How to make a beautiful YouTube channel design

Hello dear readers! Today we will tell you how to design a YouTube channel beautifully, correctly, and most importantly, quickly! Remember, recently we published an article about how to create a YouTube channel, where we have already casually touched on this topic, now we will pay more attention to it.

What will we work with? These are your YouTube channel, channel avatar or icon, cover art, calls to action, channel description, and links. And before proceeding directly to the design of the channel, it is worth determining its purpose. Additional traffic to the site, views and earnings from ads, lead generation or any other. In accordance with the goal that stands in front of the channel and you need to do the decoration.

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How to design a YouTube channel yourself

In the course of work on the design, you do not need any special knowledge and confused software. By following the instructions in our material, you can bring your YouTube channel into proper form in just 20 minutes. Also, along the way, we will use examples of successful channels with good design to make it easier for you to understand what you should strive for.

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YouTube channel icon

As an icon, it is better to use the company logo, or a stylized image of the channel’s author, while we do not recommend using a photo, because due to the large number of halftones, when reduced, the image simply mixes into a color mess and becomes difficult to distinguish. Therefore, the simpler and more concise it will be YouTube channel icon, the easier it will be remembered by the audience and due to this it will be more recognizable.

You don’t have to look far for an example, the Marvel Universe uses its classic logo as an icon.

Channel header background

He’s the cover of the channel. The scope for creativity increases from the size of a small square to a huge canvas almost the entire width of the screen. It is at this step that you need to make the design in accordance with the purpose for which the channel was created. What can the background for the channel header tell us about?

Uniqueness. Channel dedicated to travel and life.

Channel header background

Scope and call to action for SEO courses.

Channel header background

Or, for example, about the schedule of releases on a channel, like DC.

Channel header background

It can also place a phone number, website address and other information on the cover of the channel that will help bring new customers to the business or increase the number of subscribers. Simply put, tell me who you are, what you do and how to find you.

You can create a cover quickly on, and it even has a cover format for YouTube channels.

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Channel description

Let us remind you that to be able to add a channel description, you need to enable the “Overview” page view option in the settings (the gear next to the subscription button). After that, the channel menu will appear, in which we go to the “About the channel” section.

Channel description

We press the button “Channel description¬ĽAnd write a short text, no more than two paragraphs on behalf of the channel’s author, about what viewers can see and see, as well as several weighty reasons (free of charge, a unique technique, etc.) why you need to choose your channel for viewing.

Also, in this section, you should specify your email address if you want to sell ads on the channel or collect leads. As a country, you need to indicate the one in which your target audience is located.

Add a link to the site and social networks

In the same section “About the channel” you can specify the links that you saw in the lower right above the “Subscribe” button.

The links that you create have one feature, the first link on the channel displays the full text. Therefore, here you can specify either the keyword by which the site is being promoted, or a call to action (get a free quote, download the presentation, etc.).

Add a link to the site and social networks

Therefore, create a link to the site first, and let the rest of the links be to social networks. A total of 5 links can be specified.

YouTube channel main video

The main video of the YouTube channel can be configured in such a way that one option will be shown to regular subscribers, and a so-called channel trailer will be shown to those who do not subscribe to you, which can be recorded separately. So, go to the “Video” section.

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Channel trailer

To install a channel trailer, you must click on the button in the middle in the “For new viewers” tab and select any video uploaded to the channel as a trailer.

Channel trailer

After that, for any user who is not your subscriber when visiting the channel, this trailer will be autoplayed.

Featured video for subscribers

To install a video for your regular viewers on the main page of the channel, you need to go to the subscribers tab, click on the pencil in the upper right corner of the section and then on the “Recommend content” button.

Featured video

Then, we also select the video that will automatically start when our favorite subscribers come to the channel.

Channel sections

You probably already noticed that all this time the button “Add section” was looming at the bottom. So, if you click on this button, a section with video will be added according to a certain principle, which will be shown on the main page of the channel. As a section, you can select any type of content from the list in the figure.

Channel sections

The selected type of content can be shown on the channel in any of two ways: in a row horizontally or in a vertical list.

In addition to all of the above, you can create playlists and add videos to them, both from your channel and from others.


Well, friends, as you can see, we figured out the design of the YouTube channel on our own and did it pretty quickly. See you soon!

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