the text. You won’t have to touch the main account.

Mentioning profiles in posts is used more for advertising other people’s accounts, but do not underestimate the potential of this function in terms of promoting your own.

11. Contacts at the end of the post

You can leave your contacts directly in the text of the post, then people don’t have to search for them in the profile. But this variant is not suitable for everyone.

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12. hashtag in the text

A couple of hashtags can be hidden in the body of the post, as part of the sentence. They are well perceived by readers, while fulfilling their main function.

Tips for text layout in storis

Storis has a very weak text editor by default. Apparently because this feature was originally conceived for creating video content, i.e. a lot of text there just isn’t useful. What you can do:

  • Use text stickers. Yes, it’s not unique, but stickers are still eye-catching. Keep an eye out for new ones and use them in your posts right away.

Use color editing. For example, highlight the most important word in the text.
Цветной текст в сторис

  • By the way, you can use not only the suggested colors, but also choose the desired shade yourself in the palette. To do this, you need to click on a specific color.
  • Make a 3D text. In storis, there is no function that allows you to make a volumetric text, you have to go for a trick. Write a word and make a fill color, for example, black. Then write the word again and fill it with another color. Overlay one word on top of another, but with a slight shift, so it looks like a 3D effect.

Add a background for the text. To do this, click on the button A in the upper left corner.


If the standard text settings in the posts are not enough for you, you can use post builders for social networks – for example, Canva and Crello. Or buy ready-made templates for Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro and customize them to your liking.


Beautifully designed texts on Instagram attract the attention of subscribers and increase engagement. In addition to the design of texts in the body of the post, you can also add text to the photo itself or in the storis using third-party services.


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